Apex Legends Season 4 Legend Tier Rankings

Apex Legends Season 4 Legends Update

Apex Legends relies on the popularity and diversity of their legends. Grouped into categories of offense, defense, support, and recon, Apex currently boasts 12 legends.

In season 4, newcomer Revenant made quite the entrance. The season 4 trailer showed him assassinating once-rumored participant, Forge. Now that we are a few weeks into the new season, we thought it’d be a good time to discuss where he lands in the rankings. 

Because of the nature and frequency of patches, these rankings could change at a moment’s notice. You’ll find our season 3 rankings here for reference. 

We based our selections on their ability to hold their own in engagements with and without squadmates. That involves their full kit – passive, tactical, and ultimates – and how well they mesh with others.

Does the legend have the ability to make everyone better? Does the legend specialize in certain scenarios?

Before starting the debate begin, here are our tier explanations:


S tier legends have little to no weaknesses. They are great in virtually every team composition. Skill level of the player doesn’t affect the ranking of these legends but a highly skilled player will make the legend unstoppable.


A tier legends differ from S tier in that there may be scenarios they don’t work as well in. Still, when the situation is right, these legends can dominate.


Right in the middle are B tier legends. These can flex up or down based on the player, the team, and the scenario on the map.


These legends have some promise but in most scenarios you may have a better alternative.


Avoid these legends unless you really enjoying playing them. If found here, the legend may need a rework or at least a patch to level the playing field.

Now that you understand how we scored our tiers, let’s take a look at where each legend landed. As a reminder, these lists are subjective and you should always play who you enjoy most and are most comfortable with!

Offensive Legends

Yoshyaes: A (Season 3: B)

Last season, I was critical of this smoke-wielding soldier. After giving her some more playtime, I began to understand how best to use her ult and saw that it isn’t actually useless. Rolling Thunder is great at forcing an opposing team to reposition and has even won the game for us when our team was stuck in a poor position.

The key is timing exactly when to throw the ult, given the 8 seconds between missiles landing and detonating. Skilled enemies understand how long they have before taking damage, but the average player tends to immediately run away from the artillery strike.

Her passive makes her difficult to hit mid-fight and the smoke grenade is one of the most versatile tactical abilities. You can use it to get cover while healing/looting, smoke enemies while you reposition or smoke you/your teammate to disengage.

If Respawn reduces the charge time for her ultimate by a couple of seconds, I may have to consider bumping Bangalore to the S class.

Flash: A (Season 3: A)

I don’t have the exact data but Bangalore may be the only legend who has been untouched since the last time we ranked these legends. She is as solid of a pick as you can get. Whenever people in my squad want to try someone new and versatile, look no further than Bang.

Her kit is great for all scenarios. Double Time is among the best passives in the game able to get you in and out of fights. Deployable smokes are great for both offense and defense. The one knock on her is the damage level of her ultimate. I think those critical of this are misconstruing the objective of it. Use it for crowd control and save Gibraltar’s airstrike for the bloodthirsty.

As usual, Bangalore is among the best picks no matter the scenario.

Yoshyaes: B (Season 3: F)

Although Mirage’s “Encore!” passive is still pretty useless, his ultimate became a scary tool now that he can cancel out of cloke early.

With a charge time of 150 seconds, Mirage can use Vanishing Act liberally to initiate a fight. He now reminds me of a flanker from Overwatch, sneaking up on unsuspecting foes with the ability to turn a team fight into a 3v2 from the very start.

It’s unfortunate that Respawn didn’t incorporate any changes to his Psyche Out ability. I’d propose adding new animations to the decoy to make it more believable. 

Flash: C (Season 3: F)

I’m sure I was not alone in thinking the Emergency Dance Party ultimate from DUMMIEs Big Day of the Grand Soiree was going to be Mirage’s enhanced ability. At least for now, we are all mistaken. I’m giving Mirage a higher mark than last season despite him, I think, not receiving any buffs since.

