Apex Legends Season 10 Ranked Split Legend Tier List

Apex Legends Enters Split of Season 10

Apex Legends started the second split of ranked Season 10 on September 28th. A week into the Kings Canyon rendition of Season 10, the meta of strong legends has changed along with the numerous updates the Respawn devs put out.

At the start of Emergence, we put out a tier list that features newly-introduced Seer. Since the start of the season, we’ve had several balance changes that have adjusted each legends’ relative strength. Here’s where each legend stacks up in the second half of the season!

apex legends season 10 ranked split

Two Average Gamers haven’t released their official legend tier rankings since Season 4. For this tier list, we are going to get straight to the point. Keep reading as we dive straight into Apex Legends Season 10 Emergence Legend Tier List!

S-Tier Legends

  • Bloodhound: Bloodhound’s crown as the best recon legend was under fire in the first few weeks of Season 10. Seer had ascended to the vaulted S+ tier, aka God Tier, making the OG tracker less important. After Seer was brought down to earth, the player base quickly returned to choosing Bloodhound as the tracker of choice for most competitive team compositions. Bloodhound provides tons of information to their team and the recent update notifies teammates of how fresh the tracks are. They have great mobility and lethality during their ultimate and are a staple in high-ranked play. 
  • Gibraltar: Gibraltar hovers at the top of the tier list every season. He is a very complete kit for dominating the battlefield. If you can master “bubble fighting” and play around his Dome of Protection, you can win gunfights, stick revives, and make difficult rotations. Additionally, Gibby’s Gun Shield makes him one of the toughest legends to defeat one-on-one. You likely won’t need to retreat from many fights if there’s a Gibraltar on your squad! 
  • Octane: Octane continues to have the highest pick rate in the game.While that does not necessarily mean he’s the best, his movement and repositioning capabilities for the entire squad are undeniable. The cooldown on his bounce pad is laughably short and it is one of the best tools for engaging and disengaging from fights. He has excellent escapability along with some of the best voice lines in the game. They devs recognized how OP Octane was and nerfed his stim, but he is still a great legend for the second half of Season 10 split.
apex legends wraith

A-Tier Legends

  • Wraith: Currently, Wraith is the third highest picked legend behind Octane and Bloodhound. Like Octane, she is a movement focused legend with high mobility. She owns the smallest hitbox in the game and has a powerful tactical ability which serves as a get-out-of-jail free card. Finally, her ultimate can reposition an entire squad around dangerous areas. The passive is largely underrated and can save you from taking unnecessary spam damage before a fight begins. Even with the unfortunate association to try-hards, Wraith is still a great option to round out your team. 
  • Caustic: On any given Sunday, Caustic could be an S-tier legend. He bumps up in this ranked split because Kings Canyon has several POIs that elevate his kill potential. His Season 10 buff has players doing everything they can to avoid fighting in the toxic gas. Caustic’s downfall is his mobility. This makes it critical to pair him with any of the plentiful movement legends to get him in place. Caustic becomes the best legend for late game mayhem. Bar none. 
  • Loba: Loba has it all. She can make sure that your squad is kitted properly entering mid and late game scenarios with her Black Market ultimate. Her passive lets you navigate to the best floor loot quickly. Lastly, her bracelet is an incredibly versatile movement ability which lets her retreat to heal, take high ground, or surprise retreating enemies. Loba is one of the most versatile characters in the game and can bring a lot of value to her team.
apex legends pathfinder

