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People are destined for intergalactic travel, especially in the virtual world. In The Riftbreaker, you’ll need to build a base for Earthlings to enjoy the edges of the Milky Way!

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Mech-Driven Base Building and Combat in Riftbreaker – Play4UK

There’s base building, there’s turret defense, there’s top-down combat, and then there’s the combination of all these things. The Riftbreaker is part mech, part human, and is the future of humanity.

You’re a captain set out to explore a faraway land called Galatea 37. Equipped with a mech suit, aptly named Mr. Riggs”, Captain Nowak will need to build, collect resources, gather specimens, and fend off attacking hoards. 

Riftbreaker’s base-building mechanics look really cool! Mr. Riggs can construct walls, defenses, and structures anywhere you please as you expand your camp. From the developer’s description, the building mechanics are fairly deep and are a core component of the game.

On the exploration front, there are plenty of things to discover on Galatea 37. This planet is filled with different biomes, environmental effects, and wildlife. Players will need to extract resources to progress their advancement through the game’s skill tree.

Riftbreaker’s Action Elements

Many adventures will be excited about the combat system in Riftbreaker. Not only will hostile creatures attack your base, but you’ll also need to take care of threats out in the open while scavenging. The trailer shows off some impressive weaponry for your mech and players will have some nice variety for taking down enemies!

From an RPG perspective, you have your classic skill tree which lets you increase the strength of your character the more you level up. By gathering research samples and artifacts, you and Mr. Riggs can craft more advanced items in-game.

Riftbreaker has an interesting interactive streaming component built in. Viewers can actively participate by voting on in-game events or donating resources to the streamer. I’m curious to see how this gets implemented.  In theory, it sounds like a good way to boost engagement but could lead to unnecessary trolling.

For the folks out there with Xbox Game Pass, you’ll be happy to hear that Riftbreaker will be available on console and PC for free on day one! This is a great perk for the Microsoft subscription community and will hopefully draw in a decent crowd at launch.

You can also grab Riftbreaker on Steam or PS5, but we’re still waiting for an official release date. The game is set for a “Fall 2021” launch. Keep an eye out for more news in the coming months.

Will you be picking up Riftbreaker? Let me know what you’re most excited about in the comments section, below!

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