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By Thomas Hernandez / July 29, 2023

Sonic the Hedgehog is one of the most beloved characters in video game history. The blue hedgehog who runs faster than the speed of sound has always garnered the attention of people of all ages around the world. 

While there have been many iterations of Sonic video games, television shows, and films, it was Sonic Adventure 2: Battle that had the deepest impact on me. It is because of this reason that I will be doing a TAG review on the game!

Shadow and Sonic looking at each other.

Story Review

For the sake of covering the totality of the game, I will start my review by looking at the full story mode across the Hero and Dark stories. The story follows another hatched plan by Eggman to take over the world, despite constantly being defeated by Sonic and his friends. 

After discovering the work of his grandfather, Professor Gerald Robotnik, Eggman teams up with Shadow the Hedgehog to take over the world. This theme is consistent throughout the entirety of the game, with much of the action relating to Sonic stopping Eggman and Shadow. 

By the end of the game, Eggman and Shadow take control of the Space Colony ARK This is a satellite device containing a powerful laser known as the Eclipse Cannon. 

After threatening the Earth, Eggman and Shadow are met by Sonic and his friends. They fight, and Eggman is able to get away to arm the laser.

This has a chain reaction, ultimately putting everyone on the ARK in a crash course with Earth. Shadow and Eggman soon have a change of heart, and work with Sonic to defeat the Final Hazard lizard that fused with the ARK. 


The story ends with Shadow sacrificing himself, and the Space Colony ARK being restored to its regular orbit. Although Eggman tried to conquer the world, he never wanted to destroy it. He regrets his actions, and his tenure as a villain remains ambiguous. 

As for Sonic and his friends, they are happy to have saved the day once again. It is only the looming sacrifice of Shadow that weighs heavily on the characters.

The multiplayer main menu.

Game Modes

Outside of the story, SA2: Battle is known for its multiplayer game modes. In fact, I would say that the multiplayer modes were probably my favorite part of the game. It actually felt like you were able to utilize all of the characters in unique ways. 


The primary game mode is the race mode. In this mode, two players can choose between Sonic, Shadow, Amy, or Metal Sonic. They can then go head to head in a race on maps that were completed in the story mode.

Treasure Hunt 

In this game mode, players race each other to look for shards of the Master Emerald that have been scattered on a select map. Players can opt to play as Knuckles or Rouge, or they can go the route of playing as Chaos or Tikal.

Shooting Mechs Battle

In the Shooting Mechs Battle, players can choose between Eggman, Tails, Dark Chao, or Neutral Chao. This game mode does have some race components to it, similar to the foot race, but there are also options within the game mode to do a shooter-style experience. The shooter experience is all about dealing the most damage to the opponent until their mech is destroyed. 

Kart Racing 

The Kart Racing mode is very much like any type of kart racing game. The players can select a character from the game, and they are assigned that character’s vehicle. Players can then choose from various tracks, which is then realized in the form of a standard race. 

Image of Chao Karate.

Chao Game Modes

The cute little beings from Sonic have a wide variety of playable modes and options in SA2: Battle. To this day, I haven’t heard any criticism of Chao game modes because everyone loves the little beings! 

Chao Garden

Before delving into the Chao-specific game modes, it is crucial to recognize the significance of the Chao Garden. The Chao Garden is a place where players can raise and take care of their Chaos, helping them grow to be excellent at racing and fighting. There are three main gardens: the neutral one, the Hero garden, and the Dark garden. All offer unique things for the Chaos, and provide a unique experience for the player. 

Chao Race

Diving right into it, the Chao Race is pretty straightforward. While players do not have much control over their Chaos, except for the energy they exert, they can help the Chaos improve in the races by helping them grow in their respective gardens. Once they hit a certain point, some Chaos can become masters of racing.

Chao Karate

Chao Karate offers a similar dynamic. There is not much a player can do except train their Chaos prior to the battle to ensure they do amazing. Similar to the Chao Race, a well-trained Chao will surely outperform any competition, leading to a huge accomplishment. Chao Karate is still one of the toughest game modes and definitely requires proper training to succeed.

Final Hazard, the final boss of the game.


From the day I first loaded up this game on GameCube, I knew it was a 5-out-of-5 stars type of game. On top of that, it was apparent to me this game had the best of both worlds. Not only was there a phenomenal storyline, but there was also a terrific multiplayer experience. I can’t think of many games like this nowadays, at least that I would enjoy. 

Ultimately, I love Sonic Adventure Battle 2. I hope everyone has a chance to play it at least once in their lives. It is the perfect combination of a unique story and multiplayer experience.

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