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Almost a year ago, we wrote about some of our favorite Fortnite Streamers. Since earlier this year, we’ve been on the Apex train and have subsequently changed our regularly viewed streamers.

Here are some of our favorite people to watch as they murder people in Kings Canyon.

Dizzy | Twitch | Youtube

Dizzy is widely regarded as one of the best Apex Legends players out there. He joined NRG Esports earlier this year and won the first two tournaments that were held for this game. He’s taken top honors in several prominent events since then and continues to dominate the competitive scene.

His playstyle is aggressive and his accuracy is insane. There are tons of clips online of him annihilating entire teams with just a wingman.

If you want fast-paced gameplay, you can rely on his stream for constant kills.


Shroud | Twitch | Youtube

Shroud is a man among boys when it comes to competitive online shooter. He rotates through fan-favorites like PUBG, CS: GO and Fortnite, but always makes time for Apex.

From 200 IQ plays to 200-meter headshots, it’s rare to see Shroud make a mistake on stream. Even when he does, he can typically recover very quickly.

The consistent quality of his gameplay has allowed him to hit over 200k viewers while playing this game and he’s often the most-viewed Apex streamer these days.


Aculite | Twitch | Youtube

Aculite may not have the notoriety of Shroud and Dizzy, but his skill level deserves a seat at the table. Often playing with his buddies, Tomographic and StoneMountain64, Aculite shows the full potential of playing with a team. 

Even still, he is almost always the one to clutch out sticky situations or close out games in outnumbered gunfights. One thing that we love about Aculite is that he actually posts his losses. A lot of streamers try to protect their brand by only uploading victories. That can be a bit anticlimactic at times. Knowing that Aculite will post good plays whether he comes out on top or not adds great a level of intrigue.


staycation | Twitch | Youtube

Staycation was one of the first console players to put out educational content catered to controller users. In the early days of the games, he would often run solo after his teammates rage quit and single-handedly wipe out entire squads.

You can rely on him to talk through the game updates and give his thoughts on how the game is evolving. On top of this commentary, he’s really friendly to the random people that queue up and actually have a mic.


iTemp Plays | Twitch | Youtube

Since us Average Gamers are mainly console players, watching Dizzy and Shroud fly around the map can be depressing. Some things on PC simply aren’t attainable on console. Luckily, there are high level players on console to keep hope alive. 

Similar to staycation, iTemp Plays competes on PS4. Quite frankly, he dominates. 

He has a very friendly way about him. Maining as Pathfinder, his voice almost reminds us of the friendly grappler. Known for calling fights, “scraps”, he talks through his strategy even in the most stressful times. 


Whew, that’s a lot of testosterone. Men obviously aren’t the only players of Apex Legends. The Average Gamer community has a good representation of women. Here are a few standout ladies that play at a high level. 

Anne Munition | Twitch | Youtube

With over a half million followers on twitch, Anne Munition is one of the most popular female gaming streamers. Her gaming repertoire ranges from shooters to real-time strategy games. Most importantly, she probably has the best play-on-words username we’ve come across in quite some times.


Bnans | Twitch | Youtube

Another incredibly popular streamer is Bnans. She not only plays Apex Legends, but loves Rainbow Six Siege. In a recent video, she competed against Anne Munition. She also met and competed with T-Pain in a fundraiser last month!

Fun fact: Bnans is currently in a relationship with the mighty Shroud! It’s tough to imagine a tougher couple in this BR.


FemSteph | Twitch | Youtube

FemSteph is a versatile streamer who focuses on shooters and 3rd person action-adventure games. Gaining her name and popularity through the Mass Effect series, FemSteph is currently riding the Apex Legends wave. Like us, she is highly anticipating the release of The Last of Us 2.


LuluLuvely | Twitch | YouTube

We think we’ve saved the best for last. Though not as popular as the other ladies, LuluLuvely is self-appointed the “(non)raging Apex Queen”. We don’t think she’s lying.  

She probably focuses on Apex Legends more than any other previously mentioned lady streamer and it shows. Feel free to check out her video below (if you’re short on time, start here).


Have you watched any of these streamers? Who would you add to the list? Leave a message below and let us know your thoughts!

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