Apex Legends Season 10 Legend Tier List


Apex Legends Season 10 Emergence has arrived. Along with the start of a new season, we are met with a new legend. Obi Edolasim aka the Ambush Artist aka Seer joins the roster as the latest legend!

Seer Feature Image

Two Average Gamers haven’t released their official legend tier rankings since Season 4. For this tier list, we are going to get straight to the point. Keep reading as we dive straight into Apex Legends Season 10 Emergence Legend Tier List!

S-Tier Legends

  • Bloodhound: Bloodhound is the recipient of many changes resulting in a net positive to his overall power. It is no surprise that has landed them in the top tier. Their scanning ability has taken a slight hit this season but the information they provide is still enough to win fights. When they go into their ultimate they turn into a heat-seeking terminator. Even with the arrival of Seer, expect Bloodhound to still be very much in the meta.
  • Octane: Octane is the highest picked legend in the game. While that does not necessarily mean he’s the best, his movement and repositioning capabilities for the entire squad are undeniable. The cooldown on his bounce pad is laughably short, he has excellent escapability, and he has some of the best voice lines in the game. Just don’t stim too much!
  • Revenant: Revenant received some important buffs that landed him in the upper echelon of the tier list. His Silence tactical ability completely shuts down enemy abilities.  It counters the opposition which will prevent someone like an Octane or Wraith from escaping. It even stops Gibby’s Gun Shield from deploying! The true terror comes from his Death Totem, which can allow a squad to attack twice before resetting to heal. Even though the devs have stated there will be a season 10 nerf on the way for Revenant, he will likely still be top tier. His fast crouch walking and spiderman-like climbing abilities are just cherries on top!

A-Tier Legends

  • Wraith: Wraith sits right behind Octane in pick rate. She is a movement focused legend with high mobility, similar to Octane. She owns the smallest hitbox in the game and has an outstandingly powerful escaping tactical ability. Even though it has been nerfed and is no longer an immediate get-out-of-jail free card, it is still  viable. Finally, her ultimate can reposition an entire squad around dangerous areas. This can be particularly useful in the final rings of a match where many times are vying for the ideal spot to post up. You can’t go wrong picking Wraith.
  • Gibraltar: He certainly isn’t the flashiest legend on the roster, but Gibraltar has consistently performed among the best legends in the Arena. He isn’t a movement legend like many of the top-tier characters, but he’s a certified tank who can provide cover for his team out in the open. The Dome of Protection is your best chance at survival when cover is limited. Additionally, Gibby’s Gun Shield makes him one of the toughest legends to defeat one-on-one. You likely won’t need to retreat from many fights if there’s a Gibraltar on your squad! 
  • Valkyrie: Season 9’s feature legend, Valkyrie launched as a meta-changer. While we didn’t think she was as OP as many were indicating, there’s no denying her individual power and team utility. Scanning enemies from the sky and the ability to escape areas with the same effectiveness of a jump tower are invaluable. When going for high-kill games in Apex Legends, Valk is a great option to clean up squads scattered around the map.
  • Seer: Seer is the feature legend in Season 10. There are many people in the Average Gamer community have deemed his unbelievable kit to be overpowered. His passive allows him to sense enemies while ADS-ing. This is really going to smoke out the rats looking to secure a high placement in ranked matches. It will also highlight opponents that are trying to rescue fallen teammates. 

    His ultimate ability creates a sphere of tracking micro-drones that will reveal enemies moving quickly or actively shooting. This will provide great aid to those who have trouble triangulating where enemies are based on sounds. However, the ultimate itself will double as a giant “come join the chaos” for enemy squads. Be on the lookout for third parties who identify Seer’s ult as the perfect flare gunshot!

    Seer’s tactical ability is perhaps the most outrageous. Micro-drones will be launched to interrupt and reveal enemies up to a distance of 75 meters – same as his heartbeat sensor. Yes, you read that correctly. Everything from revives to healing items will cease progress and need to be restarted manually!   

    The tendency to overreact at a new legend happens almost every season. Seer seems like an exception. He might actually be that strong! Time will tell as players figure out how to play with and against him. Until then, godspeed.
Apex Legends Season 10 Emergence banner

B-Tier Legends

  • Lifeline: Lifeline has undergone many changes to her kit. While this isn’t the fast-heal meta, Lifeline is still a great addition to a team’s longevity. She has one of the smaller hitboxes in the game, which makes her tough to kill from range. Legends need to completely change how you play with or against her due to the hands-free revive ability. A team playing around a Lifeline can feel unkillable. While her ultimate still isn’t the best, it has some value in the early and mid game to bolster the strength of your kir. 
  • Loba: Loba has it all. A repositioning tactical, a team-focused utility and a loot-specific passive ability. Having a Loba is a great addition to a squad to ensure you stay well kitted throughout the match. With no major weaknesses and no clear OP potential, Loba sits right around the middle of the pack, as does her pick rate.
  • Pathfinder: Pathfinder was once the unquestioned king of Apex Legends alongside the queen Wraith. The devs have since nerfed him back to Earth and passed his circle-scanning ability to many other legends. Still, a Pathfinder in the right hands can be highly lethal. Path can reposition quickly with his grappling hook and is great at surprising opposing legends. Additionally, his zipline is still a great way to guide your squad around the Arenas. Maybe he’ll get an exclusive passive ability in the future to bump him up the tier list.
  • Mirage: Many seasons ago, Mirage was at the bottom of the Apex tier lists. At low- to mid-ranks, Mirage’s decoys give him the upperhand in most 1v1s. Despite having no team-focused abilities, the outplay ability is severely high with Mirage. Additionally, the master of bamboozels can vanish during revives and respawns.
  • Horizon: In Season 7, Horizon was a goddess. The devs realized that they nerfed her into the ground and with Season 10, we will see some return to glory. She has a good high ground obtaining tactical ability along with one of the best set up ultimates in the game. Make sure to have some explosives in your bag when setting up the Black Hole ultimate. 
Apex Legends Horizon

