Best Squad For Ranked Split Of Apex Legends Season 12

What you should know about the Season 12 Ranked Split of Apex Legends

The Apex Legends Season 12 ranked split started on Tuesday, April 5, 2022. Competitive players will deploy onto Kings Canyon to once again battle for SR and move up the ranks.

As with prior ranked splits, this season drops players by 6 divisions from the first half of the season. This means you will be 1.5 ranks below where you ended the Olympus Ranked Split

While Kings Canyon has the strongest nostalgic factor as the first map, it has several qualities that make it challenging for ranked play:

  • It’s one of the smaller maps, which means teams typically third party even more frequently than on other maps
  • Given the first point, there is a large death zone encompassing the Bunker, Market, and Cage. There will be constant action in this triangle!
  • Ult Charge Towers let you instantly get your ultimate. This is especially helpful in the early stages of the game

That said, it’s still possible to get to the highest ranks while fighting in Kings Canyon. Check out these legends to increase your chances of getting to Masters in this split of Ranked Apex Legends! 

caustic feature image

Best Defensive Legend for Season 12 Ranked Split – Caustic

Caustic overtakes Gibby in this ranked split given his high utility when holding down locations. He can throw traps preemptively to prevent opposing teams from pushing, or be more reactive as a battle progresses. 

As Caustic, it’s important to throw barrels behind you as your team rotates toward the circle. This can notify your team of any enemies that are following in your path.

Lastly, Caustics ultimate is the most devastating thing that can be thrown in an enclosed space. If you find a team bunkered in a building, you can easily deal free damage while forcing them to move to a safer position!

apex legends valk

Best Movement Legend for Season 12 Ranked Split – Valkyrie

Valk is still the best option for getting your squad around the map. Even with the numerous jump towers scattered around Kings Canyon, it’s still beneficial to have the option to fly out of any fight where you are at a disadvantage.

As an individual, Valkyrie has great mobility and a free stun with her tactical ability. This makes her a deadly duelist who is tough to face given her escapability.

As part of a squad, Valk not only increases the overall mobility of the team, but she also highlights enemy players while in flight mode! It’s unlikely that any legends will knock her from the ranked pedestal any time soon.

Apex Legends Ash

Best Offensive Legend for Season 12 Ranked Split – Ash

It never hurts to have more mobility on the team, but Ash’s passive ability is actually where you get crazy utility for the team! Given the smaller map size of Kings Canyon, you can quickly see which areas to avoid when trying to safely rotate.

Secondly, her ultimate ability can be used both for engaging aggressively in fights or repositioning to a better location. The cooldown is fairly short and Ash has the potential to get her team to difficult-to-reach spots on the map.

While her tactical ability isn’t particularly strong, it’s almost a guaranteed kill if you can tether an enemy out in the open. Make sure to call out enemy tethers when you land your tactical so your team can focus fire!

How Can I Get to Masters in Apex Legends?

Players have until May 10, 2022 to grind SR in Season 12 of Apex Legends. Since the second half of the season is slightly shorter than the first, it’s assumed that many players won’t be starting in Bronze this split.

Getting to Masters is really about playing for SR. If you are able to get a few kill points in the first half of a match, don’t feel bad being more conservative until you’ve reached the top 4 squads. Then, try to identify the best position in the circle and be the final squad to engage in combat. 

Additionally, make sure to check out some tips and tricks for in-game strategy to hone your game sense. Don’t forget to join the Average Gamer community if you need teammates to squad up with!

What team comp have you been using in this split of Apex Legends Season 12? Are there any legends you would change on the list? Join the conversation in the comments section!

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