Everything you Need to About Apex Legends Ranked Changes

What is Ranked Apex Legends?

Apex Legends is the hit battle royale mode from Respawn Entertainment. Players select unique legends and drop onto a battlefield to utilize abilities and weapons to outlast their opponents.

While the game has a casual, quick play mode where the stakes are low, many players choose to test their skills in the more serious ranked mode. In this game mode, players earn points by eliminating enemies and by placing well in the match. 

Respawn first launched ranked mode on July 2, 2019. It was released with several tiers and unique rewards at the higher ranks.

Since then, the developers have continued to make changes to rebalance the ranked system and keep things fresh. In a May 4 tweet, they dropped huge news about the Season 13 changes for ranked Apex Legends. Here’s a summary of the changes and what it means for the upcoming season!

Apex Legends Season 13 Ranked Change - RP Update

All Teammates Get RP for Kills

The first change in Season 13 means players should be getting more Ranked Points over the course of a game. In prior seasons, players would only get RP for getting the final blow on an enemy or by dealing damage within a small window of time before the opponent gets knocked.

With this change, players will be rewarded regardless of whether they did any damage to the downed enemy! This is a fantastic change since there are many times where you damage a player outside the assist window or you contribute to the success of your team without doing damage.

Apex Legends Season 13 Ranked Change - Kill Cap Removed

Removed Kill RP Cap

This is a change that will hopefully reduce the number of teams who choose to camp in a corner. In previous seasons, having a kill RP cap meant players weren’t incentivized to take fights after they maxed RP. Now, aggressive teams can continue to look for battles throughout the match. They will be rewarded for taking out as many teams as possible.

It’s unclear how the kill points will scale downward based on how many foes you take out. It’s possible there will be kill ranges attributed to certain RP (ie. 4-6 kills gives 5 KP each) based on traditional Apex ranked systems. I’m curious to see what the minimum KP value will be and how the community changes its collective playstyle.

Apex Legends Season 13 Ranked Change - Tier Demotions

New Tier Demotions in Ranked Apex Legends

This is a controversial area that many high-level streamers have complained about in the past. The previous tier demotion protection mechanism meant no player could drop below tier 4 of their current rank. With this change, Respawn brings Apex Legends closer to Overwatch in the way they treat ranked demotion.

With this new system, players can no longer play recklessly at the bottom of a rank without worrying about losing RP. Ultimately, this should result in fewer Diamond and Masters players in this upcoming season.

New Rookie Tier this Ranked Season

New Rookie Tier in Apex Legends Season 13

This one is a bit strange for me. My guess is that there were new players struggling in Bronze so the devs opted to create a safe space for them to learn the game.

It’s unclear to me whether there will be a meaningful difference between this new Rookie tier and the bottom of Bronze. Additionally, since Bronze now has an entry cost we may see some players stuck in this rank the entire season.

What are your thoughts on the Apex Legends Season 13 ranked changes? Are there additional changes you’d like to see in this mode? Join the conversation in the comments section!

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