C-Tier Legends

  • Crypto: Incredibly divisive, we aren’t sure if average Crypto players exist. Either the Crypto is popping EMPs just before you jump in and roll enemy squads. Or, and more likely, you are fighting a 2v3 while your Crypto is huddled in a corner playing with his drone like an adult-child. Unfortunately the latter seems to happen more often than not. Crypto is a highly situational legend who loses some value since the other trackers in the game are better at locating enemies than he is.
  • Bangalore: Bangalore has seen better days and seasons. Arguably the least touched legend, she indirectly receives nerfs as scouting legends get stronger. Her smokes recently got a decent buff, and the passive speed boost is nice, but tracking legends are just too strong right now to make Bangalore viable. With the arrival of Seer, it is officially time to revisit Bangalore’s kit. 
  • Caustic: On any given Sunday, Caustic could be an S-tier legend. He’s that annoying, erm good. He received an overall buff to his kit to make his gas more lethal (but also shorter in longevity). In open areas, his bulky size and lack of mobility will hurt you. Once you enter a closed environment the toxic scientist has you right where he wants you! It’s important to leave gas traps in strategic locations as your team rotates around the map to prevent enemies from creeping up on you.
  • Rampart: The machine-gun loving legend lands towards the bottom of our tier list. Rampart can absolutely melt those caught in the crosshairs of Sheila and/or on the wrong side of her amped shield walls. However, and similar to Caustic, Rampart’s win conditions rely too much on positioning. If a team plays intelligently around her walls, she can be feasible, but this requires a good amount of coordination.
  • Fuse: Fuse received a welcomed buff to his ultimate which is enough to pull him out of the bottom tier. Still, his kit is very situational and doesn’t provide much team utility. You should expect more buffs for Fuse whose likeness was potentially stolen from another developer
Fuse Banner Image

D-Tier Legends

  • Wattson: Truth be told, Wattson probably isn’t the weakest legend. However, she is definitely the least fun. Wattson promotes a very campy playstyle similar, yet inferior, to Caustic. Her ult is great at countering a Gibby barrage when properly placed, but this is a rare occasion.She does have a place in high level ranked games but outside of that, look elsewhere.

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Two Average Gamers Apex Legends Season 10 Legends Tier List

There’s always a possibility of carrying with any legend if you’ve mastered that character. However, this tier list will increase your chances of winning fights given the current state of each legend’s kit.

As Respawn releases updates during the season, legends could move up and down the tiers. We’ll keep you posted as we learn more and let you know who the strongest legends are in Apex Legends season 10!

What do you think of our rankings? Would you move anyone up or down? How much do you think Seer will shift the meta? Let us know!

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2 years ago

This is my problem with tier lists, go google the other season 10 tier lists for legends, they are all COMPLETELY different. For example, one of the lists says Revenant is D tier. You guys say he’s S tier. That’s a GIGANTIC difference in opinion. If one list can say he’s among the best, and another says he’s among the worst, then who the hell do we listen to? My only assumption is that ALL tier lists are complete BS for Apex legends.

Everyone seems to agree that Wraith is good, and will always be good. EVERYONE thinks fuse is bad, but he seems pretty damn decent in season 10 with his recent buffs.

Last edited 2 years ago by Chris
Two Average Gamers
Reply to  Chris
2 years ago

That’s a fair point, Chris. A lot of the lists are subjective aside from the best and worst legends. Of course, if you are a beast with a legend then you can always play them successfully regardless of if some list says they are “low tier”. This is just our early thoughts, and the list will likely change throughout the season as we play more!

Reply to  Two Average Gamers
2 years ago


2 years ago

My favorite character in Apex S10 is Loba.

Two Average Gamers
Reply to  Dariencredible
2 years ago

She’s still a beast with that mobility and black market. shield swap and ammo for days!

2 years ago

oof, not you guys doing my girl wattson dirty!!

Two Average Gamers
Reply to  Herc
2 years ago

She’s just a slower speed than we’re used to! Where would you put her on the list?

Reply to  Two Average Gamers
2 years ago

Wattson is definitely no lower than a B tier. I’d be more inclined to say A tier. Even though she’s not as flashy as other characters she definitely takes Defense to another level and if you get really good at playing her, she can be one of the best offensive weapons in the game as well. Being able to Fake a person by trapping a door while they’re kicking it is pretty goated!

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