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Last year, Playstation’s Future of Gaming showcased an open-world adventure featuring a magical protagonist. Days ago, we got more details about Forspoken, including release date, new gameplay trailer and the engaging story!

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Forspoken gameplay image

Wield Magic in Forspoken’s Parallel Universe – Laptop Mag

There have been a few next-gen games that drop trailers that look truly incredible. Forspoken is definitely in that category, with breath-taking graphics and a unique combination of game mechanics.

Frey Holland seems to be minding her business when she is whisked away to a far-off land. It looks as though the dimensional travel has somehow blessed her with magical powers! 

The Forspoken trailer reminds me of Control, God of War, and Assassin’s Creed in the way your character can move and attack. Aside from casting magic, Frey can also fly through the air with ease using a variety of movement abilities. At one point, she’s seen swinging around like a Spiderman game.

These game mechanics feel immediately familiar to someone who has put hundreds of hours into open-world games. Likewise, there are dozens of games that have given us their version of traveling to another world. 

What makes Forspoken so intriguing is the team behind the scenes. One of their writers was the creative director in the Uncharted series. If you haven’t played any of those games, it’s easily one of the greatest exclusives available in the Sony world.

Additionally, we’re getting the musical genius behind God of War! This almost guarantees some great tracks to go with the dazzling visuals.

The devs make a bold claim about the PS5 graphics mirroring what you’d get on a gaming PC, but we’ll need to see how accurate this is IRL. Ray-tracing and 4k may be a key selling point to picking up Forspoken on console.

Forspoken is set to launch in Spring 2022 so we are only a few months out from witnessing this high-potential adventure!

What aspects of Forspoken are you most excited to try out? Join the conversation in the comments section, below!

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