Here’s Why Paradise Marsh is My Top Game of October

I’ve been privy to many narrative exploration games. Pretty scenery and a good story easily grasp my attention. Paradise Marsh has pulled me in just as it has the hundreds of other players who purchased the game. Although, the litany of conversing stars may be something new. 

The marsh is vast and complex. It’s easy to get lost and feels as if your surroundings are changing with every step you take. The mountains on the horizon almost serve as a compass, but they move as much as the marsh. The differing biomes merge together and intersect in a confusing manner. Large obelisk pillars serve as the only beacon of direction. 

Pillar Beacon

The lack of clear directions is evident from the beginning. Players are left to figure out objectives on their own. Perched birds give vague hints as to the best way to catch bugs with your net, but little else is revealed. Confusion surrounding the directions does, however, imitate the feeling of being lost in the marsh. 

Players eventually learn that the bugs caught in the marsh turn into stars. The dark sky becomes apparent and the goal is revealed. Return the stars to the sky to find a way out of the marsh. Each bug type has a different personality. They also have different opinions on how the stars fell from the sky. As players return the stars, they recreate the constellations that shed light onto Paradise Marsh

Paradise Marsh Journal

Despite being lost, the marsh becomes a beautiful place to wander around. It’s not uncommon to spend a few minutes not catching bugs. Rather, players can interact with several objects such as water spouts, decayed buildings, or lily pads. Some interactable objects like rocks can help with wrangling insects. 

In all, Paradise Marsh is a cute casual adventure game. Despite its vague directions and reliance on player intuition, the marsh becomes an experience all its own. Paradise Marsh was released on October 13th on Switch and PC. With bugs to catch and stars to restore, players shouldn’t wait to pick up this new game.

Have you tried Paradise Marsh? What are your favorite parts of the game? Join the conversation in the comments section, below!

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