Fortnite Streamers

Fortnite’s popularity has grown quickly due to many factors including:

  • Developers offering it as a free game
  • Unique build mechanics
  • Cartoony style that is more accessible to non-hardcore gamers
  • Regularly updated content

One of the biggest sources of growth have been the big name players who have attracted millions of viewers to their streams. People love watching videos of other people doing things, and playing video games is no exception.

In this post, we highlight some of our favorite Fortnite streamers!

Ninja | Youtube | Twitch

Easily the most watched streamer of this Battle Royale genre, Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins’ meteoric rise to fame has been littered with some huge accomplishments. 

He broke the concurrent viewers record on Twitch, twice.  His #1 spot on the Twitch streamers board puts him about 7 million followers ahead of the next guy. Ninja’s kill count and total number of wins are top in the world. The list goes on and on. 

He was one of the first people to stream Fortnite and be really good.

The way he snipes people sometimes feels unfair, but it’s the result of hundreds of hours of practice and honing his skills.

Ninja continuously puts on a show by attempting things that no one else would, upping the difficulty on kills while making it look easy. It’ll probably be a long time before anyone dethrones him in terms of viewership and we’re looking forward to the crazy things he pulls next.

Daequan | Youtube | Twitch

Dae is often credited for bringing the “double pump” strat to Fortnite. In the early seasons of the game, he would play aggressively, quickly close the gap on his opponents and output tons of damage with his close-quarters combat. 

Now that we’re in the spray meta, Daequan continues to show that he’s not a one-trick pony. He quickly adapted to become proficient with SMGs (typically preferring a drum gun in his loadout) but took it to the next level by just learning how to use every gun in the game.

His in-your-face playstyle is the perfect compliment to his freestyle raps, love of toes and catch phrases. You’d be hard-pressed to find a Fortnite-er who had never heard “what do you mean?”, “ooga booga!” or “you’re doo doo”.

Ghost Ayden

It doesn’t seem like Ayden actually streams, but he probably should. He is the first of 3 console players we are featuring and he doesn’t let the lack of a keyboard/mouse slow him down one bit! 

We recently discovered Ayden during his play at a Summer Skirmish. First, we saw Ninja and Daquan’s reaction videos where they reviewed his play. Then we were wowed by exchanges between him and the next player on our list (more on this later).

Ayden’s style and mindset is simple. Attack. He has a relentless style that is reminiscent of Daequan’s “W gang” tactics, but the fact that he is accomplishing this on console makes it that much more impressive. 

Since he doesn’t seem to have any accounts at the time of this writing, please watch him anytime you see his name featured in a video. You won’t regret it!

NICKMERCS | Youtube | Twitch

Feels a little bad putting NICKMERCS right after Ghost Ayden following their aforementioned meetings in the Summer Skirmish. Nick found himself on the losing end of several 1v1 encounters in Tilted Towers. He was definitely outplayed a few times but had some unfortunate luck compared to Ayden’s seemingly endless supply of streamer loot.

Focusing only on those infamous battles would be a disservice to the skill of NICKMERCS. He is still considered one of, if not the best, console players. It’s normal for him to compete and place highly in tournaments vs PC players. 

He’s very tactical in his playstyle, predicting how the enemy will react so he can put himself in an advantageous position. We’ve seen him regularly take down squads by himself.

Upshall | Youtube | Twitch

While Dylan Upshall isn’t as big as some of the other streamers on the list, he was one of the first people on console to share an impressive level of skill with a controller. 

His accuracy is high, his decision-making is solid and he’s got a good crew of friends who squad regularly to create a superteam. 

Upshall regularly shares tips specifically geared towards console players. He just released this video to demonstrate how using the ‘claw method’ on a controller can elevate your skill ceiling.


Nick Eh 30 | Youtube 

(pronounced “Ayyyyy” before you sound severely disinterested)

Nick Eh 30 is the most family friendly streamer you will find. A trademark of his YouTube exclusive stream is that he prohibits foul language and attitudes from his viewers.

Nick is a whirlwind of a builder. His editing skills are at times impossible to comprehend as you watch his stream. Can’t even imagine what it looks like from the eyes of his enemies!

Before the recent changes to the final storm circles, Nick famously created several extravagant trap towers to send the final poor soul soaring up over and down into a pit of traps, all built by Nick. Here’s an example of one.

We originally found Nick several years ago from his The Last of Us videos. He loves to share knowledge about improving your level of play in an easy to digest method. Stop by his daily streams for a good time and a ton of positivity!

CDNThe3rd | Youtube | Twitch

Speaking of positivity, CDNThe3rd (Ceez, for short) is the definition of entertainment! Not even related to Fortnite, please watch this video for a sample on how this guy can make anything entertaining.

Ceez is a very capable all-around player and a skilled sniper. He often proclaims to his audience, “welcome to the stream” before nailing a running enemy 150 meters away. Whether he hits the shot or not is often not important since his personality will have you smiling most of the time. A little piece of him even made it into the game via an emote (or at least according to him).

Ceeday | Youtube | Twitch

If you follow any Twitter or Instagram accounts dedicated to Fortnite, you’ve probably seen a video created by Ceeday. Like this one. The final console streamer and our only featured Xbox player, Ceeday is a wizard when it comes to editing videos and making them funny and entertaining. 

He takes the time to add music with sound and video effects to make his gameplay that much more enjoyable. It gets to the point that you are so immersed in the production that you glance up and realize that he is cruising through a 15-kill game!

Pokimane | Youtube | Twitch

“Where we droppin bois… and girls!”

Poki is a great fortnite player and content creator, often playing along the side of the members of TSM or duos with fellow female stream, Valkyrae. She is able to hold her own while providing plenty of entertainment to her fans. 

Pokimane has an incredible editor, so if you enjoy high quality videos which go the extra mile beyond just gameplay, give her chance!

As an added bonus, she maintains her composure while having to deal with constantly being told how “thicc” she is by adolescents…

Hamlinz | Youtube | Twitch

This list would be sus without the shortest streamer we know. 

Hamlinz is everything you’d want in a streamer. As a member of TSM, he executes everything to near-perfection, all the while messing around with jokes and impersonating a child (AKA Lil Ham).

Playing Fortnite at a god-tier isn’t his only talent. Hamlinz is also an aspiring rapper (joking). He even had a rap battle live on stream with CDNThe3rd! 

Myth | Youtube | Twitch

Perhaps a close second after Ninja, TSM’s team captain will never let you down – unless it’s to fall damage. 

Always in the conversation for Fortnite’s best overall player, Myth’s gameplay shines through his incredible building and editing speed along with his decision making abilities. 

Like Hamlinz and Daquan he often provides a lot of comedy to his stream and is forever teased about having a crunch on Pokimane.

He’s big on image and you’ll often find him wearing his signature skin, the Skull Trooper.

Honorable Mentions

There are a bunch of other talented folks who we often see in streams: Tfue, High Distortion, Dakotaz, KingRichard, and SypherPK. Each has built up a respectable following and are among the world’s best players.  Who are your favorite Fortnite streams? Let us know in the comments below!

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