Everything you Need to About Clash of Clans Update – TAG Roundup #131

What is Clash of Clans?

Clash of Clans is a mobile free-to-play real-time strategy game that launched on August 2, 2012. Players construct bases, attack enemies with unique combat units, and participate in events to earn rewards.

At its core, Clash of Clans is a tower defense game with several twists:

  • There are special “hero” characters who have abilities that can be activated during combat
  • You have two bases, one of which can only be under attack if you choose to attack someone else. The other is open to attacks at all times unless you have a shield
  • The game’s resource management system enables the accumulation of resources even when the game isn’t open
  • One of the core mechanics, unsurprisingly, is the option to join a clan. While this isn’t mandatory, you’ll get the maximum value of crowdsourcing from joining a team.

As Clash of Clans nears its 10-year anniversary, it’s incredible to see the developer continue to put out new content. On May 1, 2022, SuperCell released one of the largest updates in years. Check out all the new things you can do in Clash of Clans!

What is Clan Capital?

For the last couple of years, gameplay in Clash of Clans has revolved around your Home Village and Builder Base. In the most recent update, we move to the sky where the Clan Capital resides.

The Clan Capital is essentially a shared community where your clan can contribute toward constructing within a larger base. Clan members pay ‘Capital Gold’ toward construction projects to help building progress. Once the building has received enough Capital Gold, construction is complete.

Capital Gold can be earned by taking part in Raid Weekend. During this event, your clan will be tasked with defeating opposing Clan Capitals. Additionally, by participating in Raid Weekend you can earn Raid Medals. These medals can be used to purchase items back in your village.

Players who contribute toward the Clan Capital will earn Reputation, which effectively tracks which members are donating the most resources to construction. It’s nice to have this type of transparency, and it may lead to people competing to be the top contributor.

Only clans which are at least level 2 will be able to access the Clan Capital. For individual members of the clan, you need a Town Hall level 6 or higher to enter the Capital. These requirements are a good stopgap to ensure that players have at least some experience with Clash of Clans before experimenting with this more complex area.

Once these requirements are met, you’ll find an Air Ship at the bottom corner of the screen. Click this to be hoisted away to your Clan Capital!

Clash of Clans Air Ship

What is a Capital District?

Interestingly, the Clan Capital isn’t just one unique location. Instead, it is composed of several Districts, each of which is essentially a small town.

When you first gain access to your Clan Capital, you’ll only have access to the first District – Capital Peak. You’ll find a Capital Hall here, which is the equivalent of your Town Hall. Upgrading the Capital Hall will unlock access to new buildings within Capital Peak as well as your other Districts.

Each District features a District Hall. As you can probably guess, this is the same as a Town Hall.

Instead of buying all of your buildings and defenses, Districts have ancient Ruins which need to be uncovered. If you look closely, you’ll notice that the Ruins are just defenses and buildings that have been covered in shrubbery. You basically pay to have a builder remove the moss from the Ruin, giving your District access to whatever lies beneath.

Given the Town Hall foundation of Capital Districts, players will feel right at home upgrading buildings and increasing the overall power level of the base. Clan members use Capital Gold to upgrade the level of buildings, including the District Hall.

Top of the Clan Capital

How can I Get Capital Gold?

Capital Gold is the latest currency to be introduced into the Clash of Clans ecosystem. As mentioned previously, you can earn Capital Gold by participating in Raid Weekend. Additionally, players can convert resources from their individual bases into Capital Gold.

To begin the conversion process, click the floating Forge at the bottom of the screen. By “crafting” in an open slot, you will assign a builder to being the conversion process. Players can convert resources from either the Home Base or Builder Base and the game will tell you how long the process will take on-screen.

This is a fantastic feature for Clash of Clans players! It gives you another option to get value out of resources, which is especially important for players who have already maxed out their base.

Clash of Clans Forge Crafting

Other New Content in the Clash of Clans Update

As always, we get new seasonal challenges with this latest release. Additionally, the devs have guaranteed more special events for players to participate in.

Ultimately, this means more cosmetics, troops, and rewards to cash in on as you play through the season.

The Trader has improved wares for sale in this update. All Clan members will see the same items for sale at the same time and players will be able to purchase items with Gems or Raid Medals. Purchasable items will change every Tuesday at the Trader.

Finally, players can now donate Clan Castle Troops to themselves by using Raid Medals. This is a massive change for Clash of Clans which will make things a lot easier on people who are looking to fill their Clan Castle with specific troops.

This update further emphasizes teamwork and collaboration while giving players a fresh take on how clans operate. It’s an exciting time for the Clash of Clans community and I’ll be paying close attention to how the Clan Capital changes the game!

Capital Peak

What are your thoughts on the new Clash of Clans update? What aspects of the Clan Capital are most appealing to you? Join the conversation in the comments section!

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