Top 3 Must-Play Steam Games For Ultimate Fun With Friends

Are you looking for a new world to explore with friends, new bosses to defeat, or loot to gather and horde? Now and again, your group may want to spice things up and get into a new style of gameplay or have a good time. The list of Steam games compiled below are some I have personally enjoyed and I know they are tons of fun! You may find your new go-to games to play with your buddies.

Perfect Heist 2

Developer Yeswecamp on Steam brings you into a world where you and your friends can go head-to-head in the classic game of cops and robbers. Study the security measures as a criminal casing your target location, set up traps, or even hack a few ATMs or game cabinets for some quick cash. 

Perfect Heist 2

However, to combat these devious thieves, stand in place this bank’s finest – an equally diverse cast of law enforcement. Set up alarm systems, monitor cameras, or blend in with the common citizen to uncover the plot set against the establishment.

Perfect Heist 2 recommends up to 12 players on the larger maps, however, the game can support more at the risk of utter chaos. There are currently six premade maps with in-game tools for the community to make custom maps. This is a must-try game for you and your friends to enjoy goofy tactical FPS gameplay.

Battlebit Remastered

Battlebit Remastered is an incredible co-op shooter on Steam

If you and your group are in the mood for a fun, fast-paced, big team battle game, look no further than Battlebit Remastered. This game features 3 modes, from small-scale close-quarters action to massive full-scale warfare. Join your unit on the field as 1 of 5 specialized infantry units. Each has its unique equipment and buffs. Medic, for example, allows field med kits to keep your troops in the fight. Additionally, it has a passive quick revive skill.

Group up with friends in Battlebit

This simulation-style game has a booming community, filled with all types of players, from casual gamers to roleplayers. At the end of the day, they all want to have fun and enjoy the game they love. Get locked and loaded with the rest of your squad to enjoy this team-building experience.


Does the thought of sailing the open sea on your longship alongside your crew or gathering resources to build your dream fortress so you may defend against the denizens of the night sound like your kind of thing? Then gather your fellow new arrivals to this strange world, where the forest comes to life, the ground trembles, and the sky glistens with the very light of the world tree. 

Valheim is one of the top survival games on Steam

Craft, survive, and fight through the different lands, gaining new recipes to increase your power or build the perfect home. Keep an eye out for danger at every turn as each new area brings great reward. However, creatures lurk in wait, ranging in ferocity and lethality.

On May 14th, 2024, Iron Gate AB released the long-awaited new biome for their popular crafting survival game Valheim. The update, titled Ashlands, features new weapons, creatures, building materials, the addition of enchanting, and more to discover. With Ashlands’ arrival, players are returning to their homes among Yggdrasil’s outstretched roots, to take to the seas in search of a new biome to explore. Are you ready to enter the Ashlands?

Finding the Perfect Co-op Steam Game

From calm meadows to no man’s land, the fun never stops when you are with your crew! Which Steam game will you choose? Running through the crossfire to heal your downed friend in Battlebit Remastered, taking on the creatures of myth and building your bastion in Valheim, or deceiving your friends with a sly play for the game cabinets in Perfect Heist 2. I tend to end my nights with a match in Battlebit, win or lose the game still feels fun, I hope to see you on the battlefield!

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