Best Weapons to Use in Season 5 of Call of Duty Warzone

Building the Best Warzone Loadout

We’re a couple of weeks into Season 5 and we’ve figured out the weapons that give you the best chances of winning fights in Warzone. This list will go over the best weapons to use at each range and our recommendations for effective attachments.

We’ll also go through some sleeper picks which could become meta later in the season as more people experiment with them. Combine our Warzone tips and tricks with this weapon tier list and you’ll increase your win percentage significantly!

Best Close-Range Weapons in Season 5

As you rotate around the Warzone map, you’re likely to end up in many close-quarters encounters. At this range, you want to be effective with hip fire and have good burst damage. Check out our picks for the best close-range weapons in Warzone Season 5!

Warzone OTS-9


The best close-range weapon currently is the OTS – 9. It has the fastest time to kill (TTK) up close and one of the best fire rates in the game. One drawback is that you can only have 40 bullets in the clip, which you’ll burn through quickly in a fight. To maximize the efficiency of this gun, you’ll want to equip the Gru Suppressor, Tiger Team Spotlight, KGB Skeletal Stock, Bruiser Grip, and 40-Round Fast Mag. This loadout gives you ultimate mobility, good recoil control, and keeps enemies from seeing you on the map when you fire. The movement boost is especially beneficial when using a controller to help you navigate the battlefield.

Warzone Mac-10


Since the last Warzone update, there have been plenty of viable weapons in Season 5. Many of the guns are well-balanced, but the number 2 choice at close-range needs to go to the Mac-10. It also has high mobility like our first option and quick TTK, plus the added benefit of decent magazine size. You get the best of both worlds this SMG, and it’s a beast with the right attachments. Deck this weapon out with the Agency Suppressor, 6.1” Reinforced Barrel, Tiger Team Spotlight, raider stock, and 53 round drum to dominate in close quarters!

Best Mid-Range Weapons in Season 5

The mid-range game is a critical aspect of any battle royale game, and Warzone stays true to this. These weapons deal decent damage per shot and usually have moderate recoil. It’s best to pair one of these weapons with a close or long-range weapon to build a strong loadout.

best warzone loadout for season 5 Krig 6

Krig 6

The Krig 6 is a versatile assault rifle that works well at both mid and long-range. At these distances, it boasts a great TTK and minimal recoil. This is a great weapon for any player to pick up and use in many scenarios. In Season 5, you’ll want to equip the Kirg 6 with the Agency Suppressor, 15 CMV Mil-Spec, Axial Arms 3x, Field Agent Grip, and 45-round ammo mag. This loadout helps counter the lower fire rate of this rifle and ensures that you win more fights.

warzone season 5 best mid range gun C58 assault rifle

C58 Assault Rifle

The next best mid-range weapon in Season 5 is the C58 Assault Rifle. It will take some time to get used to given the low fire rate and unique spray pattern, but it’s one of the strongest guns in the game once you put in the time to learn it. Equip the C58 with the Agency Suppressor, 18.5” Task Force, Axial Arms 3x, Field Agent Grip, and 45-Round Drum. To unlock the C58, you need at least one Long Shot kill in 15 different matches using your assault rifle of choice. Once you’ve got this rifle unlocked and had some time to practice, you’ll be shredding at mid-range!

Best Long-Range Weapons in Season 5

Dealing damage at range is a great way to initiate a fight. In some cases, you may even be able to get a quick knock before closing the gap on your enemies! Here are the best long-range weapons to use in Warzone Season 5.


MG 82

In Season 5, the MG 82 LMG melts enemies from distance! It has a great TTK, a fast fire rate, and is virtually unstoppable once you understand the recoil pattern. For a deadly MG 82 loadout, equip the Agency Suppressor, 16.4” Task Force, Axial Arms 3x, Field Agent Grip, and 125-round mag. With an ammo clip this large, you’ll be able to take out an entire squad before you even have to reload! Just make sure to reload behind cover since it takes a while to swap out mags.

Best Stoner 63 loadout in Warzone

Stoner 63

The Stoner is another LMG that’s made its way into the meta in Season 5. Tons of players have made the jump to this behemoth since it’s one of the heaviest hitting weapons in Warzone. You can rack up double-digit kills with a decked-out Stoner 63. Equip this LMG with the Agency Suppressor, 21.8” Task Force, Axial Arms 3x, Field Agent Grip, and 120-Round Ammo attachments.

Warzone Season 5 Honorable Mentions

The Fara is one of Season 5’s sleeper picks for Warzone. This assault rifle has great TTk and is perfect for mid to long-range battles. Equip the Fara with Gru Suppressor, RPK 3x, Spetsnaz grip, and 60-round mag.

Our next honorable mention got nerfed recently but is still a strong pick this season. The CR-56 Amax was fantastic in Season 3 and has risen in the ranks for Season 5. You’ll want to attach the Range Mono, XRK Zodiac S440, VLK 3.0x, Commando Foregrip, and 45-Round Mag.

Last on the list of sleepers is a close-range monster. The Gallo SA12 shotgun is incredibly efficient when pushing into buildings. Ideally, you can equip the Agency Choke, 21.4” Reinforced Heavy, Ember Sighting, and 12-Round attachment. There’s no need for a stock on this shotgun, and you’ll be pumping out insane burst damage with the SA12! 

Winning More Games

There are many ways to rack up kills in Warzone, but choosing the right weapon is your best line of defense. If you practice with these weapons, you’ll be well on your way to winning more fights and being the last team remaining!

Feel free to experiment with different combinations of weapons to find the loadout that works for you. Different weapons are geared toward specific playstyles, so test a few and run with the one that you see the most success.

Shoutout to Looney for his input on this weapon tier list! Check him out on Twitch for some epic Warzone gameplay!


What are your favorite weapons in Warzone Season 5? Do you have a stronger loadout than what we covered? Join the conversation in the comments section, below!

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