Apex Legends Season 10 Weapon Tier List

Apex Legends Season 10 has arrived with a ton of weapon changes. Read up on some changes and check out what Two Average Gamers would place at the top of their tiers for each weapon type below! 

Apex Legends rampage LMG

New Weapon: The Rampage LMG

This is the latest light machine gun to be introduced to Apex Legends. It fires more slowly than the spitfire but can be charged with a thermite grenade to increase the fire rate.

The base fire rate is slightly slower than the hemlock single-fire mode. Interestingly, it has two fire modes: slower with low recoil and the charged mode – which is brief – that has pretty crazy fire range. This makes the Rampage LMG a fairly versatile weapon if you’re willing to swap between modes quickly. 

Apparently, it can shoot down doors so this could change the way people play around cover. Again, this is a very situational advantage for the weapon.

It’s tough to predict where this gun will fall in the Season 10 meta, but given the initial stats, we don’t see it being a top-tier weapon at launch. The spitfire has a better default time to kill, so it may just come down to how frequently people can use the “revved up” mode.

Care Package Weapons

In Season 10, the Care Packages aka Supply Drops/Airdrops will no longer contain the Prowler. Instead, these two weapons will make appearances: 

  • Alternator w/ Disruptor Rounds: The Disruptor / Hammerhead meta was a wild time in the earlier days of Apex. Perhaps the strongest gun in any era, the Alternator with Disruptos returns. It deals additional damage to shields and will make quick work of any enemies crazy enough to pick a fight with you. Pick this up. Every time. 
  • M600 Spitfire: If there was a Silver Medal for strongest gun in the history of Apex, The Spitfire at its strongest would be in the running. For a while, it had reasonable recoil and a ridiculously high ammo capacity. Another weapon returning to glory, get ready to mow down entire squads with this LMG!
apex legends season 10 gold weapons

Fully-Kitted / Gold Weapons

The Bocek, Hemlock, R99, Sentinel, and Wingman have been replaced by: 

  • Charge Rifle – likely won’t return to it’s OG glory, but can be a menace due to having minimal bullet travel time
  • Rampage – see above
  • RE-45 – seems like an interesting gold weapon, and could be a sleeper for best non-shotgun close-range weapon
  • Flatline – more on this later
  • Peacekeeper – this was another weapon that was crazy powerful back in the day

Best Long-Range Weapons in Season 10

The Olympus map tried to force the meta towards more long-range battles. With a return to a devastated World’s Edge, we’ll see how sightlines are affected. Pick these weapons if you want to maintain distance between yourself and your enemies: Having a long-ranged weapon is good for people that have precise aim and enjoy doing damage from afar.

  • Sentinel: This sniper has come a long way. In the very early days of Apex, the Longbow reigned supreme with a Skullpiercer attachment. Since then, the Sentinel has become a standout long-range weapon. It has the highest damage per bullet and can be supercharged using shield cells. It takes an extended mag, unlike the Charge Rifle, and can shoot even faster with Deadeye’s Tempo equipped.
  • Boceck: Even after the nerfs, this bow is still incredibly powerful for doing ranged damage. We’re not really impressed by the available hop-ups, but it is still the only weapon in the game that fires without making much noise. This is great for taking out unsuspecting enemies to initiate a lopsided fight. You can even get some cheeky close-range kills if you peek around corners in between drawing your arrows!
apex bocek

Best Mid-Range Weapons in Season 10

A good mid-range weapon is the backbone of any loadout. It’s important to be able to cover decent distances while also performing well in close-range / hip fire territory. These are our picks for best weapons in Season 10:

  • R-301: The 301 has been a laser in the past and continues to be a strong pick this season. Even having 1-2 attachments on this rifle makes it an absolute monster at close- to mid-range battles. The iron sights are reasonable, hipfire accuracy is good, bullet travel speed is high, and it’s fairly easy to control. The headshot multiplier for assault rifles got a slight nerf in Season 10, but this is still a prime candidate for fighting at a medium distance from your target. 
  • Flatline: This weapon is essentially a slightly slower, harder hitting R-301. You give up the barrel stabilizer slot in exchange for increased damage per shot. The Flatline can take down a 200 HP target in only 10 shots! With 20 bullets in the base weapon, you only have to hit half of your shots to win most 1v1s. Even with the Anvil Receiver being vaulted, these two assault rifles are a no-brainer for the mid-range game in Apex Legends.
apex legends season 10 best assault rifle - flatline

Best Close-Range Weapons in Season 10

Whether you like it or not, close-range combat is what will make or break your gaming experience on Apex Legends. Reach for these weapons to ensure you come out ahead:

  • EVA-8 Auto: The EVA-8 was the best gun in Season 9. End of discussion. While the developers have attempted to bring it back down to Earth, not enough has been done in our eyes. Despite the reduced fire rate, expect this gun to still wreak havoc on those on the wrong side of it.
  • L-Star: The L-Star has been on quite a journey of changes since its introduction in Season 2. In this current season, it is now possible to equip it with a barrel stabilizer and an extended magazine. Since the L-Star operates on maintaining and preventing overheating, the magazine will affect the cool down period rather than how many rounds or bullets in the chamber. Expect this gun to perform very well!
L-star energy weapon

The Best Weapons in Season 10 of Apex Legends

There’s good variety in this season’s meta of weapons. Between the care package weapons and the ground loot, we’ve got all the weapon types covered!

It’ll come down to personal preference how you mix and match these top-tier weapons. Generally, you should make sure to have one close-range weapon and one mid- to long-range weapon in your loadout. We expect to see many assault rifles combined with snipers this season.

As the devs make updates to the game, we’ll be sure to provide updates on the best weapons this season.

What are your go-to weapons in Season 10? Do you think the Rampage LMG will end up being a contender? Let us know in the comments section!

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