Apex Legends Stats Page Needs an Overhaul

Let’s cut to the chase

Apex Legends stats page needs work.

In our first progress report, we asked for more thorough stats. We got a stats page in season 2, but it could be made much better with the addition of a few features. Respawn delivered an underwhelming version 1, and while the existence of a page is greater than the absence of one, it’s time to aim higher.Apex Legends stats page Season 3

Comparisons Wanted

One major issue is that you can only see stats for the legend you have featured in the lobby. Why Respawn thought this was a suitable idea is beyond us. Einstein famously brought attention to the importance of relativity over a century ago. How can you know if something is good or bad without a reference point? As a first step toward fixing the stats page, players should have the ability to switch between legends. Better yet, all legend data should be shown on the same view. Let’s agree that having all legend data on one screen is the best. Now what should be shown? What’s usually important in shooting games? Gamers want to know how deadly they are and be able to easily see how successful they’ve been. Kill/death ratio is one of the standards in shooters. This is currently shown on the stats page, but battle royale games require some supplemental info to be actionable. You can calculate your win ratio manually by dividing the number of wins by total number of games, but there’s no reason why this percentage isn’t already shown. This is especially helpful when broken down by legend to see which character you are performing best with. Taking things a step further, we should still be able to break each stat down by game mode. Right now, we can compare between ranked and non-ranked modes, but it’d be great to see the stats from the limited time modes as well. It’d be really helpful to have a date filter here as well to see how you progress over time. To make sure the UI doesn’t get too cluttered, we should be able to toggle on certain stats for comparison. This way, you’ll be able to cover any permutation you can think of. Honestly, just having the above changes would have us satisfied, but let’s continue for the sake of going big.

Weapon Details

The only thing we can see at the weapon-level right now is kills and damage. How about some stats to show which weapon you are best with? Are you a pistols expert or shotgun pro? Better with LMGs or SMGs? Even if you did a painful amount of math by switching between trackers, it’d still be tough to figure this out on your own. Next, we really want to be able to see accuracy with each weapon. Hip fire accuracy, accuracy while looking down iron sights, and accuracy with each scope. Given the short time to kill, it’d benefit the community to see critical hit percentage as well. Headshots are important in any game that has a crit multiplier so this is a good indicator to determine if you’re aiming at an elite level.

Other Stats on the Wishlist

How frustrating is it when you knock someone in Apex Legends but aren’t able to finish of the kill? The damage inflicted gets recorded but you don’t get any credit for the knock!

We think legends should see their total knocks summarized each match and as a rolling count. It would also be nice to get some experience points for each knock, but we aren’t picky!

You can see highest damage right now and it’d be cool to see a breakdown of where that damage came from. Not really a stat but a good bonus would be having the ability to see the highlights from that game.

Veering away from the stats page, there needs to be a better way of tracking how you are progressing on badges. The one that immediately comes to mind is the “10 wins with 8 different legends” badge. Both of us are close to earning this but are tracking manually, which is annoying.

Apex Legends stats tracker badges
Why Respawn, Why??

There also needs to be a leaderboard somewhere! Who are the kill leaders for each legend? What gamer has the most wins this season? As a competitive battle royale, we don’t want to have to look up this info on the interwebz. It should be in the game.

Back in July, Respawn shared a heat map of where people were jumping and their rotations. We want to see this come back at an individual level so we can see which areas of the map need to be explored more.

During development, we use heatmaps to look at where players land, move through the map, die, etc. We use this data to draw conclusions on map flow and balance.
This is a heatmap of Legend movement from about 6 months of testing internally, before we shipped. It’s… so beautiful pic.twitter.com/s9yVd10qGI

Jason McCord (@MonsterclipRSPN) July 26, 2019

Keeping Our Fingers Crossed

Having data allows you to evaluate and adjust your gameplay to be a better player. Let’s hope Respawn directs some development bandwidth towards the numbers to allow us to be the best us.

We’re approaching the midway mark of this season so hopefully we can see some stat page changes in the next couple of weeks!

What stat changes do you want to see? Leave us a comment below to join in on the conversation!

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