Entering the Fantasy Games Realm: Beginner’s Guide To Your First Quest

Behold! Your first quest awaits you. Here is a simple guide to getting started on one of the best journeys of your life, entering the world of fantasy gaming. Follow these top tips to start on the right foot.

The Basics of Fantasy Games

If this is your first dive into the world of fantasy and role-playing games, do not worry. This is one of gaming’s best genres and is easier to play than it may look on the surface. Every good fantasy game goes out of its way to introduce you to the gameplay and mechanics gently, with plenty of time to experiment. The first encounters with enemies are always easy, perhaps too easy. Your only challenge will be getting used to the control and targeting system, not from the enemies themselves.

The game will start you off slowly. You may have to choose some of your character’s characteristics or choose their unique skills. These will be important at the start, but as you move through the game, you can add to them. In class-based games, for example, you should be able to switch your focus from a mage to a fighter. 

You will have to name your character too. If you are struggling for a fun name, use a fantasy name generator to help you out.

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Listen Closely, Don’t Skip

The start of any fantasy game is usually filled with many cutscenes. These may take some time to get through, but don’t skip them and pay attention to the dialogue. Cutscenes will tell you a lot about the gameplay, plot, and what to do when you finally gain control of your character and start exploring the fantasy world. 

Your first quest will probably be outlined during these cutscenes. The game will likely give you hints later on, but you can make short work of the quest if you already know what is happening.

One cutscene leads to another just as one quest moves you on to the next. In these early scenes, essential characters in the story will make themselves known and give you a taste of the larger storyline. As tempting as it can be to skip through these scenes and get straight into the action, watch closely, and make some mental notes about who is who and their motivations.

Explore The Menus First

There is a tremendous amount of information on the menu screens. Before you explore the wider fantasy world, spend some time flicking through the various menus you will find when you press pause. These will help you plot your character’s development in the game and give you a list of items you need to find to get the skills and stats you want. 

There will be lots to do beyond your first quest, plenty of items to find, and side quests to complete. To avoid wasting time on dead ends and looking for things you will never need or use, explore the menus before you explore the world to make a shortlist of must-have items to claim. 

Enjoy the Fantasy Journey

If this is your first fantasy game and your first quest, congratulations! This is the first step you are taking on a long road of fantasy role-playing. There are endless games to choose from, taking place in unique worlds and realms. This is the beginning of a much larger journey.

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