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Do you love dark fantasy, action-RPG games, and unique weapon systems? Thymesia is an intriguing mix of adventure, combat, and alchemy that may give you your fix of all three of these!

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Find Truth in Thymesia’s Memories – PC Invasion

Bloodborne set the stage for ridiculously hard action-RPG games that are engaging and rewarding. Many games have tried to take a similar approach, and Thymesia is the latest entrant to this space.

Thymesia may have a very similar aesthetic to a From Software title, the backstory of the protagonist is what makes this game stand out. The “age of calamity” combined with ensuing monster-filled chaos gives me vibes of Secret of Mana mixed with Breath of the Wild.

You’ll wield disease-fused weapons to strike down terrorizing creatures. The timing of the game is a bit unnerving giving the ongoing pandemic, but it may give people hope that you can use the disease to destroy evil!

Action sequences from the trailer look fast-paced and fluid, with the character dodging and striking in beautiful animations. Thymesia also features a raven form that gives you the powers of the menacing bird for increased lethality.

Upgrades are an important part of the game. Players can augment both their movement and combat abilities as they progress through the game. The Steam page mentions “building your very own play-style”, but we don’t yet have details about the skill tree.

What to Expect from Thymesia

Thymesia also has different endings based on the actions you make in your playthrough. Traditionally, this improves the replayability of a game, and I’m excited to see how the developers implement it in a souls-like game.

Perhaps one of the most important factors is that Thymesia is coming to PC. Many of the prior games in this realm have been console exclusives. With a PC release, more gamers could enjoy this challenging genre, and perhaps even get them interested in console counterparts.

We get a glimpse of the weapon set at your disposal. The scythe looks pretty diesel and your character can channel the disease through your gear to do added damage.

I really like the level design and how the devs portray a plagued environment. The background is highly detailed and there’s a wide variety in style of the few levels that were shown off.

Thymesia’s release date is set for the last day of 2021, so it’s possible that we won’t actually see a full launch until next year given the industry’s trend toward delays. I’ll make sure to post any new updates in the meantime!

Let me know your thoughts on how Thymesia can differentiate from Bloodborne in the comments section, below!

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