Gaming Glasses – Are They Worth It?

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Tifosi gaming glasses

What Are Gaming Glasses?

When it comes to hardcore gaming, any bit of competitive advantage can make the difference between a nice win and a devastating loss. With the rise of streaming and gaming becoming more widespread, it’s not uncommon for people to play for hours at a time.

Many gamers sit 1-2 feet away from their high-resolution monitor for maximum immersion. These monitors, as well as TVs, emit something called “blue light”. This light has the highest energy of any visible light and the most significant source of blue light is sunlight.

While there are benefits of blue light, there are also some negative effects associated with extended exposure, especially when screens are close to your eyes. For gamers, the primary things to look out for are eye-straining and disrupting your sleep pattern.

As the name suggests, gaming glasses effectively block out blue light. This allows you to keep playing at your highest level for longer periods of time! But are they really worth it?

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Gaming Glasses Form Factor

Gaming Glasses come in all shapes and sizes, but they largely resemble your standard prescription glasses when it comes to form factor. In fact, the pair we got from Tifosi are indistinguishable from my previously-owned glasses from the optometrist.

Most producers will offer a variety of options from well-known designers. If style is important to you, it’s easy to find gaming glasses that match your personality.

The glasses are well made, sturdy, and lightweight. They’ll rest nicely on your face and, after long, you won’t even remember they’re there.

One caveat to this – I wore prescription glasses for almost two decades and am accustomed to wearing this accessory. Julian is blessed with good eyesight and never had a prescription. The glasses become uncomfortable for him after a while, but this could be an immediate reaction for folks who aren’t used to glasses.

The Lenses

The blue-light blocking lenses are the primary selling point of gaming glasses. When I first put the glasses on, my first thought was “woah”.

If you’ve ever seen the commercials for “HD glasses” and thought they sounded like a joke, you’ll probably be skeptical here. However, my screen looked immediately more crisp and vibrant when I put on the glasses. Even though these aren’t HD glasses, there was a noticeable difference in how the game looks while wearing these glasses.

When it comes to blocking out blue light, these glasses certainly did the job. I wore them over several multi-hour gaming sessions and was surprised at how much longer I was able to stay focused on the game. This was especially noticeable during my late-night gaming. Where I would have normally become sleepy and lost all aiming abilities, I was instead able to play for another hour.

I initially thought this was just a placebo effect, but quickly saw the effectiveness after repeatedly achieving good results. The blue-light blocking feature of gaming glasses definitely gives the intended benefit!

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Pricing for Gaming Glasses

Gaming glasses are well-priced, especially when you consider the hundreds of hours of use you get out of them. Prices typically range from $30-50, which is comparable to sunglasses and within the acceptable range for gaming accessories.

At this price, you often get the option to customize the colors and shape of the frame. This makes gaming glasses a great stocking stuffer or birthday present for the gamer in your life!

The Verdict – Are Gaming Glasses Worth It?

If you’re looking to invest in your gaming station and extend your longevity during long gaming sessions, gaming glasses are absolutely worth it. Your eyes will thank you.

They are comfortable, protect your eyes, have the potential to improve your focus, and are not too costly for the benefits they provide. If you’d like to try out the gaming glasses that we tested, head over to the Tifosi website to see their options!

What are your thoughts on gaming glasses? Have you seen similar benefits or do you think they aren’t worth it? Join the conversation in the comments section!

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