Hearthstone’s Rockin’ Festival Of Legends Starts This April

With Spring fast approaching, Hearthstone is looking to thaw those winter blues with its newest expansion: Festival Of Legends. 

As a musician, I love the theme they’re going for here. From cards like Crowd Surfer and Unpopular Has-Been, I can’t help but laugh at the way the devs have found ways to poke some light-hearted fun at the music scene. 

And while this new set may become my favorite thematically, looking over the new keywords has me even more intrigued than ever before.

Artists Dream Of Finales, Even Hearthstone Minions

Hearthstone Festival Security

Keywords – where would Hearthstone be without them? From the classics like Battlecry, Discover, and Windfury to newcomers like Manathirst, Hearthstone keeps finding new ways to reinvent the wheel. And Finale may create one of the most interesting synergies in the game. 

Though the card above may not look intimidating, Finale triggers when you spend the remaining mana on any card with that keyword. 

A Taunt minion is already one that your opponent must attack with their minions if they lack the spells needed to destroy it. But Taunt minions don’t have to be dealt with until the turn after they’re played.  With the addition of Festival Security it’s like having a Taunt minion version 2.0. This Finale minion acts as an immediate taunt – buff this while it’s in your hand, and you’ve given your opponent a real security threat to worry about.

Overheal Might Dominate The Meta

Heartbreaker Hedanis Card in Hearthstone

This new keyword is specific to Priest. It may increase the odds the class dominates the meta for the foreseeable future. Control decks are a specialty of the Priest class. With the return of Location cards, Fan Club might decide a match by the middle game paired with Heartbreaker Hedanis. 

The obvious caveat here is that control decks can be countered. In my experience, it’s more about who gets better card draw early that will determine most games with a control deck in play. 
The cards in the new set are still being revealed. Be sure to check out the new set before the expansion launches in April.

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