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We’re here to build a gaming community of people who are excited to support their fellow gamer. We know the internet can be a toxic place. We want to be the opposite of that!

The Average Gamer community is great about sharing gaming news, tips and exciting rumors. You’ll find us actively discussing video game announcements on Discord and sharing relatable posts on our social media platforms.

What started as a couple of guys making Fortnite guides has grown into a network of friends who chat about everything from Anime to sports news. Video games are still at the core of our community, but we wanted to have space for you to talk about anything!

Check out the Social page to see a preview of some of our posts. We’re excited to have you join the party!







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Child's Play Charity

Support the Community

As part of our effort to have a positive impact, we’ve partnered with Child’s Play Charity to help improve the lives of children in hospitals.

Support for this community has helped to raise millions of dollars to gift children’s hospitals, clinics, domestic violence shelters, and other facilities. With these resources, kids can use games for distraction and therapeutic play through some difficult situations.

5% of every purchase in the TAG Store goes towards the Child’s Play organization. Feel free to donate directly to the cause by clicking the link below.

With your help, we can continue to use video games as a tool for good!

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