Best Weapons to Use in Apex Legends Season 16

Apex Legends Season 16 Weapon Pool

Apex Legends Season 16 began on Tuesday, February 14, 2023. This season introduced a new weapon and some exciting changes to weapon mechanics. For example, assault rifles got a nerf to hip fire accuracy, and shotguns got buffs to make their damage more consistent.

The care package weapons – Hemlok, RE-45, Bocek, and Kraber – are OP, so pick them up any chance you get. For all the floor loot, there are some clear winners regarding the most powerful weapons. Practice with these weapons to gain RP more consistently in Season 16! 

Apex Legends Season 16 Charge Rifle

Best Long-Range Weapon in Season 16 – Charge Rifle

People love to make fun of other players who use the Charge Rifle because it “requires no skill to use”. However, it remains the only hitscan sniper in the game, with the potential to do massive damage at long range.

A Charge Rifle is great for farming damage to level up your evo shield. If multiple people in your squad have it equipped, you can typically down an enemy before they have enough time to react. Work on your tracking to maximize your Charge Rifle damage numbers.

Nemesis Burst Rifle from

Best Assault Rifle in Season 16 – Nemesis

Everyone knows the Nemesis is broken right now. The devs essentially stated that they wanted to dethrone the R-301 from the top of the charts, and it worked.

The Nemesis is a burst rifle that ramps up the fire rate to approach that of a turbocharger Devotion. Its recoil pattern is very manageable, and it shreds foes in Apex. You should pick up this weapon every single game until it gets nerfed, and potentially even after that.

Best Shotgun in Season 16 of Apex Legends - Peacekeeper

Best Shotgun in Season 16 – Peacekeeper

Shotgun projectile size at close range was increased in Season 16, which makes them a more viable option than last. The PK has the potential to down enemies with one shot and now benefits from having the option to equip a stock.

Additionally, Respawn added gold shotgun bolts this season. These function similarly to the Kinetic Feeder, automatically reloading your shotguns when you slide briefly. With improved handling, reload speed, and projectile size, the Peacekeeper will be the go-to weapon for close-quarters battles.

Best SMG in Season 15 - R-99

Best SMG in Season 16 – R-99

The R-99 got buffed from 11 damage per shot to 12 damage per shot in Season 16. This may not seem like a lot, but these are the same damage numbers as when the popular SMG was in the care package! 

The result is that players will only need to hit 13 shots to down an enemy wearing a white shield. With 20 bullets in a white mag, your accuracy doesn’t have to be perfect to be lethal. Of course, the recoil is brutal to control beyond close range, but it’s a great option if you don’t like using shotguns.

Prowler Burst from Apex Legends

Honorable Mentions for Top Weapons in Apex Legends Season 16

There are plenty of other potent weapons players can use in Season 16. If none of the above fit your playstyle, here are alternative options to keep in your kit:

  • Prowler: The Prowler stole the show last season when several pro players swapped to controller for the aim assist. It’s still a strong option at close range once you get used to the burst.
  • R-301: Even with the assault rifle nerfs this season, the 301 still feels great. If you’ve already gotten used to this light ammo AR, you can continue to use it in Season 16.
  • Mozambique: Hammerpoints are back! This increased damage to unshielded enemies makes the Mozam an excellent secondary in this meta.
  • Wingman: I’ll probably always list the Wingman as an honorable mention on these lists. If you’re accurate, it’s one of the game’s most versatile, dominant guns.

What weapons do you think are best in Season 16? Would you prioritize any guns over the ones on this list? Join the conversation in the comments section!

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