The reason is more because I’ve been victim to his ultimate in creating an incredibly great flank maneuver. He still can’t compete in many scenarios and his decoy is fairly useless.

Give Mirage a shot if you want a bit more of a challenge and a different play style!

Yoshyaes: F (Season 3: C)

Octane got a downgrade for two main reasons:

  • If you aren’t getting better, you’re getting worse. I can’t remember Octane receiving any changes since we’ve been playing
  • Revenant and Pathfinder both take high ground more consistently than Octane

At this point, there’s no real benefit to using Octane in his current condition. If you like to go fast, do yourself a favor: hit up a go-kart track in your downtime, then choose a different legend in Apex.

Flash: F (Season 3: C)

Like Bangalore, Octane has been unchanged since his inception. Unlike Bangalore, this is not a good thing. Sure, Octane is very fun to play and pulling off trick shots can be exciting. 

However, his kit seems a bit forgotten about from the developers. This Reddit thread suggested an excellent improvement to his jump pad ultimate which could better dictate your trajectory. 

For now, Octane will excel in 1v1s if you use the stim correctly. Everything else about him is outclassed by other legends.


Yoshyaes: A

Revenant has changed the way you need to plan for fights. He can silently scale a building, flanking you from above. His tactical disables all abilities and enemy ults for 10 seconds. 

Most importantly, Revenant gives your team three extra lives when used correctly. Placed properly, the Death Totem allows your entire team to push the enemy with free bonus health!

Thankfully, Respawn put some balances in place to ensure this assassin wasn’t OP. The silence device is pretty difficult to actually hit enemies with, body armor has no benefit when you are a shadow, you can’t heal while in shadow mode and you return to the Death Totem with 1 HP.

Additionally, Revenant was hit with the Low Profile nerf, increasing incoming damage by 5%. This is a little strange given his listed 7-foot height, but he does have a very slim character model.

Revenant could move to the S tier with a few changes:

  • Tactical ability canceling out abilities that are already in use (this would actually propel him into the ‘OP’ range vs S-class)
  • Increasing the time that you can leave the totem radius before losing shadow status
  • Shadows get increased movement speed and/or melee damage

I’m not saying any of this should be put into a live game, but it’d be fun to experience with in a sandbox/creative mode.

Flash: C

Full disclosure: I’ve played maybe 5 games with Revenant so far. BUT, I have watched him played in various clips and streams. Like Crypto in season 3, I’m not sipping the Kool-aid just yet. Revenant, in theory, is a great legend but he does have some drawbacks. 

First, his passive is incredible! The ability to climb higher is amazing and his ability to move faster while crouched solidifies him as a ninja. Unfortunately for me, that’s where his greatness stops.

His silence tactical just doesn’t feel strong enough. Yes, it can prevent enemies from escaping or countering your team’s push with abilities. But what happens if they just mow you down with their R99s anyway? 

Lastly, his ultimate adds an interesting dynamic. When I first saw leaks of this ability, I thought we would be turned into shadows from the Halloween event. As in, we would be unable to use guns but would have enhanced speed and melee damage (even it if wasn’t a 1 hitter quitter like in the event).

Instead, we get a second “life” which more feels like “kill me with no shields then kill me with no health”. Often times if you die in shadow form you need to retreat and heal, thus breaking the momentum you had on a team. I’m already making plays where I decide to forgo the death totem and just play my own game.

Btw, a crafty Caustic could really ruin your day if he places a toxic trap in the right spot.

Yoshyaes: B (Season 3: A)

Wraith got nerfed to the ground over the last few months, but still has incredible utility in her kit, especially in ranked games where disengaging from a battle is more common.

The cooldown for Into the Void was increased by a whopping 40%, moving the timer from 25 to 35 seconds. Additionally, she lost the ability to gain an additional speed boost when activating both her tactical ability and ultimate.

That said, no other legend has the potential to reposition the entire team without taking damage. Pathfinder’s zipline is a close second, but we all know too well how easily you can be shot down while gliding through the air.

