Dominate The Finals: Unveiling the Best Builds for Every Playstyle

This ain’t just another “spray and pray” guide; we’re cracking the code, unlocking synergies, and forging loadouts that’ll have opponents begging for mercy.

Remember, champions aren’t built overnight. The Finals thrives on loadout customization, letting you tailor your playstyle to your preferences. 

You’re a Light contestant zipping through shadows? Craft a Cloaking Assassin build that vanishes under noses and delivers lethal headshots. A Heavy juggernaut craving fire and fury? Use his firepower to overwhelm opponents and own objectives.

Before we unleash these beasts, let’s break down the basics. Your loadout has three key components:

  • Weapon: Your trusty boomstick. Choose wisely; it’s your dance partner in the slaughter waltz.
  • Specialization: Your ultimate, the special ability you utilize to shift the tide of battle.
  • Gadgets: Your tactical toolbox, from breaching charges to smokescreens. The Finals features some common explosives and several unique utility items.

Now, let’s mold these tools into champions!

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The Art of Evasion: The Best Loadout for Light

SpecializationCloaking Device
GadgetsBreach Charge, Stun Gun, Glitch Grenade
PlaystyleStealthy, precise eliminations
StrengthsMobility, surprise attacks, flanking
WeaknessesLow health pool, limited damage output

This cloaked assassin lurks in the shadows and feeds on unsuspecting prey. In The Finals, the Light contestant is a fast-footed glass cannon. The best way to use this class is to sneak up on enemies mid-fight, hit them with a Stun Gun, and take them out quickly with your pistol before retreating to safety.

The MP5 has a crazy fire rate with an impressive time to kill. It is more versatile than the M11, with more stopping power at medium range. Taking advantage of the element of surprise on a stunned opponent gives you the upper hand. Try to time your engagements so that you start firing when the enemy is focused on another opponent. This way, you can hit them with a few bullets before they see you.

You’ll also use the Breach Charge to create escape routes or attack enemies from unexpected directions. With the destructible environment in The Finals, try to get creative with taking out walls, floors, and other elements of your surroundings. 

Lastly, the Glitch Grenade is a handy tool for disrupting enemy Healing Beams, APS Turrets, and even Dome Shields. It’s great for attacking Cash boxes and confirming kills when enemies are low on health.

This build thrives on mobility and precision. With 150 HP, the Light contestants are fragile. However, they have great escapability and operate best with swift strikes on enemies to give your squad the upper hand.

The Healing Hand: The Best Loadout for Medium

SpecializationHealing Beam
GadgetsGas Mine, Defibrillator, Zipline
StrengthsHealing teammates, area denial, versatility
WeaknessesVulnerable to flanks, reliance on gadgets

Not all heroes wear capes – some wield defibrillators. This Medium build excels at keeping your teammates in the fight so you can win more cash.

The Healing Beam build turns Medium contestants into battlefield medics, topping up health bars, and generally making everyone’s lives easier. Additionally, the Defibrillator is the fastest way to revive in the game, allowing you to quickly pick up fallen teammates.

But don’t mistake kindness for weakness. The AKM packs a punch! It’s a straightforward assault rifle with decent control, damage per second, and range. Your gadget arsenal allows you to zone out key areas with the Gas Mine and quickly rotate your team around the map with a Zipline. 

The Gas Mine detonates on contact, covering a decent amount of space in toxic gas. Its damage is significant (10 per second at the time of writing) and is best placed on the cashout box to deter enemies from stealing it. It’s countered by fire, but it will take other teams time to deal with it, wasting precious seconds from collecting your loot.

A support Medium build typically means you are following your teammates into battle vs leading the way. You need to preserve your life to maximize your utility on your squad. Don’t make the mistake of charging into battle on the frontlines with this build!

It’s about versatility and support. Master the rhythm of heal-and-shoot, and you’ll be the glue that holds your team together, the difference between victory and a messy defeat.

The Bringer of Pain: The Best Loadout for Heavy

WeaponLewis Gun
SpecializationMesh Shield
GadgetsC4, RPG-7, Dome Shield
PlaystyleAggressive, area control
StrengthsHigh damage output, objective dominance
WeaknessesLimited mobility, large hitbox

A good Heavy build can turn you into an immovable object, anchoring your team on the frontline and raining leaden hell on unsuspecting enemies. Your trusty Lewis Gun is the backbone of this build, spitting out a steady stream of bullets with a decent mag size. It doesn’t have nearly as much ammo as the other LMGs, but it is much easier to control. This means you should be more accurate and be able to dish out some damage beyond close range. 

But bullets alone don’t win wars. That’s where the Mesh Shield comes in – your personal riot shield that shrugs off gunfire like a grumpy cat swats at flies. Pop it up, advance under a hail of lead, and laugh as panicked enemies scramble for cover. You essentially turn into Reinhardt from Overwatch and force the enemy to retreat or reposition to a new location.

Need to clear a room? C4 is here to save the day! You can also attach it to canisters and throw them towards enemies for an even bigger explosion. When things get hairy, unleash the mother of all surprises: the RPG-7. This rocket launcher deals significant damage in the blast radius. Just be careful not to blow yourself up (as I have many times). 

Lastly, you’ve got the Dome Shield, essentially Gibraltar’s bubble from Apex Legends. You can toss it anywhere to provide almost instant protection from incoming damage. It’s a great device to buy time for stealing the cash out or reviving a fallen teammate.

This build is about control, suppression, and raw firepower. You’re the immovable rock in the storm, the immovable object to every unstoppable force. Master the dance of shield and fire, and you’ll be a walking apocalypse, turning objectives into personal fiefdoms and leaving a trail of smoking craters in your wake.

Experiment with different loadouts in The Finals

Beyond the Meta: Building Your Path in The Finals

These are just starting points. Experiment, tweak, and forge your own loadout based on your playstyle. Maybe you’re a Light who prefers the Shotty’s brutal close-quarters punch. Or a Medium who loves the tactical mind games of the Turret. The possibilities are endless!

Remember, the best build is the one that synergizes with your play style. Are you a lone wolf predator or a team player extraordinaire? Do you favor stealthy takedowns or open-air brawls? Answer these questions, and your ideal loadout will emerge, sharp as a freshly honed blade.

Try to play around your team in The Finals

The Synergy Symphony: When Tools Dance Together in The Finals

Remember, the loadout is just one piece of the puzzle. Each piece – weapon, specialization, gadgets – plays its part in the overall power of your team. The Cloaking Assassin thrives on the surprise factor, while the Healing Beam build relies on coordinated support. The Heavy class is great at soaking up damage and creating space for your team.

Test the capabilities of your kit to find unique ways to get the upper hand on opposing teams. Hop into the practice range for some low-stress experimentation. Here are a few more tips to set you up for success:

  • Don’t be afraid to adapt: The meta shifts, so be flexible and adjust your builds based on the map, game mode, and your team composition.
  • Practice makes perfect: Hone your skills with each match, and you’ll soon dominate the competition.
  • Watch the pros: Learn from the best and how they utilize different builds to achieve victory.

What do you think are the best builds in The Finals? Join the conversation in the comments section!

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