Fortnite Season 5 Wishlist

With the release of Fortnite’s Season 5 tomorrow morning at 4am EST, we wanted to share our wishlist of improvements. These are things we hope are addedfor the next 10-week installment of the game.

Here are five suggestions we came up with: 

Significant Map Changes

In online multiplayer games, there’s always a huge risk on how often, and to what magnitude, you divide your player base among different modes and arenas. 

With that said, we would love to see season 4’s map preserved with the excepted inbound major changes in season 5. Whether this is through a limited time mode (LTM) which rotates in and out, or a randomizer which puts you in one of the maps once the you jump into the battle bus, there are surely many people who are going to miss some of their favorite drop spots. 

Some of us are still heartbroken after the the meteors obliterated some of our bread and butter drop spots (RIP prison). It seems these virtual tears are only going to be flowing heavier with so many rifts having shown up around the map.

There are a few caveats and obstacles for this wish item:

        1. The first is that the new map MUST be accessed either via a LTM or randomizer. Allowing the player base to manually select will lead to a majority of the population going to the new map, causing all kinds of issues (longer load times, unfilled games in the old map, performance issues on the server, etc.). Dear Epic, please make this happen at least in the first couple weeks of the new season. Ok, thanks.
        2. The second and related obstacle is Battle Pass challenges. A good amount of challenges were map specific. You can usually expect a weekly hidden location to be “go to this patch of grass near these things on the  map. With the number of challenges in a season, this could result in players staying on the new map for all 10 weeks! This could of course be remedied by having challenges that require visiting both maps. There still the issue of tracking which challenge you completed on either map, which leads us to wishlist item #2.

Better Tracking of Challenge Progression

Our squad shared a moment of gratitude when Epic finally added in-game visual confirmation when challenges were complete. Why it took so long in the first place is beyond us, but we are grateful nonetheless. 

BUT, why didn’t they also add the ability to see challenges in-game? Adding an interface on the map screen seems simple enough. Use the arrow keys to cycle and scroll between weeks. Hopefully this is or something very similar makes a debut in season 5’s launch.

Advanced Stats Tracking

Many of us have used sites like fortnitetracker to see our high-level stats. These types of platforms give players access to k/d, win rate, etc.

What we’re looking for now is a view of advanced metrics — think advanced stats in baseball.

There’s probably a hundred different asks on the tracking side, but these as some of the most obvious:

  • Heatmap of drop locations: cut the map into smaller grids and show a temperature gradient from cool to hot depending on how frequently you land in certain spots
  • Weapon-specific stats: accuracy, K/D, % of time in your loadout, etc.
  • Squad-specific stats: win rates by squad, time spent with a squad, average match length

We’re mostly curious to see in what areas there is room for improvement in our gameplay. Let us know what other stats you would like to see added!

Replay Mode V2

Replay mode was a cool addition to the game, allowing users to see an entire match from many perspectives, including that of friends and enemies. People also used it to produce very creative short films:

However, the mode never really took off among our cohort. Many questions left us wanting more from Epic.

Why in the hell isn’t party chat captured in replay mode?? 

Don’t get me wrong, it was a great start! However, it lacks many of the more useful features built into Sony’s Capture Gallery:

  • Ability to add text overlay
  • Easy overlay of images
  • Fast upload to social media
  • Option to combine multiple replays for a ‘highlight reel’

If Epic puts a little more juice into their replay mode, you can expect to see many more great works of art like this:

Playground Mode V2

Playground mode is great. You get maxed resources in a matter of minutes, you can kill your friends, there’s an hour to build impressive structures to post on the interwebz AND you can kill your friends. 

Playground mode could be EXCEPTIONAL though.

Things to add:

  • 8-player playground mode
  • Ability to choose teams (allows you to see squad members on the map and prevent you from editing the enemy team’s structures)
  • Option to restrict play to one location using a storm circle
  • Weapon customization: picture snipers-only with a bunch of your friends
  • Set number of lives per person
  • Select the number of minutes before the storm closes
  • Choose how many circles until the final circle

Yes, this is a long list. Yes, it will mean many Epic employees continuing to work nights and weekends. Yes, there will be bugs that crash the game and inevitably lead to playground mode being taken offline. But these guys are building a world-changing game that is well-worth all the blood/sweat/tears.


Fortnite continues to test new features with its millions of players. We think many other gamers would appreciate these additions for the upcoming season.

What changes do you want to see in Season 5? Comment below!

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