With these changes, I’ve certainly seen less Wraith play in Season 4.

Flash: B (Season 3: B)

Wraith most recently received a minor nerf. She no longer is able to stack her tactical and ultimate’s speed boost. I’m not really sure why this was thought to be a good idea.

At least at my level of play, her tactical is not especially powerful. It simply delays your death from a charged Peacekeeper or aimed G7 / Hemlok. 

On the plus side, because of her low-profile and semi-strong passive, she is still a solid pick in the right team compositions. I wouldn’t be surprised if she received a buff before the season’s end.

Defensive Legends

Yoshyaes – A (Season 3: B)

With the Season 4 map changes, it feels as though there are more indoor fights than in the prior season. Caustic is still the king of locking down an interior and he gains his Nox Gas Grenade ult at an eye-watering pace.

Every two minutes, you can throw this cloud of gas to do AOE damage. One thing I learned the hard way was that the damage from all of his gas increase over time, from 4 to 10 damage per second.

Add to the fact that Fortified makes Caustic harder to kill and that he has immunity to slow effects from weapon fire make him a beastly legend in the current meta.

Flash: A (Season 3: A)

Caustic is as close to S tier without being S tier as I can think of. Assimilation’s map changes provided more close-quarter battles. With that, his ability to completely dictate the pace of a gunfight was restored. 

As long as you are throwing traps, then you are playing Caustic correctly. There is an incredibly high skill ceiling if you know tricks to really take advantage of his toxic style. Pun intentional!

His only downside is the confusion your teammates may experience. If the developers listen to the community and color code friendly vs enemy abilities, Caustic might jump into S tier. 

Yoshyaes – S (Season 3: A)

I would have never thought that I’d be asking a Gibby to revive me over my Lifeline teammate. But, here we are in Season 4 with the greatest revive animation + voice line combo in Apex history. 

The dome was already one of the best places to replenish your shield or health. Now, it’s also the fastest location to get picked up off the ground!

His ult is a fast-acting form of Bangalore’s Rolling Thunder and his gun shield puts him at an advantage in 1v1 fights, particularly at close range.

Good luck taking down this Fortified tank of a big boi. You might be better off just running the other way.

Flash: S (Season 3: A)

No surprise. Gibraltar is comically OP right now. If you are having a bad gaming session, switch to Gibraltar. His gunshield combined with the fortified ability and a high-level shield exponentially increases your success in 1v1s. 

The developers recently shaded Lifeline by giving Gibraltar a fast revive animation inside of his dome of protection. The only weakness Gibraltar has is mobility. But since this is a squad-based game, if you play together, you’ll never feel vulnerable. Ever.


Yoshyaes – C (Season 3: C)

For me, Wattson stays right in the middle of the pack. Her interception Pylon is more valuable than ever given the prevalence of Gibby and Bangalore. However, I don’t see the Perimeter Security fences being a big enough deterrent right now.

The nodes are easily destroyed and the damage is low enough that I’ve seen enemies jump through them on many occasions to engage in a fight.

Sometime this season, I want to see a Wattson buff:

  • Increase damage done by crossing an enemy fence
  • Increase shield regen from Interception Pylon
  • Increase Pylon health from 150 to 200

Thanks Respawn!

Flash: B (Season 3: B)

I don’t believe Wattson has had any changes since her creation. She is one character that excels in the pro scene much more than us lowly mortals. If playing a slower-paced, highly positional game, Wattson is a must. Unlike Caustic, she can fortify a building without the worry of blinding your teammates. 

I’m going to leave her at B tier, though she would probably be A if I played at a higher rank more consistently.

Support Legends

Yoshyaes – B (Season 3: A)

In this age of cargo bots, more named locations and secret shield spots, Lifeline’s care package has become less attractive. It calls attention to your team’s location and seems to have a very small chance of providing a high-level shield. The care package is also one of the slowest charging ults at 6 minutes of cooldown.

