Future of Gaming – PS5 Details from Sony

The PS5 is the Future of Gaming

The gaming world has been anxiously awaiting the release of the next generation of consoles. Today, Sony brings us a 1-hour PlayStation 5 event to give gamers a first look at the games which will launch with the PS5!

Sony’s pre-recorded event aired at 1 PM PST on June 11th on Youtube and Twitch. You can check out the full video below, but I figured I would save everyone some time by summarizing the announcement.


Launch Games

The games that are available at the console launch can create a lot of hype, especially in the ongoing console war between Sony and Microsoft. I’m excited by the roster of games that the PS5 will be introduced with!


GTA 5 has been out for a long time, but new gamers are continuing to get into the game seven years later. The first announcement of the day was a reveal that PS5 owners will get GTA 5 online for free!

This is an interesting move after the game was free on the Epic store. My guess is that there will also be new content by then and players will be enjoying GTA V even after the sixth iterations comes out.

GTA V - PS5 - img 2

Spiderman: Miles Morales

Miles Morales is getting his own Spiderman game! In the short clip, we saw spidey swinging through the city and even walking around the streets like a normie.

In one brief scene, we get to see Miles battling it out with a purple sword-wielding villain and then a holographic, evil Spiderman.

Spiderman - PS5 - img 2

Gran Turismo 7: The Real Driving Simulator

Racing simulators have been held to a high standard since the introduction of Gran Turismo. PS5 demonstrates the insane graphical potential of the system with highly-detailed vehicle models.

I was also impressed by the realistic sounds of the car, which adds another layer to the driving experience.

We got to see about a full minute of an in-game racing from the perspective of the driver.


Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart

This duo combines unique weapons with a wide variety of movement and attack mechanics. Sony’s trailer showed off some really cool lighting effects in this trailer and a new character!

Players will use dimensional rifts to move around and the developers gave a glimpse into how you’ll battle through your enemies. Explosions and monsters look great, and I’m excited to see if they’ll introduce an online multiplayer mode. 


Project Athia

Epic cinematic cutscenes and even more epic music gave us a small glimpse at this seemingly open-world game. I immediately felt a bit of Tomb Raider and Lumen in the Land of Nanite. Not enough details here to say more.



A world of robots and lost cats? I’m not really sure what this game is about but it’ll be here in 2021 with felines and animatronic heaps of metal. Hopefully, we get more details before next year.



One astronaut seems to be caught in a loop of crash, attack, death. Trapped in an endless cycle, the planet seems to be evolving even though she has similar experiences.

The gunplay is definitely more intense than I was expecting, and I like the concept of Returnal. I’m curious to see how much replayability they can build into a cyclical storyline.


Sackboy: Big Adventure

This one put an immediate smile on my face! I haven’t played a Little Big Planet game since the original but I remember it being extraordinarily creative and fun.

In this PS5 title, it looks like the developers make more use of three dimensions vs the standard 2D LBP formula. 

It looks like up to four players can run around on the same level so grab some friends to get the most out of this one!


Destruction Allstars

Anyone out there remember Twisted Metal?? This game takes things up a notch by letting players continue battling even after their vehicle has been destroyed.

With the success of Rocket League, I can definitely see there being a niche for Destruction Allstars.


Kena: Bridge of Spirits

This game reminds me a lot of Quest 64 and Fable, but with a Tarzan vibe. There are elements of magic, archery combat, Pikmin, and it looks like the protagonist is trying to restore the forest. 


Goodbye Volcano High

My first instinct is that this is a world of human-like dinosaurs. The music evokes feelings of a CW afterschool special. A troubled teenager has some internal struggle, probably related to graduating from high school.

This PS5 game also won’t be here until 2021.


Oddworld Soulstorm

PS5 is getting an Oddworld game! 

This could easily be a full-length feature film from Pixar. The graphics look great, the presentation looks great, the sounds are great. Overall, this game gets a very high hype score for me.

Oddworld - PS5

Ghostwire Tokyo

A bit of creepiness a little more than halfway through the PS5 event. In a cyberpunk Tokyo, you need to save humanity from some kind of evil force.

Combat seems to rely on hand gestures so this might be a VR game. Ghostwire drops in 2021.


Jett: The Far Shore

“Carve out a future for people haunted by oblivion, propelled by dreams”. That’s a pretty bold ask, one which seems to be given several hundreds of years after leaving Earth.

It’s unclear whether you return to Earth after a long voyage or not, by The Far Shore will be available at launch for more exploration.

Jett - PS5


Did someone just mix Dauntless with Devil May Cry?

The highlights were gaining ridiculous armor, mastering a slew of weapons, and defeating monsters. Godfall has been dropping bits of news over the last several months and is sure to be a fan favorite when the PS5 launched.


