Fortnite Curriculum (Season 3)

This very well could be the genesis of the entire blog. After a couple weeks of developing a way to make sure all of the members of our squad learned essential skills and techniques to increase our success, Flash decided to draft a Google Doc of bullet points and sent it over to Yosh for him to review. A few days later, we had a categorized guide of abilities ranging from the most basic knowledge to the more advanced team and cooperative skills. Because, as with anything you may want to get better in life at, it’s important to get very specific to ensure you are making measurable gains.

The document looked like this.

Here it is in a more readable formatted:

Season 3 Curriculum


  • Quickly and smoothly move reticle to stationary target
  • Move in all directions and keep reticle on a stationary target
  • Track a moving target with reticle
  • Move in all directions and keep reticle on a moving target
  • Maintain aiming at different elevations from a target
  • Add in jumping
  • Do all of above, while also being shot back at


  • Land in areas you know where multiple chests will spawn
  • Land at distances far from the battle bus path
  • Land quickly at distances underneath the battle bus path
  • Learn specific spawn points of chests (ie. within one house, where do the chests spawn)
  • Quickly and confidently pick a landing spot and be first to the building you select
  • Have your paraglider auto-deploy at a distance that results in landing at your target while continuously moving

Map Navigation

Photo Credit: Fortnite Insider
  • Understand the pros and cons of marked areas on the map vs unmarked areas
  • Understand why the high ground is important
  • Know safe/slow side of circle and storm
  • Further increase knowledge of how and when to attain dominant positions
  • Understand which direction enemies are likely to be entering the circle from


Photo Credit: Gamespot
  • Learn the difference between health and shield
  • Learn how health and shield are restored fully
  • Learn all weapon types and their ammo
  • Learn the weapon color hierarchy
  • Determine your preferred weapon of each type
  • Learn when to burst fire vs holding down the trigger with automatic weapons
  • Rearrange inventory quickly. Know how to drop weapons, armor and materials
  • Know what to do when in DBNO (down but not out) phase
  • Consistently win 1-on-1 fights that you have upper hand in
  • Know when to aim for head and crouch when shooting
  • Learn how to account for sniper bullet drop-off


Photo Credit: PCGamesN
  • Quickly and calmly switch between building and combat modes
  • Learn the 4 types of building components and the 3 material types
  • Learn where to harvest
  • Learn how to build a 1×1 with stairs
  • Learn how to build a 2×1 structure 2- or 3-levels high
  • Learn all configurations of each building type
  • Learn to build stairs up mountains while running continuously
  • Improve building speed
  • Quickly switch between material types
  • Quickly build traps
  • Utilize the jump pad to surprise opponents
  • Regain high ground after an enemy has ramped above you


  • Learn to use the name overlay to understand where your teammates are located
  • Learn to check your teammate’s health before using a health or shield item
  • Learn to offer weapons/equipment to your teammate
  • Learn to split ammo/equipment quickly
  • Learn to use the mini-map to understand where your teammates are located
  • Learn to cover teammates while they pick up loot or go for a supply drop
  • Learn to callout the enemy in relation to your position
  • Learn to flank the opponent when your teammate is under fire
  • Learn to callout the enemy in relation to your teammate’s position
  • Learn to build a 1×1 next to your teammate’s 1×1
  • Learn to maximize team field of vision by looking in different directions


  • Maintain cover / minimize the potential to getting sniped
  • As the number of players decreases, the importance of team proximity increases
  • Where possible, maintain eyes on spotted enemies. This is most important when other members are being revived
  • When someone calls for help, and you aren’t under any stress, help ASAP. Even if you don’t know where the shooter is, run to the teammate and help provide walls. Make sure to be on the lookout for enemies on your way to the teammates’ position. Long flanks are not needed as they will take too long in most situations
  • As the game shifts from mid to late, ask yourself “is my loadout good enough to win a game?” (a good shotgun, rifle, and meds are bare minimum – explosives, snipers are added bonuses). If it is, don’t take any unnecessary risk for random chests. Air drops should be obtained with team conformation and at least one member keeping an eye out for enemies

Keep in mind

Most, if not all, of this guide is tailored toward our own squad and the issues we were (and in some cases, still are) dealing with. The best thing you can do is work on your game so you can be a helpful teammate. If you are new to Fortnite or new to shooting games in general, we think this is a great place to start.

Also, all of these categories will be covered in greater detail in their own posts down the road!

Season 4 Curriculum is under development

This is our season 3 version. Towards the end of the season and as our playing ability increased, we realized this is much too elementary and requires a refresh to stay relevant. We are working on a revised version for season 4 that will include more advanced techniques and will post once it’s ready.

Did we mention any skills that you need to get better at? Are you already a master at what’s listed? What do you think we should include in season 4’s curriculum?

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