B-Tier Legends

  • Pathfinder: It’s hard to put Pathfinder in the top two tiers due to his lack of an exclusive passive. Still, the once unquestioned king of Apex Legends alongside the queen Wraith, is a terror in a mechanical player’s hands. Pathfinder is capable of plays simple no other legend can dream of with the right grapple. Make sure to scan as many beacons to reduce his ultimate cooldown as well. 
  • Valkyrie: Valkyrie’s second season finds her in a comfortable place in the meta. There’s no denying her individual power and team utility. Scanning enemies from the sky and the ability to escape areas with the same effectiveness of a jump tower are invaluable. On Kings Canyon, her ultimate gets even more value for rotating around the map. You’ll have more mountain ranges to play around which means it is usually more safe to fly around mid-game. When going for high-kill games in Apex Legends, Valk is a great option to clean up squads scattered around the map.
  • Horizon: Horizon’s Season 10 buff has attempted to bring her back to her Season 7 glory. The devs did a good job of not overdoing it. Her movement is sneakily good and her ultimate is one of the few ways to combo ultimates a la Overwatch. She is still great for quickly taking high ground, but Octane provides more team utility with his jump pad if you’re looking to fill the movement slot on your squad.
  • Revenant: Revenant received a few nerfs in Season 10 which have dropped him out of the upper echelon. He still has the potential to be a terror alongside an Octane. However, from the audio to visual cues, there are too many opportunities to have the totem used against your own team. You need to be very selective about when you decide to totem and where you place it to get the most out of the reduced timer on Rev’s ult.
  • Seer:  If we wrote a tier list 1 week into Season 10, Seer would be in the S+ tier. Other legends to be in that ascended tier were fast-heal Lifeline, no-delay-tactical Wraith, and 5-second cooldown grapple Pathfinder. Seer was undoubtedly released as a broken legend. The developers did a good job of making him less oppressive in the second half of Season 10. He currently sits near the middle of the pick rate and, more granularly, the middle of the recon legends. The heartbeat sensor is great for checking new POIs for enemies, but Bloodhound is still a better overall tracker.
  • Bangalore: While Bangalore hasn’t been touched in a while, she gets a slight bump on the tier list for the Season 10 split. This legend definitely still needs something, but is a solid choice for this map. The buffed smokes makes her great for zoning off areas of the map. This is important on Kings Canyon where you’ll find several choke points that are commonly congested with enemies. Bangalore’s ult also does a great job of zoning off squads, and can confirm kills after you’ve knocked an opponent. Given how important movement is in Apex, the speed boost passive is a nice way to round out this legend.
apex legends lifeline

C-Tier Legends

  • Lifeline: Lifeline has a decent pick rate and is a good choice for new players. Her kit is relatively straightforward and her playstyle lends itself to playing on the backlines of your squad. At higher level gameplay however, she is simply outclassed by other legends. Gibby provides way more for his team in terms of defensive ability and Loba does a much better job of providing access to loot. Lifeline’s ultimate needs to be looked at in future updates to return her to glory.
  • Mirage: Many seasons ago, Mirage was at the bottom of the Apex Legends tier lists. At low- to mid-ranks, Mirage’s decoys give him the upperhand in most 1v1s. Despite having no team-focused abilities, Mirage has a high potential to outplay opponents. Vanishing during revives and respawns is a great added touch for the master of bamboozles. However, he doesn’t have many team-focused utility and thus lands toward the bottom of the list.
  • Rampart: Rampart received an in-season update which greatly powered up Shiela. Her ultimate is now mobile and absolutely shreds those dumb enough to get caught in her crosshairs. Additionally, a forward-thinking player can make great use of her defensive amp shields. Still, with lack of mobility Rampart is difficult to rank any higher no matter how many buffs she receives. She is best used at holding locations and her efficiency increases as the circle gets smaller.
  • Fuse: Fuse received a welcomed buff to his ultimate which is enough to pull him out of the bottom tier. As mentioned previously, Kings Canyon has plenty of areas with open space where Fuse’s kit shines. Still, his kit is very situational and doesn’t provide much team utility. Expect more buffs for Fuse, whose likeness was potentially stolen from another developer
apex legends wattson

D-Tier Legends

  • Wattson: Wattson ranks amongst the best legends when it comes to late game survivability. The problem is until you get to the late game, Wattson is all but useless. In a rotation focused battle royale, Wattson’s trench forming kit does you little to no favors. Rumors point to Wattson receiving a rework in upcoming seasons. We look forward to what the developers come up with. In the meantime, Wattson is the weakest defensive legend in Season 10.
  • Crypto:  The oft-forgotten recon legend, Crypto is incredibly hit or miss. Either he is popping EMPs at the right moment to initiate an engagement, or he’s huddled in a corner in drone mode without adding much value. Unfortunately the latter seems to happen more often than not. Crypto is a highly situational legend who loses some value since the other trackers in the game are better at locating enemies than he is. He relies heavily on communication and coordination, which can be difficult when playing with randos.

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