Best Weapons to Use in Apex Legends Season 13

Apex Legends Season 13 Weapon Pool

Similar to Season 12, Season 13 of Apex Legends didn’t bring any new weapons. However, we did see several changes to the available weapons, including a new rotation of care package weapons.

In this first ranked split, we’re playing on the sprawling Storm Point map. Fights generally begin at mid to long-range and it takes squads longer to rotate around the map. Consider mastering the weapons on this list to give you the best chance of winning more fights in Season 13! 

Apex Legends Longbow

Best Sniper Rifle in Season 13 – Longbow

Given the long-range nature of combat in this ranked split of Season 13, you should definitely get more comfortable with sniper rifles. The Longbow is currently dominating the scene when it comes to applying pressure from afar.

It has several attachment slots, making it fairly easy to handle once you’ve kitted it out. You’ll need to remember to lead your shots, especially at range, and try to aim for body shots on moving targets.

Apex Legends Flatline

Best Assault Rifle in Season 13 – Flatline

Since the R-301 got put into the crafter this season, the Flatline has become the premier assault rifle in Apex Legends. It’s hard-hitting and surprisingly accurate when firing from the hip.

The key differentiator between its light ammo counterpart is that the Flatline has more kick to its recoil pattern. Even if you don’t want to practice with this AR in the firing range, you can still do serious damage without mastering this recoil.

Apex peacekeeper

Best Shotgun in Season 13 – Peacekeeper

This season, people aren’t really running shotguns. The Mastiff got vaulted and shotguns generally have less value when playing on more open maps like Storm Point.

If you still want to pick up a shotty, the Peacekeeper remains the go-to pick. This gun excels at peeking around corners, dealing burst damage to enemies, and then following up to confirm the kill. It’s an unforgiving weapon that has the potential to end fights quickly.


Best SMG in Season 13 – CAR SMG

Since fewer people are running with the R-301, light ammo is now more sparse in death boxes. The CAR was strong in Season 12 and is still a powerful option this season.

Its quick fire rate combined with the flexibility of equipping many different attachments makes this SMG a devastating close-range weapon. You can also burst fire the gun with quick taps to deal significant damage at mid-range. 

Apex Legends Havoc Rifle

Honorable Mentions for Top Weapons in Apex Legends Season 13

While the above weapons seem to be overtaking the meta, there are still plenty of solid choices in Season 13. Try out the guns below if you want to mix things up and still be lethal:

  • Havoc: The recoil on this energy weapon is insane, but it might be the scariest gun to go up against at close range. Even without a Turbocharger, the time-to-kill is very short. Note that energy weapon is typically harder to come by in Apex, so make sure to ask your squad to ping any available ammo stacks.
  • R-99: I still believe this is easier to control than the CAR SMG, but it has a slightly slower damage per bullet. This debate will often come down to personal preference so practice with both SMGs to determine which you feel most comfortable with.
  • Wingman: Pros will make it look easy to use the Wingman, but they’ve also put hundreds of hours of practice into the weapon. If you’ve got that kind of time and determination, the Wingman will always be a strong contender for those who can wield it properly. Just know that you will miss most of your shots when you first start learning how to use them!
  • Spitfire: We no longer can equip a barrel stabilizer on this LMG, but it doesn’t seem to really matter this season. The Spitfire has an insane magazine capacity and is perfect for laying down suppressing fire. Remember that the hip-fire accuracy on this gun is pretty terrible, so try to crouch spam at close range.

What do you think of these Season 13 weapon rankings? Are there any guns that you would add to the list of best picks for Season 13? Join the conversation in the comments section!

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