Apex Legends Season 11 Legend Tier List

Apex Legends Goes on Vacation in Season 11

Apex gives the legends a much-needed break in Season 11 with a tropical island map. Danger lies within as we get reintroduced to prowlers on the battlefield.

In addition to the new map, Storm Point, Respawn also released a new legend in Season 11! Ash is an incisive instigator who brings a healthy dose of lethality and tracking with her unique kit.

Storm Point is a large, open map, so mobility continues to be a high priority when assembling your squad. With the latest update, we’ve refreshed our list of the strongest legends in Apex Season 11!

Apex Legends Season 11 Escape

S-Tier Legends

  • Bloodhound: Another season with Bloodhound at the top of the tier list. Despite what Respawn attempts to do to the meta via patches and additional characters, Bloodhound retains their crown. The OG tracker provides incredible team value with the tactical and passive scan abilities. When things get hairy, turn it up a notch by triggering the ultimate which will give you heightened senses and mobility! The terror that they are, Bloodhound continues to be a strong addition to any team composition.
  • Gibraltar: Since he was an omission from the Season 11’s patch notes, this section could very easily be what we wrote last season. Gibraltar is a tanky anchor to a strong team. He is great for keeping teammates alive via his Dome of Protection while his Gun Shield will make you a one-on-one monster. Until these benefits get nerfed, expect to see Gibby at the top of every sensible list.  
  • Ash: Ash is Season 11’s new legend! Following Seer’s OP debut in Season 10, Ash has also hit the ground running since launch. This robotic assassin allows you to track down squads with ease. Her passive allows her to see the location of a deathbox’s killers. Her tactical ability requires a bit of finesse but it will stun and tether would-be escaping legends while you and your squad violently follow up. Finally, while her ultimate seems to have taken a lot of inspiration from Wraith’s ultimate ability, Dimensional Rift, it provides a much more deliberate offensive one-way portal push.
apex legends wraith

A-Tier Legends

  • Wraith: The combination of a small hitbox and movement abilities will float any legend towards the top. Wraith has consistently done this for the entirety of Apex Legend’s competitive scene. Though Ash tried to improve upon Wraith’s ultimate, Dimensional Rift is still, at times, the best rotational ability in the game. Her tactical ability allows you to escape situations that possibly only Pathfinder could dream of leaving. There’s a reason why tryhards are often associated with Wraith. Pick Wraith when your Season 11 team needs that extra umph. 
  • Caustic: Caustic received a decent buff in Season 10 with his gas damage increasing the longer you linger in it. Storm Point is a rather large map so Caustic will rely on a good rotation teammate. However, as always, if you can make enemies play to the strengths of Caustic, you will win. It’s that simple. 
  • Octane: Octane was crazy good last season. So good, in fact, that the devs hit him with the nerf hammer to make him less oppressive to opposing teams. Now that his stim drops your health by 20% and the jump pad is louder, the speed demon isn’t as effective as in his old days. However, the pad is still one of the greatest tools for engaging and disengaging fights this season
  • Horizon: While Horizon didn’t get any buffs in Season 11, the verticality of Storm Point lends well to her kit. She can help the team play aggressively by taking height with her tactical, and her passive negates the ‘fall stun’ which could be the difference between killing an opponent or dying before you can fire. Additionally, with all the open terrain, you can easily take out squads by combo-ing her ult with a barrage of explosives. She moves up from B-tier this season, but only just barely.  Horizon’s Season 10 buff has attempted to bring her back to her Season 7 glory. The devs did a good job of not overdoing it. Her movement is sneakily good and her ultimate is one of the few ways to combo ultimates a la Overwatch. She is still great for quickly taking high ground, but Octane provides more team utility with his jump pad if you’re looking to fill the movement slot on your squad.
  • Valkyrie: Valkyrie’s utility to a team is becoming irreplaceable. With Storm Point’s map design, Valkyrie has become that much more useful now that balloons are mostly out of the picture. There is only one jump tower and a lot of POIs have some element of verticiality. Like Pathfinder, she may be a bit difficult to master for individual plays, but even novices can help out the team by strategically repositioning.
apex legends pathfinder

