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Apex Legends has been a strong contender in my gaming rotation over the last couple of years. Last week, the devs at Respawn released a patch that ushered in the latest round of changes to their popular battle royale. Check out my thoughts on all the changes below!

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Apex Legends Season 8 Banner

Apex Legends Season 8 Patch Notes Review – Forbes

With each new season of Apex Legends, the community has raised its collective expectations around new content. In Season 8, Respawn continues to deliver on those expectations with plenty of updates to grow and retain its player base!

To start, Apex Legends’ 16th hero is Fuse, a “bombastic explosives expert” who hails from Salvo. Even though he’s essentially a clone of a character from another game – more on this at a later time – his offensive kit will definitely attract the players who like to play aggressively.

Fuse has an array of explosives to deal additional damage to his foes. What really caught my eye is his passive, which allows him to carry an additional grenade in each slot. 

This takes me back to the early days of Apex Legends when people would have a dozen grenades in their inventory at all times. It’s a welcome change given how deadly throwables can be in this game.

Additionally, Fuse can launch explosives faster, farther, and with higher accuracy than his fellow legends. Given his kit, I can see him putting out a ton of damage in this coming season.

As expected, there are some big changes to the OG Apex Legends map. We’ve got new points of interest, as well as the introduction of mobile armories. These containers require an explosive to open, but you’ll find plenty of goodies inside!

Mobile armories are essentially the Kings Canyon-equivalent of Worlds Edge’s vaults, which have an emphasis on attachments. You’ll find purple and gold weapon mods here, so it’s definitely worth it to spend an explosive to gain access.

Speaking of gold, Apex Legends now has gold magazines! These auto-reloading cartridges take away the need for manually changing rounds after a short cooldown.

Season 8 also brings a nice amount of quality of life changes to Apex Legends. My favorite among these is the damage counter, which now shows how much damage you’ve done throughout the map. This is something I’ve wanted since the first season so I’m glad to finally see it implemented. 

We also saw plenty of changes in the legend meta. Wraith continues to be nerfed, Octane’s jump pad is still being tweaked, and there were smaller buffs to many of the other legends. This aspect of ability changes makes it feel like any one of the characters is currently viable in Apex Legends.

Last, but not least, Respawn delivered changes to a half dozen weapons, as well as rotating the fully kitted guns. I’m surprised at the addition of a gold Mozambique, but it’ll probably result in some nice content on YouTube!

Apex fixed some bugs in this release, but the real stars of the show are Fuse and the map changes. I don’t want to say I’m officially back on the Apex train, but I’ll definitely be playing more this season than I did last.

Let me know what you think of the changes in the comments section and how you think the meta will change with Fuse in the mix!

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