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Cookie Clicker came out 8 years ago as a browser game and has received hundreds of updates since. Last week, the Steam release really took off as people rushed to click as many cookies as possible!

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Click Cookies in Cookie Clicker – NME

With the September 1st Steam release of Cookie Clicker, we entered a new age of gaming. It quickly landed on the top 15 most played games by concurrent users and has amassed a ton of overwhelmingly positive reviews!

The basis of the game is simple: click the cookie, earn a cookie. The more cookies you earn, the more upgrades you can purchase. More upgrades mean it is easier to collect cookies. Rinse and repeat until you lose consciousness.

While there are about 500 achievements to unlock, there’s no end goal to this game. With no true ending, you can play for as long or as short of a time as you want. Since humans can grow obsessed with trying to complete things, this feeds directly into our need to get stuff done.

Cookie Clicker is surprisingly deep, with mini-games, skill trees, and enough upgrades to make your eyes water. You can unlock grandmas to help you out, farms to boost resources, and factories to increase your production.

The game also features music by C418, the same people who make music for the wildly popular Minecraft. Cookie Clicker’s combination of simplicity and versatility make it especially accessible to people who aren’t into hardcore games.

From the gameplay I’ve watched, you can get off to a fast start, but then it makes it increasingly difficult to improve your cookie production rate. This makes later purchases in Cookie Clicker feel even more rewarding as you get all the cookies.

At a certain point, you can leave the game idle and have your automated upgrades do the work. It’s the perfect game to leave up in the background while you focus on other tasks. Then, return to the Cookie Clicker world to check your numbers and pick up more upgrades!

One of the best parts about Cookie Clicker is that you can try the browser version for free before spending $5 to pick it up on Steam. In the few minutes of distraction, while I tried to write this, I was able to get 4 grandmas, 10 cursors, and a farm. I think I’ll buy my second farm soon…

There’s no wrong way to play, so do yourself a favor and check out the latest Steam sensation immediately!

Is Cookie Clicker as addicting as everyone is saying? Have you already spent an entire day clicking cookies? Join the conversation in the comments section, below!

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