Best Heroes to Climb Ranked Ladder of Overwatch Season 30

Best Heroes to Climb in Season 30 of Overwatch

The Overwatch roster continues to grow and evolve as the devs make updates to the hit class-based shooter. In Season 30, there are plenty of viable characters, but some are stronger than others based on the recent changes.

If you’re looking to climb the ranked ladder in Season 30, here are the best heroes to improve your chances of winning matches! Check out the top DPS, tank, and support picks for the current Overwatch meta!

Best DPS for Season 30

While any hero in the game is capable of killing enemy players, the expectation largely falls to the DPS options. These heroes have the greatest potential to deal a high amount of damage over a sustained amount of time. Here are the best DPS heroes to play in Season 30 of Overwatch!

overwatch soldier 76

Soldier 76

As the recipient of a slight increase in damage per shot with a decrease in the healing capabilities, Soldier 76 is in a strong spot this season. He is fairly straightforward to use and doesn’t require as much mechanical skill as some of the other top-tier DPS (Genji, Tracer, Echo).

The ability to sprint means he can reposition quickly and retreat from fights. This mobility combined with 30 rounds in his clip gives him great uptime in fights.

Soldier’s weapon has benefited from several buffs over the last few seasons. There’s no ranged damage fall off on his ultimate, there’s no bloom on his gun, and the recoil pattern is fairly stable.

If you’re transitioning from a shooter like Call of Duty or Apex Legends, Soldier 76 is a great pick for both novice and the experienced when testing the DPS category!

hanzo from overwatch


The famed archer takes a good amount of practice to understand the arrow drop off. Once you get this down, you can one-shot every squishy in the game. He’s great at breaking shields with Storm Arrows and even has the ability to shut down tanks that have burned their cooldowns.

Hanzo’s Sonic Arrow is great for providing valuable information to your team. It has a low cooldown and even has a headshot multiplier. This bow and arrow gives Hanzo one of the highest peak outputs in the DPS category.

He has high mobility with Wall Climb and decent evasiveness using the lunge ability. Hanzo is great for holding off angles to set up team fights.

Finally, his ultimate is great at comboing with a couple of the best tanks in Overwatch Season 30. It easily kills 2-3 enemies and can be used tactically to push the other team off an objective.

Best Tanks for Season 30

Tanks are best known for making and taking space in Overwatch. Their kits often lend to directing the flow of the game and initiating team fights. They have large health pools and good abilities for protecting their team. 

Orisa feature image


Orisa is one of the most reliable options at the tank position. She is great at holding down positions for your team, her Fortify ability makes her incredibly tanky when the shield breaks, and Orisa’s ult is largely underrated.

Affectionately referred to as “bongos”, ths Orisa ult effectively adds 50% more damage to your squad. This means you could lose 2 teammates in a fight, pop the ult, and basically have a 6v6 battle despite your fallen allies.

Orisa benefits from environmental kill potential with the Halt ability. This is especially useful on control maps which have obvious places to boop enemies off the map.

Additionally, Halt is a great initiator for pulling groups of enemies into one spot for your teammates to team fire or pop an ult. With a ridiculous amount of ammo in her clip, Orisa is a deadly tank who adds plenty of defensive power to her team.

zarya is one of the best tanks in overwatch season 30


Based on the consistency of damage in Season 30, Zarya is a great pick for saving your team from impending doom. She can maintain high charge through most team fights and becomes a lethal DPS in her own right by mid-fight.

While Zarya typically pairs best with a Reinhardt or Winston, she works surprisingly well with an Orisa to absorb damage when the shield breaks. Be sure to communicate to your other tank if your bubble is on cooldown during critical moments.

Finally, Zarya’s Graviton Surge is one of the strongest offensive ultimates in the game. You only need to catch a couple of squishies in the grav to secure the fight, so don’t feel like a 6-person grav is necessary. Those opportunities are very rare!

Best Supports for Season 30

While some people confuse Supports with ‘Healers’, they have some of the most unique kits in the game for buffing your team strength. While all Support heroes can heal in some way, each brings a unique layer of survivability with the rest of their abilities.

Mercy feature image


You may have noticed that the DPS choices on this tier list include two heroes that benefit greatly from having a Mercy. By amplifying the damage, you make any of the top damage-dealers even more lethal AND provide consistent healing.

Her res ability is high risk/high reward, but you can make team fights even again by using cover while reviving a teammate.

Mercy also benefits from having high mobility with Guardian Angel. You can ping pong between different targets quickly and escape any dive threats that the other team has.

If you really want to take things to the next level, make sure to practice the Mercy super jumps. Check out workshop code XYZ to practice before trying to pull off this mobility trick in-game.

baptiste feature image


Even after Blizzard nerfed his Immortality Field, Baptiste still possesses one of the most effective defensive abilities in the game. Not only can you save low-health targets, but you can also use it offensively to get aggressive against your opponents.

For Bap to get the most out of his AOE healing, you’ll want to play him in comps where your team can be grouped up. This allows him to build ult charge quickly, keep the entire squad alive, and minimize his target switching.

Don’t be afraid to direct the rest of your team to put them in a position that maximizes Baptiste’s healing potential. You want to be positioned such that you can hit most of your team with healing grenades while being able to pump some damage into the enemy team.

Overwatch Season 30 Meta

As with any meta, you can still run your hero of choice even if they aren’t considered strong in a particular season. It’s helpful to have a solid rotation of heroes for each character type, so look into picking up some from this list if you haven’t already!

Here’s a quick recap of the best heroes to use in each category this season:

  • DPS – Soldier + Hanzo
  • Tank – Orisa + Zarya
  • Support – Mercy + Baptiste

Who are your top picks for Season 30 of Overwatch? Join the conversation in the comments section, below!

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