Solar Ash

The void is calling our hero towards something.

At first, I thought this was a skating game. I was shocked to eventually realize that Solar Ash has a darker tone.

More to come in 2021 when it launches!

Solar Ash - PS5

Hitman III

Death awaits in January 2021 in the newest Hitman game.

This may have been the most lifelike graphics display out of the entire demonstration. Agent 47 is back to kill more people using stealth, cunning and, at times, brute force!

Hitman 3 - PS5

Astro’s Playroom

These little guys don’t get enough attention on the PS4, probably because PS Move never really took off.

Now, they’ve got their own standalone game for PS5! It looks to be very light-hearted and will probably be a good game to relax after hours of killing people in Hitman.

Astro's Playroom - PS5

Little Devil Inside

I saw many interesting things in this trailer:

  • Yo-yo explosives
  • Horse chase
  • Deep-sea diving
  • Ice fishing
  • Some guy bathing in a tub, sleeping, pooping
  • Bombs
  • Sword play, gun play
  • Creepy monsters coming out of the fog
  • A dragon

The devs did a great job fitting a ton of content into a very short clip.

Little Devil Inside - PS5

NBA 2k21

They really brought out Zion for this!!

I’m still happily enjoying NBA 2k19, but the graphics, particularly the facial features on the character model, make me rank this PS5 title high on my list. 



What did I just watch?

Is this a Pokemon version of Animal Crossing? I’m so confused.

Apparently someone turned bugs into food…and it’s your job to eat them or something?

Also, one guy has “weeny hands”. This will be interesting.

Bugsnax - PS5

Demon’s Souls

At first, I thought this was some new DiabloSkyrim hybrid. Demon’s Souls appears to be a remake of an entry in the ultra difficult Souls series. An action-adventure game with customization, killing and character progression, get ready to rage and rage some more!



This FPS gives you some kind of superpowers to go along with your fund and swords. There’s a Reaper-teleport, some Assassin’s Creed/Dishonored jump kills, and plenty of fast-paced murders.

With the PS5’s second loop-based game, gamers will need to kill 8 different targets by midnight. I’m digging the music and game mechanics of Deathloop. My prediction is that this will be another hit for Bethesda.


Village: Resident Evil

More creepiness here. People are getting messed up by some unknown creatures and apparently you can’t trust many folks.

It’s possible that the enemies are from the werewolf family, but may not know for sure until Village is released in 2021.



More cats! But this time, it’s a virtual/robotic one.

If you’ve ever played The Division, this game will probably look familiar. The main character of Pragmata is likely related to the young girl, who may or may not have some special powers. Just when you thought things were ok, you get blasted away to the moon.

This one doesn’t drop until 2022.


Horizon Forbidden West

A beautiful jungle landscape with lively animals makes it easy to buy into saving nature. Robotic dinosaurs are back as well a crew of robot hunters.

Horizon Zero Dawn received great reviews on the original so I’m optimistic that the sequel will also be great.



Sony continued to emphasize the PS5’s exciting new features:

  • 4k ultra HD blue-ray
  • Ultra-high speed SSD
  • Ray Tracing
  • Adaptive Triggers
  • USB port
  • Built-in Microphone
  • Motion Sensor
  • Headset Jack
  • 3D Audio
  • Haptic Feedback

I’m most excited about the motion sensor and haptic feedback. I think these two things can help the PS5 really distinguish itself when people try to compare it against a gaming PC.

Playstation 5 console and controllers - PS5


There’s been a lot of speculation about how much the PS5 will cost on day 1. Prior to today, I’ve heard everything in the range of $500-700.

The PS4 launched in 2014 with a $399 price point. In 2020-dollars, that would be about $432 today.

Given the serious hardware upgrades built into the PS5, I wouldn’t be surprised by a $599 pricetag for people who want it at launch. I also expect that we’ll see some bundles with their top release games.

The Future of Gaming event didn’t confirm a price, but I’ll be keeping a close eye out for this number.

Launch Date

Sony is still going with the “Holiday 2020” description for the launch of the PS5. There will be both a regular and a “digital” version of the console, a charging station, HD camera, Pulse 3D wireless. headset, and media remote.

If Sony can get at least a 2 TB hard drive into their digital console, I can see the majority of gamers going that route. Things are just so much easier when you don’t need to swap out a disc.

PS5 Reveal Did Not Disappoint!

Even though there wasn’t any new info on pricing, launch date or backward compatibility, The Future of Gaming presentation still had a ton of things to be excited about for the PS5!

We saw a total of 26 games, some from our favorite franchises, and got to see how the console will look. I was really impressed with the presentation and lineup in these 76 minutes!

Let me know what you are most excited about from this reveal in the comments section below!

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