Best Legends to Use in Apex Legends Season 10 Ranked Split

Apex Legends Season 10 Ranked Split

The Ranked Split of Apex Legends started September 28th with the return to Kings Canyon. This mode is generally more competitive than the standard lobbies and rewards players for getting kills and winning games.

Aside from the map change and weapon updates, there have been plenty of balance changes made to the legends themselves. If you’re a beast with a legend, that character is viable in most situations. For the rest of us, here are the best legends to use in the Kings Canyon split of Ranked Season 10!

Apex Legends Season 10 Ranked split Kings Canyon

Characteristics of Apex Legends Kings Canyon

We’re back on the OG Apex Legends map! There have been a few changes to the primary points of interest on Kings Canyon, but many of the characteristics have remained the same.

You’ll see many small buildings scattered around the map, which results in frequent close-quarter fights. There isn’t as much verticality as you’d find on Olympus or World’s Edge, so getting to high ground relies on legend abilities.

Lastly, the mountain placement in Kings Canyon really directs the flow of traffic on the map. Since there are very standard rotation paths, I find this map to force the highest frequency of third party battles.

Given these map properties, it’s best to have a good mix of defense, utility, and mobility in your team comp. This will give you the best chance of earning RP in Season 10!

apex legends gibraltar

Defensive Legends for Apex Legends Season 10

Defensive legends help counter the various projectiles and explosives that are hurled your way during a match. They are comparable to tanks in other games which help to make and take space for their team. Here are the strongest defenders for Season 10 Ranked Split:


Gibby is the only legend who can block all incoming damage for his team. The Dome of Protection is the perfect way to press pause on an ongoing battle. It can be used indoors or in the open and has a high skill ceiling for shield dancing against enemies.

The Dome can also be used to revive a knocked teammates or zone off a choke point. Its versatility makes it one of the most flexible abilities in the game!

Finally, Gibraltar is probably the toughest legend to take down in a 1v1 battle. His gun shield effectively allows him to eat several bullets for free, and don’t forget his Fortified ability lessens incoming damage by 15%. He is very difficult to bring down at close range!


Caustic received a really nice buff to his gas this season, which makes this big boy a terror indoors. He can punish enemies who have bunkered in a room, and strategic gas traps can be used to zone opponents.

Caustic is also a good counter to the rev-tane push that was popularized in recent seasons. Opposing shadows will be slowed by the gas and you can quickly send them back to their Death Totem.

His gas can even be used to provide visual cover while reviving teammates. Make sure to redeploy gas traps as you rotate around the map to cover your team’s flank!

apex legends bloodhound

Utility Legends for Apex Legends Season 10

This category of legends increases the overall effectiveness of their team by providing additional information and/or access to the squad. 


Bloodhound is again the best tracker in the game since the recent Seer nerf. Their tactical ability has a really long range to scan for enemies, which prevents your team from rotating into an enemy stronghold. The frequency of the scans goes way up during the ult, allowing your team to see enemies during extended team fights.

Bloodhound also got a quality of life buff to their passive, providing even more info to the team when tracks are scanned. The amount of time that has passed since a scan event helps understand how close enemies may be to your current location.

Finally, Bloodhound becomes a super saiyan after popping the Beast of the Hunt ult. You’ll see enemies more clearly and be able to close the distance as your foes retreat from battle.


Loba may be the most underrated legend in the game right now, particularly in ranked gameplay. 

As you get to the higher ranks, enemies will generally have better accuracy, positioning, and game sense. This usually means the time to kill is shorter and every tactical advantage you can get will increase your chances of survival. Loba’s Black Market provides access to shield swaps, additional weapon attachments, and loads of ammo.

Aside from her loot potential, Loba is also great at repositioning with her bracelet to take off-angles on enemy teams. It’s best to practice some throws in the training grounds to understand the flight path and throw speed of Burglar’s Best Friend before playing around in ranked games.

apex legends octane

Mobility Legends for Season 10

Reaching the top echelons of ranked play in Apex requires players to have a certain proficiency level with movement. These legends take your movement options to another level and help the squad safely navigate around the map.


Octane is my top choice for third partying a fight or retreating from battle. The jump pad allows your entire team to cover a large distance quickly, and opens up the field for aggressive gameplay. While the pad isn’t as good at taking high ground as a Pathfinder Zipline, it still provides many options for getting off the ground floor in a hurry.

Octane’s kit is really geared toward holding down the W key and pushing into fights. Therefore, you should be careful about overcommitting to a battle and look out for any moments where things get too dicey.


In my opinion, Wraith is the best legend to safely get a team from point A to point B. In most cases, the Dimensional Rift will be used for rotating around the map. It can also be used for entering a 3rd party fight, teleporting a downed teammate to safety, or blocking off enemies from doorways.

The Rift lasts an entire minute and has a decent range to it. You’ll need to be careful about opposing teams following you through the teleporter, particularly when you retreat from battle. Make sure to throw an explosive or two at the Rift if you suspect an enemy followed you through!

Building the Best Ranked Team

It’s great to have one legend from each category, but success largely comes down to finding a playstyle that you are comfortable with. If you are last to choose and the players before you selected a defensive and utility legend, respectively, consider selecting a mobility character to round out the team. If you don’t feel comfortable with either of the ones on this list, pick your best legend and go to work!

Here are a couple solid choices for team comp:

  • Octane – Caustic – Bloodhound
  • Gibraltar – Wraith – Loba
  • Gibraltar – Caustic – Octane

Ideally, you can find a consistent group of people to play with – consider joining the Average Gamer community. That way, you can main one or two legends and have your friends specialize in other legend types. That way, you can really nail down the nuances of a couple characters on your way to Apex Predator status!

What legends will you be using on Kings Canyon in Season 10? Who do you think is strongest in Season 10 Ranked Split? Join the conversation in the comments section, below!

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