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Sony’s State of Play gave a glimpse at 10 upcoming titles, but one really caught my eye. First Class Trouble. The game welcomes players “aboard a deceptive cruise” where you need to be wary of all the other passengers.

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Among Us But As People – Kotaku

While the social deception genre has been around for years, Among Us really catapulted this game type during the pandemic. There have been many imitators, none have really achieved the success of the hit indie title. 

First Class Trouble will draw immediate comparisons to Among Us, even though it is closer to a Sims/Hitman game visually. 

As usual, there are two types of players: Personoids and Humans. As the name suggests, Personoids are actually robots in disguise…crazed AI looking to bring chaos among their fleshy counterparts.

The first thing I noticed is the high level of customization that you have with the characters. Everyone has access to a small pool of standard options, but you unlock a ton of extras the more you play the game. For any RPG fans, I think you’ll be pleased with the character creation options in First Class Trouble!

Next, is the usage of items in this game. Players can pick up bottles for self-defense, miscellaneous collectibles as temporary buffs, and even a keycard to access new areas of the map. The inclusion of consumable items set First Class Trouble adds a level of complexity that should up the replayability of this game.

Another cool game mechanic in First Class Trouble allows players to kill off other contestants during the course of play, versus just voting people out at a designated time. This makes it likely that finger-pointing and accusations will result in many hilarious, undeserving deaths!

Interestingly, lobbies are capped at 6 players. Having 2 Personoids seems to put the robots at a major advantage, so I’m hoping things are balanced out on the human side.

First Class Trouble is in Early Access on steam and will be coming to Playstation 5 later this year. In the meantime, here are some other notables from the State of Play Presentation:

  • Deathverse is an arena battle royale game which looks like Mortal Kombat had a baby with The Hunger Games
  • Bugsnax gets a new update, for anyone who likes bugs and snacks
  • Death’s Door is what Breath of the Wild would look like from a top-down perspective

Feel free to catch the entire presentation here to see all the details!

Will you give First Class Trouble a try? What other games at State of Play impressed you? Join the conversation in the comments section, below!

Honorable Mentions in Last Week’s Gaming World

  • VG247Read Dead Redemption meets Diablo in Weird West
  • Motor1 – The next Gran Turismo game will feature hundreds of cars and stunning graphics
  • The Verge – Experience 4k HDR gaming @ 60fps with GeForce Now’s cloud gaming service
  • Nintendo Life – Surviving the Aftermath is coming to Switch soon, testing your ability to build and survive in a wasteland
  • Any Button Gaming – Ghostwire: Tokyo gets an official trailer, described as “karate meets magic”
  • Gamespot – 32k gaming @ 480 FPS in 20 years? Xbox seems to think so
  • Nintendo Life – a mobile Pikmin game from the creators of Pokemon GO? Yes, please!
  • Geeky Gadgets – gritty, turn-based RPG Disciples Liberation has a rich story and five unique endings to unlock

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