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Base One lets you be the architect of your very own space station! That game is equal parts builder, resource management, and role-playing, and should be launching just in time for summer.

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Base One Demands Precise Space Planning – Gematsu

At its core, Base One is a space station simulator. When you dig a little deeper, you find so many elements that create an incredibly robust survival game.

When you hear survival game, you might think of something like Don’t Starve Together. What makes Base One unique is the story-driven campaign which includes drama that would rival the world of Scandal!

The backdrop of Base One is the devastation of the moon by a large wormhole. You and your crew are tasked with exploring the wormhole for a new home, but there will be plenty of challenges along the way!

If you’ve played Fallout Shelter or Two Point Hospital, you’ll immediately recognize the multiple crew member archetypes in Base One. People have different perks, characteristics, and traits that set them up well for specific tasks.

Additionally, you’ll need to worry about resource management in this space simulator. Things are more complex than what I’m used to in Clash of Clans, but the premise is still the same. Acquire resources in Base One to upgrade, build, and create the best space station possible.

Unlike Clash, you need to properly balance the resources across your base. Power, heating, oxygen, and water are all critically important in the success of your space station. 

The most exciting part of Base One may be the combat. Aside from incoming asteroids, players will need to defend themselves against hostile aliens. In the trailer, I saw turrets mounted on the station. I’m excited to see what other combat mechanics are in the game!

There’s also a custom game mode to boost the replayability of Base One. Players can build their own campaigns by customizing settings and quests. This is likely better for advanced players but is a nice addition once you’ve got a feel for the game.

Base One launches on console and PC in Q2 2021. Add it to your wishlist on Steam and stay tuned for more news on the upcoming simulator!

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