B-Tier Legends

  • Pathfinder: Respawn continues to disrespect Pathfinder. His once exclusive passive to scan the next circle is now shared by seemingly a third of the roster. Still, while operating with only a unique tactical and ultimate, Pathfinder is a stronger pick than most. His learning curve is steep but as you approach the skill ceiling, you can become dominant in many fights. Pathfinder is capable of doing things no one else can imagine. Make sure to safely scan as many beacons as possible to reduce his ultimate cooldown. 
  • Loba: The game after playing with or as Loba will feel severely lacking. You don’t quite feel the benefit of Loba until it’s gone. Her Black Market ultimate ability can often be the difference between life and death. Restocking on ammo, getting your favorite weapon, upgrading attachments, or finding crucial healing items. The benefit is indispensable. It doesn’t end there. Loba can also use her versatile movement ability to retreat or create a new attacking angle. Loba is one of the most dynamic characters in the game and can bring a lot of value to her team.
  • Revenant: Ever since the unstoppable Rev-Tane ultimate combo, Revenant and Octane have been on the receiving end of some nerfs. Revenant’s ultimate is not as deadly as it used to be, which drops him back to the mortal ranks. You must be a lot more careful about how and where you place the totem so that it is not used against you. Revenant’s silence grenade tactical is still handy in Season 11 plus his passive helps you reach new heights. He’s no longer OP, and this is probably best for the Apex community
  • Seer:  Seer burst onto the season as one of the strongest legends we’ve ever seen in the Arena. Since then he has been nerfed back to reality. Still a strong tracking legend when utilizing his entire kit. Track down ratting enemies with the heartbeat monitor. Set up strong pushes with the tactical. Finally, create a dome of quasi-wall hacks with his ultimate ability. Bloodhound and Ash will serve you better as trackers, but Seer can still be a fun pick in Season 11.
  • Bangalore: Until Respawn patches Bangalore, she will sit in the B-tier. Her kit is fairly straightforward and can be a good fit for anyone in solo queue. If you are new to the game, give her a try.
apex legends lifeline

C-Tier Legends

  • Lifeline: Lifeline’s straightforward medic kit has her appearing in Season 11 as a decent pick. Unfortunately, at higher level gameplay, she is simply outclassed by other legends. Gibby provides way more for his team in terms of defensive ability and Loba does a much better job of providing access to loot. Here’s to hoping Respawn looks at her attention-grabbing ultimate some time in the future. Another buff to the care package could move Lifeline up a couple of tiers on the list.
  • Rampart: Rampart was the recipient of a relatively large update last season. Her ultimate, Sheila, became mobile which removed a major drawback from its original stationary design. Otherwise, Rampart performs well as a defensive legend with some planning and proper positioning. She mostly relies on bunkering down in one location for a while. Opposing teams can play at off angles, bombard you with grenades, or outright avoid fighting Rampart teams in Season 11. In the right scenarios and team compositions, Rampart can excel. Otherwise, you may find stronger picks to fill her defensive role. Rampart could probably end up in the upper echelons of the tier list if the devs decide to increase the damage buff when shooting through the walls. This would, of course, be nerfed almost immediately, but would be a fun change to her kit for a few days!
  • Wattson: Wattson received a beefy upgrade this season which bumped her up from her Season 10 ranking. You now have more flexibility and control over a zone with her fences. She’s devastating indoors, decent at blocking off a choke point, plus her ultimate ability can protect against explosives. Still, she doesn’t add nearly as much value as other defensive legends so Wattson continues to be a below average legend in Season 11.
  • Fuse: Despite Fuse looking like another developer’s character, he can be a niche pick. Pick up as many throwables as possible and let it rain on unsuspecting enemies. Storm Point should make vertical angling a bit more lethal in Season 11. Fuse underperforms when it comes to legends that provide benefit to the entire team. Fuse’s ultimate did get buffed a bit in Season 10, but it still needs a little bit more to be as game changing as a Gibraltar or Caustic ultimate. Maybe Respawn can increase the height of the flames or have engulfed enemies take damage while within the ring!
apex legends wattson

D-Tier Legends

  • Crypto:  Crypto still can’t get any love from Respawn. It used to be fun to fly around with your drone, marking enemies for your squad. These days, it’s difficult to properly coordinate with the rest of your team to get the most value out of the drone. EMP is a great engagement tool, but it still results in your team fighting a 2v3 battle for a bit. Until Crypto gets a meaningful non-Drone ability, he will continue to rest at the bottom of the tier list. 
  • Mirage: Mirage sitting at the bottom of our list is more an indication of the other legends’ strengths than an indictment of Mirage. Especially at lower ranks, Mirage can perform quite well with his bamboozle potential. Eventually, that’s where the benefits end. Mirage does nothing to help teammates, short of his cloaked revival. In most games, you won’t even get to take advantage of this passive. Without more team-focused utility, he lands at the bottom of Season 11 tier list.

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