Best Weapons to Use in Apex Legends Season 14

Apex Legends Season 14 Weapon Pool

Once again, no new weapons have been added to Apex Legends Season 14. Thankfully, just like in Season 13, the devs dropped a ton of changes to the available weapon pool. 

This first rank split has players battling on King’s Canyon. If you’re an Apex veteran, you’ll know that this map is riddled with third parties. Try out these weapons to win more fights and gain more RP in Season 14! 

Apex Legends 30-30 Repeater

Best Long Range Weapon in Season 14 – 30-30

I’ve slept on the 30-30 since it arrived in Apex in Season 8. While it’s had some smaller buffs since then, Season 14 brings some huge improvements to the weapon!

Not only has the Dual Loader been worked into the base weapon, but it can now equipment Skullpiercer attachment. With the increased reload speed and massive headshot multiplier, this greatly increases the damage output of the 30-30 Repeater.

Best Assault Rifle in Season 14 – R-301

The R-301 has remained one of the most versatile weapons in Apex Legends since its launch. It continues to be a great pick in Season 14. It has moderate recoil, decent damage per bullet, an optional single-fire mode, and it can be used at all ranges.

Additionally, it takes light ammo, which should continue to be readily available in this split. It’s no wonder that many top-ranked players pick this up as their primary damage-dealer!

Best Shotgun in Season 14 – EVA-8

At the end of 2021, the EVA-8 was crazy broken. Everyone complained about it and Respawn nerfed it into the ground.

In Season 14, the auto shotty got a bunch of buffs which catapulted it into S-tier. It now takes standard stocks, the fire rate was increased, damage per pellet was increased, the Double Tap attachment is back, and bolts are now more effective. Expect to see the EVA-8 in most close-range fights this season.


Best SMG in Season 14 – Volt

The Volt SMG was strong before being vaulted last season, and it’s now back in the rotation of floor loot. Even with the slight decrease in damage per shot, it still has excellent damage potential.

Its recoil pattern isn’t too bad and it handles well in hip fire mode. The one drawback is that it uses hard-to-find energy ammo, so make sure to ask your squad to ping all energy ammo stacks on the map.

Honorable Mentions for Top Weapons in Apex Legends Season 14

While the above weapons seem to be overtaking the meta, there are still plenty of solid choices in Season 14. Try out the guns below if you want to mix things up and still be lethal:

  • Flatline: There’s always a case to be made for this weapon competing with the R-301 in the assault rifle category. It does more damage per shot but the recoil is harder to control. 
  • CAR: Although it can no longer equip a Barrel Stabilizer, it still has a ridiculous fire rate and excellent kill potential. The versatility of being able to use either light or heavy ammo is a nice bonus.
  • Wingman: As strange as it is, the Wingman now takes sniper ammo. This means you’ll likely have fewer bullets to mess around with. Even still, it can equip a Skullpiercer and is one of the most lethal weapons in Apex if you can learn to use it. 
  • Peacekeeper: The PK dominates the burst damage category in Apex, at least at close range. There aren’t any changes to it in Season 14 so grab this shotgun if you prefer it over the EVA-8.

What do you think of these Season 14 weapon rankings? Are there any guns that you would add to the list of best picks for Season 14? Join the conversation in the comments section!

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