Best Weapons to Use in Apex Legends Season 15

Apex Legends Season 15 Weapon Pool

Apex Legends Season 15 began on Tuesday, November 1, 2022. Sadly, we have another season of Apex without a new weapon. Once again, as in Season 14, no new weapons have been added to Apex Legends Season 14. There were a handful of changes to the weapon pool, including the Mastiff coming out of the care package.

Thankfully, we do see a new map in Season 15 of Apex! Broken Moon is the latest battlefield for legends to fight on, and we’re sure to see a new weapon meta on this map. Try out these weapons to win more fights and gain more RP in Season 15! 

Best Long Range Weapon in Season 15 - G7

Best Long-Range Weapon in Season 15 – G7

While the G7 didn’t see any direct buffs this season, it does receive an indirect benefit from the Double Tap Trigger. With an improved recoil pattern for this hop-up, it’ll make landing consecutive shots that much easier, especially at mid-range. 

The buff to this attachment came alongside a change that increased the rarity to legendary, but the G7 still holds its own even without Double Tap. It’s versatile at many ranges, has a decent fire rate, and is a fantastic choice for doing poke damage before pushing to close range.

Best Assault Rifle in Season 15 - R-301

Best Assault Rifle in Season 15 – R-301

It’s no surprise that the R-301 continues to be dominant in Apex Legends Season 15. With the return of the Anvil Receiver this season, the 301 again has good potential at long range. 

This weapon has a manageable recoil pattern that lets players consistently deal solid damage. If you’re lucky enough to find the gold 301 in a supply drop, you’ll be well-equipped to close out any final circles in Season 15!

Best Shotgun in Season 15 - Mastiff

Best Shotgun in Season 15 – Mastiff

In Season 15, the Mastiff returns to floor loot. Even with the necessary nerfs to this shotgun, the burst damage potential is still insane, especially if you can properly line up your headshots.

Interestingly, the Mastiff gets one additional bullet in the clip, which slightly balances out the lower damage per bullet and wider spread. Additionally, reloads can now be canceled by aiming down sights. The overall effect of these changes is that the Mastiff will continue to be a strong contender in close-range fights.

Best SMG in Season 15 - R-99

Best SMG in Season 15 – R-99

Light weapons are having a moment right now in Season 15, and the R-99 is another benefactor of this season’s changes. This SMG features one of the highest fire rates of any weapon in the game. The Season 15 buff to blue and purple magazine sizes make things slightly more forgiving when unloading a clip on your enemies. Each of these attachments now holds one additional bullet, which makes it a little easier to knock enemies with one clip.

You’ll want to prioritize grabbing a decent Laser Sight as soon as possible to get the most out of this weapon’s potential. It really excels at quickly shredding your opponents and will likely show up in the kill feed regularly in Apex Legends Season 15.

Triple Take is a versatile weapon in Apex Legends Season 15

Honorable Mentions for Top Weapons in Apex Legends Season 15

Many of the weapons above have close competition and will come down to personal preference in Season 15. These honorable mentions also have great stopping power and can be interchangeable with many options on our list:

  • Triple Take: Respawn definitely showed some love to this energy weapon, with an increased fire rate and faster choke charge time in Season 15. It can be deadly at long range and also functions as a makeshift shotgun at close range.
  • Flatline: The Flatline will likely show up in honorable mentions for all of Apex’s existence. This heavy-ammo assault rifle is more difficult to control than its light ammo counterpart, but it has a higher damage output if you can control the recoil.
  • RE-45: This is an interesting one in Season 15 since we regain access to Disruptor Rounds. Apex vets will remember how deadly these were back in the day on the Alternator, and the RE-45 is essentially a slightly weaker version of that SMG.
  • Wingman: It’s feast or famine with the Wingman. You’ll either hit most of your shots and destroy the lobby, or miss a bunch and die quickly. This pistol rewards those who put in the time to learn its nuances.

What do you think of the top weapons in Season 15? Are there any guns that you would add to the list of best picks for Apex Legends Season 15? Join the conversation in the comments section!

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1 year ago

so glad the tripletake got buffed. it needed some love

Two Average Gamers
Reply to  Devon
1 year ago

It definitely feels a bit better now vs previous seasons

1 year ago

G7 is crazy and I’m really liking the longbow right now too for long range

Two Average Gamers
Reply to  Jen
1 year ago

Longbow feels so satisfying when you actually hit people 😬

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