Additionally, her healing drone can now be destroyed by the ring. I used to find the most value in placing D.O.C. on the ground while picking up down teammates or looting in the ring. In Season 4, that’s just a distant memory.

Luckily for Lifeline, she still has one of the strongest passive abilities in the game. Being able to revive and heal faster than most other legends allows her to increase the overall sustain of a team.

Flash: C (Season 3: B)

Dropping Lifeline to tier C may be a bit harsh. But the buffs to Gibraltar have identified him as the one and only “healer” you need. His dome of protection provides complete coverage from all enemy fire. Plus, he can revive faster than her. 

Lifeline needs a buff to her often impractical heal bot and often unneeded supply drop. At least let her revive faster or provide teammates with more health upon revives. 

Her personal fast heals are still incredibly strong. Combined with her low-profile smaller hitbox, this “healer” can act as a great “assault” character in the right hands.

Yoshyaes – S (Season 3: S)

Everyone knows that Pathfinder has been incredible for a long time. Respawn tried to nerf the grappling hook last season but the friendly robot is still at the top of the charts. If you haven’t already learned how to play Pathy, go do that now.

Flash: S (Season 3: S)

Just go read what I said in last season’s post.

Until future notice, Pathfinder is the best legend in the game. Period.


Recon Legends

Yoshyaes – A (Season 3: B)

Bloodhound got an unexpected buff for Season 4, incentivizing him to be more aggro when his ult is activated. The OG tracker is now able to tack an additional 5 seconds to his Beast of the Hunt ultimate.

This change encourages players to pop the ult a little early, do some recon of the field and then hit the W key towards the baddies. 

Paired with the ability to track enemies, Bloodhound has moved up a notch in this meta.

Flash: A (Season 3: C)

Bloodhound was a forgotten commodity all of Season 3. Crypto provided more rangy pings and utility. 

All of that changes with Assimilation. Recipient of a buff rivaling Gibraltar’s, Bloodhound is now ready to bathe in the blood!

Now he can – theoretically – take on all remaining squads during his ultimate. An additional 5 seconds to his ultimate’s timer really rewards aggressive playstyle. The developers also seemed to have corrected bugs related to his tracking ability. 

Get a Bloodhound on your squad when you are ready to full send every team on your way to Victory Royale!

Yoshyaes – B (Season 3: A)

Crypto is another legend who got worse by staying the same. He can be great when drone communication is paired with aggressive teammates. However, he’s now a sitting duck for Revenant any time he enters drone mode.

I like that the drone got an HP buff but it’s still pretty easy to kill with an assault weapon. Additionally, you have to send the drone relatively close to an enemy in order to highlight them for your team.

Bloodhound got better, Revenant has a higher skill ceiling and Crpyto shifts toward the middle of the legends.

Flash: C (Season 3: B)

I was skeptical of the hype around Crypto when he first came out. As I said back in season 3, I couldn’t justify pings for a 2v3. At the end of the day, bullets matter.

That’s not to say the appropriate coordination wouldn’t make Crypto incredibly valuable. A well-timed EMP with proper follow-up wins team fights.

Though his EMP no longer slows teammates, I still don’t see Crypto among the best legends. Like some others, he’s a change of pace style if you aren’t in tryhard mode.


We covered a ton of info above so here’s a quick snapshot of where each of the legends landed:

  • Gibraltar
  • Pathfinder
  • Bangalore
  • Bloodhound
  • Caustic
  • Revenant
  • Crypto
  • Lifeline
  • Mirage
  • Wraith
  • Wattson
  • Octane
  • Gibraltar
  • Pathfinder
  • Bangalore
  • Bloodhound
  • Caustic
  • Wraith
  • Wattson
  • Crypto
  • Lifeline
  • Mirage
  • Revenant 
  • Octane

What are your thoughts on the current state of the legends? Would you change any of the rankings? Leave us a note below to let us know!

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