Everything You Need to Know About Fortnite Chapter 3: Season 2

Fortnite Stuns the Community by Removing Building!

It’s crazy to see how much momentum Fortnite has carried over the last several years. When it launched in 2017, battle royale games had yet to pick up steam. Fortnite’s combination of playful graphics and a unique build mechanic helped it skyrocket into gaming royalty!

5 years later, we still have many of the core components of the game. However, developer Epic Games has made the bold move to remove the building ability in Fortnite’s latest season!

Fortnite Season 2: Chapter 3 launched on Sunday, March 20, 2022. The new season is titled The Resistance and features a band of warriors known as ‘The Seven’. Most notably, we have a Dr. Strange crossover which gives players the ability to attain the wizard’s skin!

 In a stunning announcement trailer, we found out that the developers would eliminate building for the first 9 days of this latest update. Keep reading to find out all the changes that were made in this season of Fortnite!

No More Building

Even though this is a temporary change, this is a huge shift away from what attracted many people to the game. Most of your favorite streamers probably became popular because of their expertise in building and editing builds.

Without the ability to build in the first week or so of the season, Fortnite players will need to rely more heavily on natural cover. High ground will continue to be important and you’ll want to avoid running out in the open for longer than you have to.

Given the lack of cover, Epic also introduces an Overshield. This additional shield provides added protection and even regenerates over time if you avoid damage. Players will generally be slightly harder to kill, which is a nice change to make up for the lack of building options.

Even though Epic says this is temporary, I wouldn’t be surprised to see them create a mode that removes building permanently if the community feedback is positive!

Map Changes in Fortnite Chapter 3: Season 2

Everyone looks forward to map changes when a new season of Fortnite starts, and this season is no different!

We’ve now got large blimps floating over certain POIs. These can be landed on and will likely be a crazy place to battle opposing teams.

We also have areas of the map that have exploded based on the ongoing storyline. Players will notice dark sections of the map which indicate where explosives have gone off. Additionally, there are some new buildings at the Oasis, which will add more variety to your playstyle in this location.

As usual, there are new POIs on the map – Command Cavern, The Fortress, and Synapse Station. Make sure to explore and get familiar with these new areas!

You’ll also notice a new supply drop type on the map in Chapter 3: Season 2. It’s been confirmed that The Seven will have their own supply drop type

These are the most obvious changes to the map at the start of the season, and it also sounds like the Resistance characters may have an impact on future map changes.

Fortnite Chapter 3: Season 2 map

Weapon Changes in Fortnite Chapter 3: Season 2

The Pump Shotgun and Heavy Sniper are coming out of the vault this season to ramp up your damage output! This season of Fortnite also brings back Remote Explosives and Revolvers, which each have their niche uses. Specifically, the Remote Explosives will get a damage multiplier to vehicles!

Another weapon making its return is the thermal Assault Rifle. You’ll be able to see enemies highlighted through the scope, making it easier to see opponents on the battlefield.

In terms of new weapons, this update introduces a burst assault rifle with ADS functionality. Having the ability to look down scope gives players added control over their shot placement.

Fortnite’s latest update also shows off a tactical SMG, which will appeal to the spray ‘n pray crowd. It’s good at close ranges and has a short time to kill.

Although this isn’t necessarily a weapon, the Repair Torch can be equipped to fix up vehicles and cannons around the map. If you play in a squad, it’s probably a good idea to have one of your teammates carrying the Torch for potential repairs.

new weapons in fortnite

Movement Options

With building mechanics gone, movement becomes even more important. Fortnite Chapter 3: Season 2 equips players with an array of ways to rotate around the map and evade damage from enemies.

Cannons are back! You can shoot cannons out of it to deal damage, and it is also a good option to quickly reposition by shooting yourself out of the cannon.

When it comes to vehicles, this season of Fortnite introduces the Cow Catcher. This vehicle mod can be attached to the front of your vehicle to effectively create a battering ram. Alternatively, you can drop it on the ground to provide quick cover for yourself. This will be hugely beneficial while building is not an option!

While on foot, players can now practice their parkour skills, climbing over walls and vaulting over gaps. You can grab onto legends and pull yourself up when jumping. This element of the game brings Fortnite more in line with Apex Legends and is sure to open up some interesting gameplay possibilities!

parkour jump Fortnite

Funding the War Effort

This update once again asks players to fund new content over the course of the season. Players will be able to contribute funds toward these items that eventually unlock to the community once we hit a specific milestone:

  • Anti-vehicle (lock-on missile launcher)
  • Balloons
  • Battle Bus (driveable)
  • Boogie Bomb
  • Bubble Shield
  • Choppa
  • Cow Catcher
  • Red Dot
  • Rift
  • Turret (can also be applied to vehicles)

Players can approach a Donation Station in-game to contribute to the unlockables. Beware of nearby enemies, since you are basically a sitting duck while you donate!

donation station

Other Things to Look for in Chapter 3: Season 2

Fortnite continues with its classic Battle Pass content updates. There are many skins to collect that highlight the partnerships that Epic has recently secured:

  • Tsuki 2.0
  • Gunnar
  • The Imagined (one of the members of The Seven)
  • Kiara K.O. (leader of the Tango squadron)
  • The Origin 
  • Erisa
  • Doctor Strange

As players complete challenges and level up, they will unlock new aesthetics. You’ll need to shell out about $10 for the premium Battle Pass, but it’s probably worth it if you plan to play a lot of Fortnite this season.

There’s also a nice quality of life change this season. You can now turn down the volume of gliders or completely mute the volume of gliders. This is helpful for those flashy gliders that produce way too much noise.

In creative mode, you now have the option to turn on Proximity Chat! Any old-school gamers who played Halo back in the day will appreciate being able to communicate directly with enemies in your area.

Overall, Fortnite Chapter 3: Season 2 looks to be one of the biggest ones yet. Players from the Average Gamer community have been talking about hopping back in and we’re looking forward to seeing the game continue to develop!

What are you most looking forward to this season? Do you have any Fortnite tips and tricks to share with the community? Join the conversation in the comments section!

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