Apex Legends Season 12 Weapon Tier List

Apex Legends Season 12 Weapon Pool

Even though we didn’t get any new weapons in Apex Legends Season 12, Respawn made significant changes to how guns work in-game. We’ve got new, and returning, hop-ups, weapons available in the crafter, and a rotation of care package weapons.

Ideally, you should feel comfortable picking up any weapon at the beginning of a game to fend off enemies. As you get later in the game, be on the lookout for these powerful guns to round out your kit and maximize your kill potential!

R-301 assault rifle

Best Assault Rifle in Season 12 – R-301

This is likely a contentious point among the Apex community, but the R-301 is the most consistent AR for pumping out damage. In Season 12, you can craft the Flatline after picking up enough crafting materials. While it does more damage per shot, the recoil is harder to control than its light ammo counterpart.

The R-301 is a weapon that is highly versatile and you can use it at essentially all distances. Make sure to switch the gun to the single-fire mode when trying to hit an enemy at long range. After placing a decent barrel stabilizer on this weapon, you’ll be one-clipping enemies with ease!

Apex peacekeeper

Best Shotgun in Season 12 – Peacekeeper

Apex has been in a shotgun meta since last season, and this trend is likely to continue into Season 12. Not only does Mad Maggie get a speed boost with shotguns, but the entire pool of legends also has access to great hop-ups for shotguns.

The Peacekeeper is back in a big way in Season 12! It has surprisingly good range, gets a lot of value out of the Kinetic Feeder attachment, and is perfect for high-burst damage. Be on the lookout for a good shotgun bolt to maximize your damage potential!


Best SMG in Season 12 – CAR SMG

Even though the Alternator is now floor loot and is very strong, the CAR has a faster fire rate, and a resulting faster time to kill. Up close, it tears enemies apart quickly. This is a great option for people who don’t like using shotguns.

Additionally, the CAR SMG takes extended mags and ammo from the pool of light and heavy weapons. This means you are more likely to get a fully-kitted weapon by the mid-game. Remember, the ammo type you use does not affect the damage of this weapon, so pick up whatever is more readily available to you!

Apex Legends Season 12 Ramapge - best LMG

Honorable Mentions for Top Weapons in Apex Legends Season 12

If you can’t get your hands on any of these powerful weapons, or just don’t like using them, there are a few other weapons that are great options in Season 12:

  • Rampage: This LMG is great for suppression fire and works well on Olympus’ open map layout. You’ll have a ton of ammo in each clip, it hits hard, and is absolutely terrifying when you boost the fire rate with a Thermite Grenade. It’s fairly garbage at close range so this weapon works best for support legends who want to stay behind their team.
  • Mozambique: What was once a pathetic meme of a weapon is now a solid contender for top gun in Season 12! Aside from not having any movement penalties when aiming down the sight, the Mozambique benefits from the return of the Hammerpoint Rounds. With 6 shots in a magazine, this can be the perfect secondary weapon for finishing off enemies.
  • Wingman: This pistol will forever be high-risk/high-reward. If you can’t hit shots, you’ll be useless. If you put in time to learn the unique mechanics of this gun, you’ll win most duels on your own. It’s an unforgiving weapon, but absolutely worth practicing with, especially if you find a Boosted Loader.
  • Tripletake: If you like sniping, the Tripletake is the right gun for you in Season 12. With minimal bullet dropoff and plenty of attachment options including the aforementioned Kinetic Feeder, it can deal consistent damage at range.

What do you think of these Season 12 weapon rankings? Are there any guns that you would add to the list of best picks for Season 12? Join the conversation in the comments section!

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