Dokapon’s Return: Port to the West

The Dokapon series has made only a few appearances outside of Japan. The Dokapon Kingdom was released on the Wii and PS2 as a 2008 remake of Dokapon 3・2・1 – Arashi o Yobu Yuujou, the 2nd Dokapon installment made exclusively in Japan for the Super Famicom in 1994.

The series continued on the Nintendo DS in 2009, another remake of Kessen! Dokapon Oukoku IV: Densetsu no Yuusha Tachi (the 1st Dokapon installment). The series halted in the West due to Japan expressing a bigger interest in it. That was the case until Sting recently decided to make the series return to the West in a more modern fashion.

What is Dokapon Kingdom

Dokapon Heroes

The Dokapon Kingdom is an immense nation made up of 7 different continents. It is ruled by the King of Dokapon Kingdom named King. This kingdom fell into despair once dark monsters appeared to attack and control every town. 

Once every town pleaded for help, King had to call for heroes from far and wide. The one hero who saves the whole kingdom from this dastardly plight will be rewarded. This hero will earn the wondrous Princess Penny’s hand in marriage and the throne of Dokapon Kingdom.

The game is best described as Mario Party with RPG stats, monopoly, and more ways to harm other players. The game has multiple modes: exploring in story mode, setting turn limits in normal mode, or making different win conditions in the battle royale. Though the game has a simple story premise and cartoony design, its gameplay does have depth.

How to Survive Dokapon Kingdom

Battle Mechanics

It is the survival of the fittest. Every hero works for themselves as they race to accomplish the King’s main quests first. Players are allowed to work together, though only one player can sit on the throne for Dokapon Kingdom. 

Anything is allowed in the kingdom, including sabotage. Some examples are attacking other heroes to hinder their progress, stealing money from towns and items from the shops, and several other destructive actions. The game is all about conjuring the right strategy for different scenarios.

Many NPCs can assist or harm the heroes within the Dokapon Kingdom, including Angelo, Karlie the Stylist, Robo-Agent, Hans the Arms Dealer, Mitch Digger, and many others. Every choice will have consequences, so the hero should choose wisely. The most dangerous threat is the one willing to give up everything to make the other heroes suffer.

The most important value throughout the kingdom is wealth. Money will get the player everything in Dokapon Kingdom, possibly including happiness. Every action will determine the player’s worth in the kingdom: defeating giant monsters, taking over towns, accomplishing certain quests, and getting defeated. 

Each action will take one day for each player. Once a week has passed, each player will be judged based on what happened during the week. This is similar to Mario Party showcasing its results in its final five turns. 

What’s New in Dokapon Kingdom Connect

A shocked kingdom in Dokapon

Dokapon Kingdom Connect will be a colorful remaster within Nintendo’s modern console. The major difference with this game compared to its older counterpart will be its online multiplayer. It is concerning how the game will work online and its connection stability. If its connection is at least as stable as Mario Party Superstars or better, the series will glow brighter in the West.

Dokapon Kingdom Connect will be released on the Nintendo Switch in Spring 2023. This game suits players interested in monopoly, Mario Party, and/or just chaos. For anyone that proclaims to have the best, unbreakable friendships, this is a perfect game to test their bonds.

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