Characters we Eventually Want in Mario Strikers Battle League

Mario Strikers Battle League

Mario sports games have been released more frequently on the highly successful Nintendo Switch than on prior systems. 2018 saw Mario Tennis Aces and last year golf fans received Mario Golf Super Rush

Similar to Mario Kart or Super Smash Bros, the Mario sport spin-off games have supplied many entertaining hours of couch gaming sessions ever since the Nintendo 64 days. Like those other party games, they serve as many people’s introduction to the wider selection of characters. 

Unfortunately for those that have grown up with other titles from each Mario sports spinoff, they have noticed a trend that Nintendo has practiced for the last few releases on the Switch. The character rosters are noticeably bare compared to previous titles. In most cases, Nintendo proceeded to update the game with free drip feed character updates. From what it appears with the upcoming release of Mario Strikers Battle League, Nintendo plans a similar approach to keep players engaged. 

It could be worse, though. Nothing is stopping Nintendo from selling maps and characters a la carte for a fee. However, if we are to predict based on the past few Mario sports games, these are likely to stay free. 

Fans will have to take what they can get and hopefully, some notable staples do not get the ax. Let’s also pray that half the roster slot is not filled by clones like Pink Gold Peach or Cat Mario. 

Here are ten characters that we at Two Average Gamers would love to see duke it out in Mario Strikers Battle League throughout the year. 

Daisy is a staple in Mario spinoffs


This one goes without saying – Daisy has been a staple all across the Mario spin-offs. Similar to the likes of Waluigi, sports games like this are pretty much the only place where she can shine. 

It’s a head-scratcher that Daisy isn’t on the base roster. She has veteran spinoff experience and memorable appearances in the previous two Mario Strikers games. You can bet that she will end up in the game and we are willing to bet she will be the first update shortly after the game launches. 

If for whatever reason our favorite sassy princess from Sarasaland is omitted, conspiracy theories might arise linking it to her appearance in Super Smash Bros Ultimate over Waluigi. 

Pauline in Mario Tennis


Mario’s first girl he had to rescue has been making a comeback during the Switch’s lifetime. Pauline played a huge part in Super Mario Odyssey. She rebranded herself as the stylish jazz singing mayor of New Donk City and has quickly become another fan favorite. 

She was eventually one of the characters added as downloadable content in Mario Tennis Aces. Additionally, she appeared at launch of Mario Golf Super Rush. Participating in two sports games in a row makes her another likely candidate. Separately, it is also appreciated to have more female characters that are not cat peach or Pom Pom. 

Foreman Spike would be a great addition to Mario Strikers

Foreman Spike

Not to be confused with the common enemy species Spike who has also joined Mario and the gang in the last two sports outings. Foreman Spike was Mario’s troublesome boss at the demolition site he worked for in the game Wrecking Crew

Spike also made an appearance in the Japanese-only Mobile Golf in 2001 for the Gameboy Color. With Spike being confirmed to appear in the upcoming Super Mario movie from animation studio Illumination, it may serve as good marketing foresight to start reintroducing Spike to the masses. 

We can see Spike becoming a cult favorite like Waluigi and without too much prior perception of his character. Next Level Games are free to shape him in their creative image. 

We're hoping to see Toadsworth in Mario Strikers


In all likelihood, we would wager that Toadette makes it in before Toadsworth. However, it has been quite a while since the elder fungi has made an appearance. 

First appearing in 2002’s Super Mario Sunshine as Princess Peach’s royal advisor, he would continue to appear in various sports spinoffs. He even popped up in some RPGs like Mario & Luigi and Paper Mario during the 2000s. 

He has not made an appearance in a good while. The last physical activity he got was in Mario Super Sluggers for the Nintendo Wii. It would be nice to see him return in Battle League, but perhaps it might be a bit too rough for his fragile body. 

ROB the Robot


ROB, or the Robotic Operating Buddy, was an unsuccessful accessory toy for the Nintendo Entertainment System. Left for obscurity for many years, ROB started to make guest appearances after some time. He showed up in some Nintendo games like Mario Kart DS and more famously the Super Smash Bros series. 

Rob would not be the first playable robot in the Mario Strikers series. Fans of the first game, Super Mario Strikers for the Gamecube, would note that there is an unlockable character known as the Super Team. These robots were more creepy looking and were meant to be played as overpowered, reward characters. 

Those that might think ROB’s movement may seem too robotic for soccer should watch some ROB Super Smash Bros Ultimate combo videos. ROB is surprisingly flexible.

Professor E. Gadd

Professor E. Gadd

This quirky old man is more likely to step on the field before Toadsworth. He first appeared in Luigi’s Mansion on the Gamecube. Since then, he has played major roles in the last two Luigi Mansion games. Both of those titles were developed by Next Level Games. 

Gadd may not be their baby but seeing the characterization they gave him in the previous two Mansion games makes us want to see him in action. He may be old, but he made a name for himself fighting ghosts and other poltergeists. A friendly game of soccer is not going to scare him away. 

King K. Rool in the ring

King K. Rool could dominate in Mario Strikers

Making a triumphant return in Super Smash Ultimate after years of fans’ requests, we cannot think of a better spinoff for K. Rool to make his next appearance in. It would not be his first recreational activity with Mario and friends. He appeared in Mario Super Sluggers for the Wii. 

His species of reptiles, the Kremlins, also have a major connection to the Striker series. Kremlins were always the default goalies in the previous two games. 

Nowadays, we are lucky to have even Diddy Kong show up in Mario games so K. Rool might not be the first on the Donkey Kong representation list. Diddy Kong also appeared in Mario Strikers Charged. He has not since been confirmed for this one, putting him in a similar limbo status to Bowser Jr. and Daisy. 

Ronaldo belongs in Mario Strikers!

Cristiano Ronaldo belongs in Mario Strikers

We would like to remind readers that Mario and crew played street basketball against the NBA back in 2003’s NBA Street Vol 3. Mario, along with Peach and Luigi, were glorified skins which made it look off-putting. More importantly, you can make Luigi post up Lebron James. 

Having Ronaldo in Striker’s Battle League would require a little more liberty seeing as Ronaldo would be in the Mushroom Kingdom. To help ease the uncanny valley of it all we would suggest that Ronaldo be modeled after his infamous bust that became an internet meme. It looked like a cartoon that would blend in seamlessly in the world of Mario. 

As nice as it would be to see even half these characters be added on in future updates, what is more important to the player is that the game provides players with non-stop fun and reasons to keep coming back. 

With initial critical reception being fair to positive, Mario Strikers Battle League looks like a blast to play, even without Ronaldo. 

What characters do you want to see in Mario Strikers Battle League? Join the conversation in the comments section!

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