Fortnite Tips and Tricks for Chapter Two

Years ago, Fortnite was life. In the gaming community, it is largely credited for popularizing the battle royale genre. It was a simple concept – drop onto a map, loot up, and be the last one standing.

Since then, Fortnite has evolved into something bigger than I could have ever imagined. The game has had in-game concerts, wacky vehicles, way too many new skins to count, and numerous partnerships.

If you’re looking to dominate more fights and increase your win rate, check out these Fortnite tips and tricks!

Fortnite Chapter Two

Fortnite Tips and Tricks to Improve your Game

These are in no particular order, but if you put these tips into action, you’ll be on your way to more Victory Royales!

No fall damage when landing in bushes

Fall damage can be deadly in Fortnite, particularly when you’ve built up to get a height advantage. Interestingly, if you land in bushes, you won’t take any damage regardless of the height you jump from! This is great for getting out of build fights without using additional materials.

Crouch walk while ADS-ing to minimize noise

Footsteps are loud in Fortnite, providing some indication of where players are in proximity to you. Crouching reduces the amount of noise you make, but your steps still make a small amount of noise. If you aim down sight while crouching, your footsteps will be silent! This is especially useful when you’re in a building with lurking enemies.

Fortnite crouch walk

Drop to reload

If you’ve watched any pro Fortnite play, you’ve probably seen players drop their weapon on the ground and quickly pick it back up. Using this mechanic, you can reload your weapon without going through the reload animation. This is best used right before you are going to try to heal up so you don’t have any downtime. 

Shoot choppa propellers

You’ll do more than double damage to helicopters if you shoot the top or back propellers. The choppa has a decent health pool, so this can help you bring down those pesky air demons much faster than shooting at its body. 

Fortnite Choppa

Glide down over water

At the start of the game, it’s important to land as quickly as possible. Your umbrella will deploy later in your descent if you dive toward water vs toward land. This applies both from the initial bus and when rotating around the map using redeploy mechanisms.

Feed the sharks

Even though Fortnite sharks want to kill you, they can give you some sweet bonuses if you treat them properly. Throw a gold or purple item into the water near your target shark. After it eats the item, it will glow orange. Kill the shark to get your original item plus some higher-tier loot!

Fortnite Shark

Heal while in helicopter

Did you know that players can regain health while in the air? Fly next to a slurp truck and destroy it with your propeller to get the full bonus heals from the ground vehicle. I know this is a highly situational tip, but it can be a big brain play when used at the right time.

Don’t peak for too long

I’m still guilty of this in all shooting games, especially Apex Legends. It’s easy to catch a sniper bullet to the head if you are hardscoping out of cover in stationary mode. To avoid getting one-shot, try to line up your cursor before peaking, strafe slightly while peaking, and don’t keep your character model exposed for longer than necessary. Related to this, don’t heal out in the open – always make sure to box up!

Have a plan

From a strategic perspective, you are more likely to place well in a match if you go in with a plan. Choose a drop spot and get comfortable with a looting route to up your chances of getting kitted up before a fight. From there, know which areas are good for you to rotate to based on your landing spot.

Fortnite map

Don’t carry too many weapons

You can dominate a match by using two guns if necessary → AR + pump shotgun. For your other slots, you’ll need space for heals and situational items. Consider adding a sniper in the third spot if you find a good one, but don’t go overboard with filling your inventory with weapons. 

Get a mythic from the Sideways

Entering the Sideways is the easiest way to craft up to a mythic weapon by gathering cube fragments. In this way, you won’t need to fight a boss to get your mythic. Be cautious since there is no building here. Third parties will be hungry to catch you off guard here!

Fortnite Sideways

Improving Your Fortnite Play

At the end of the day, Fortnite is about survival. In some cases, this means taking a fight and eliminating opponents. At other times, you may need to bunker down and protect yourself from incoming threats. If you add these tactics to your gameplay, you’ll have a better chance of being the last team standing!

What other Fortnite tips and tricks do you have? Are there Fortnite mechanics that you want to learn more about? Join the conversation in the comments section, below!

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