Best Heroes to Climb in Overwatch Ranked Season 32

Best Heroes to Climb in Season 32 of Overwatch

While we continue to read rumors about Overwatch 2, the 32nd season of the original game is underway. Of course, there weren’t any new hero releases since Season 31, but we’ve still got a few new faces entering the meta in this ranked season. 

There remain some map-specific picks, as always, but some heroes have a higher pick rate than others across all maps. If you’re looking to improve your chances of winning matches, here are the best heroes to climb in Overwatch Ranked Season 32! 

Best DPS for Season 32

Many people are saying that DPS have the smallest impact on a match in Season 32 of Overwatch. These two gunners can maximize your contributions to the squad and get great value in a variety of team compositions! 

Overwatch Ashe


Ashe is a slightly more forgiving sniper than Widowmaker. In addition to having more health, Ashe’s ultimate ability adds significant value to your team. B.O.B. can capture a point, boop enemies out of place, and even confirm kills on low-health foes.

It’s great to land headshots with the rifle, but you’ll really be focused on doing as much splash damage as possible with her TNT. Ashe throws the explosive in an easy-to-track straight line and you can do massive amounts of damage to opposing teams that like to clump together.

Take advantage of Ashe’s alt-fire to reposition to a more advantageous spot on the map. Alternatively, you can get some nice environmental kills or knock any dive characters away from your team.

Overwatch Soldier 76

Soldier 76

Soldier probably puts out the most consistent damage in Overwatch. Anyone who has played a first-person shooter will feel right at home playing him!

He has good mobility, solid potential to break shields, can heal himself, and literally turns into an aim-bot when he pops his ult. Make sure to de-mech the opposing D. Va before using Tactical Visor so she doesn’t have a chance to use Defense Matrix on your bullets.

As with many other DPS heroes, Soldier thrives on high ground and when taking off-angles. Once you get his recoil pattern down, you’ll be a complete menace for the opposing team!

Best Tanks for Season 32

Tanks need to take and make space for their team. Shields aren’t nearly as strong as they used to be, so you’ll want to practice with these top picks who have the ability to secure eliminations consistently. 

Overwatch Sigma


Sig hasn’t been touched by the Overwatch devs in almost a year, but he remains a great tank pick in Season 32. One of the most common mistakes people make is leaving out his barrier shield to take needless damage. Sigma has one of the lowest health shields in the game, so you’ll want to prioritize blocking opposing abilities vs chip damage.

Sigma has a great combo to take down squishies by landing an Accretion Rock followed by his primary fire. The Rock is also a fantastic stun against ulting enemies, but it has a slight delay so you need to line up the shot carefully.

Not only does Gravitic Flux operate as a devastating mid-fight ult to finish off opponents, it can also be a good tool to reposition yourself to high ground. Be sure to strafe in the air while ulting to make it more difficult for the enemies to kill you!

Overwatch Roadhog


This big boi has the potential to quickly eliminate foes using his 200-damage combo. It relies on you landing your hooks, so make sure to practice this mechanic in the practice range to improve your accuracy.

Hog’s Take a Breather ability allows him to flank opposing teams without pulling resources from his support friends. Even if you get hit with an anti-nade from Ana, this ability still cuts the damage received by 50% while drinking his elixir!

Roadhog pairs well with Orisa, Zarya, and Sigma, or he can play solo and hold his own if you play around cooldowns properly. Always remember to have ammo in your scrap gun before you hook an opponent. There’s nothing worse than pulling in an enemy only to have to reload while they back away from you!

Best Supports for Season 32

Support heroes in Overwatch are more than just healers! They increase the sustain of your team and prevent your squad from being wiped out too quickly. 

Overwatch Zenyatta


Zenyatta is back in a big way in Season 32! While the omnic has the worst mobility out of any support heroes in Overwatch, it more than makes up for it with a powerful kit.

To start, Zen’s Harmony Orb enables his DPS teammates to be more aggressive in their playstyle, effectively increasing their damage output. This consistent source of healing can often turn the tide in a 1v1 duel between damage heroes. 

Next up is Zen’ Discord Orb, which puts a visual target on an enemy while increasing the opponent’s damage received. Zen can then do significant damage by firing Orbs of Destruction at the tagged enemy or calling on his team to focus fire.

Zen has decent shield break, has one of the best defensive ults in the game, and is a great pick for teams looking to kill things quickly!

Overwatch Baptiste


Bap keeps his high ranking from Season 31 rolling into the current season of Overwatch! His kit hasn’t been touched in over half a year and he remains strong in this meta.

I can’t stress enough the value of a well-timed, properly placed Immortality Field. This ability is as strong as many other hero’s ultimates and is on a very reasonable 30-second cooldown. Make sure to shoot an alternate fire first to line up where the ‘lamp’ will land to increase its effectiveness.

Since his rework last year, you’ll want to aim for direct hits when trying to heal a critical health teammate. These are especially tough to land on flying characters so focus most of your efforts on ground-based heroes.

Baptiste’s Amplification Matrix can be used proactively to prevent the opposing team from taking space, or reactively to try to counter an enemy ult. Don’t feel bad about placing it just for yourself if it means securing a high-value kill or saving your team with increased healing!

Overwatch Season 32 Meta

Season 32 still finds many matches where double shield or a dive comp are strong, so make sure to have some variety in your playable roster. It often feels as though the team with better tanks will win the game, but any of the heroes on this list can have a major impact. 

Here’s a quick recap of the best heroes to climb in Overwatch ranked Season 32:

  • DPS – Ashe + Soldier 76
  • Tank – Sigma + Roadhog
  • Support – Zenyatta + Baptiste

Who are your top picks for Season 32 of Overwatch? Join the conversation in the comments section, below!

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