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Every so often, a game comes around with a unique blend of game mechanics that makes me turn my head. GRIME is the latest game to do so. Described as a metroidvania game, you’ll platform through a “world of anatomical horror and intrigue”.

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Become a Black Hole-Headed Humanoid in GRIME – Rock Paper Shotgun

Reading the ‘about’ section for GRIME had me picturing a darker version of the Kirby series. As I continued to read through the Steam page, I realized it was so much more than just absorbing your enemies. 

GRIME’s protagonist is an interesting looking character. He’s naked, fairly buff, and has a black hole in place of a head. This trio of attributes is accentuated by the different movement and combat abilities that you’ll control.

Weapons in GRIME are made of living creatures! While fighting, your weapons can mutate to enable some really cool attack animations and combos.

Weapons also have unique abilities that can vary your combat style. The trailer highlights the ability to launch enemies into the air and I’m curious to see what other powers you can gain from GRIME’s weapons.

Gear can also be mixed with other pieces to form more dynamic equipment. With so much customization in the item department, there are sure to be some cool creations once the community gets their hands on this game.

My favorite mechanic has to be the game’s parry system. Instead of just stunning an enemy with a parry, players can completely absorb an enemy to increase their strength. This is done via the head black hole (HBH for short) and is an awesome adaptation of Kirby’s absorption system.

Additionally, the HBH can be used to launch projectiles back at enemies when you aren’t within striking distance. It’s really cool to see how the devs added a layer of complexity by adding a moveset to the cranium!

GRIME goes the classical skill tree route but doesn’t force you to put skill points into anything you deem useless. Players can customize the strengths of their character to fit a specific playstyle.

It wouldn’t be a platformer without some secret caverns, so you’ll want to make sure to explore all over the level. Crates can be broken to find loot and there are plenty of areas where you can discover valuable gear.

There also seems to be some form of stamina management in GRIME. My guess is that you deplete stamina from using attacks, but it’s unclear from the trailer what happens when you run out of stamina.

GRIME also has environmental traps that can either get in your way or inflict damage to your character. If you’ve played Super Meat Boy or Give Up, Robot! These will make you feel right at home!

The devs also didn’t say much about the currency system. Killing enemies increases something in the bottom right-hand side of the screen which might be ore, chocolate bars, or some type of crafting material. Still unclear.

As expected, you can also absorb powers from GRIME’s bosses. These can benefit both movement and combat so your character will continue to get stronger as you defeat the boss baddies.

GRIME will be out sometime this year so make sure to add it to your Steam wishlist if this looks intriguing!

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