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While we’re still a few months out from the Back 4 Blood launch, the developers put out a beta last week for folks to try their zombie thriller. Check out what the gaming community is saying about the intense, co-op adventure.

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It’s kind of terrifying to think of a parasite infecting the human race and transforming us all into raging undead. That is, of course, unless you are a gamer!

The zombie apocalypse idea has been done at least a hundred times across the video game spectrum, including one of my personal favorite series. In Back 4 Blood, the emphasis is on swarms of ‘Ridden’ creatures and reclaiming the world for what’s left of humanity.

Back 4 Blood features 8 playable classes, dubbed ‘Cleaners’ who have a range of abilities. Your kit can include everything from instant revives to breaking out of grabs and even sensing nearby hazards. This variety ensures you’ll be able to find a character that matches your playstyle.

What I find most interesting in the class system is the inclusion of a deck-building feature. In this system, you can gain class-specific perks and further customize what your character is capable of.

Additionally, there are dozens of weapons to experiment with. They vary in rarity, damage mechanics, and lethality. Similar to weapons in the battle royale world, each ranged weapon in Back 4 Blood has slots for attachments to make them even more deadly.

Aside from the PvE mode where you plow through infect, there’s also a PvP option to pit Cleaners against human-controlled Ridden. It gives me feels of Dead by Daylight mixed with The Last of Us and is a nice change of pace from the main co-op story.

So far, the reviews for the Back 4 Blood beta have been largely positive. People have praised the gunplay, comical dialogue, and the recreation of magic from our Left 4 Dead days. There’s a uniqueness to the special Ridden and you’ll feel the tension in your core when your Cleaner gets snatched up.

There will be another beta window from August 12-16, then you can play the full version on October 12. With full crossplay, proven developers, and a great response to the first beta, Back 4 Blood is poised to make waves at the end of 2021!

Did you get a chance to play the Back 4 Blood beta? What parts of the zombie shooter are you most excited about? Join the conversation in the comments section, below!


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