An Extensive Reveal of Street Fighter 6 

Street Fighter 6 is less than two months away from its release date. The game only had a few betas that grew the audience’s interest. Many fans were hyped by the game’s appealing appearance, colorful art style, and welcoming features. It caters to both experienced and novice gamers. 

To build extra hype, Capcom made a showcase to reveal more about the game’s content, which may be one of the greatest of any traditional fighting game.

World Tour of Street Fighter 6

Exploring the Street Fighter World Tour

World Tour is an adventure for players to interact with many fighters, both legendary and new to the Street Fighter series. There is a massive depth of customization options for players to create their ideal avatars. Players can even buy gear and accessories to look fresh. Alternatively, you can customize a menacing look in the street fighter world.

The world is open for players to travel to many lively areas, including Italy, Nayshall, and France. Players can find unique fighters in their suitable environments and train to learn their fighting styles. They can even bond with different fighters to earn rewards and insights into their personalities.

 The avatar’s fighting style can equip different attack normals, specials, and super moves from various fighters. Prepared avatars can challenge more opponents in World Tour or against other players’ avatars online.

SF6 Fighting Ground

Fighting Ground pits players against each other

It isn’t a fighting game without its versus mode, though there’s more to it in SF6. The Fighting Ground has several options to heighten player & spectator experiences. Street Fighter 6 features damage visibility, sound accessibilities, and in-game commentaries. Instead of just fighting in traditional single matches, there are two additional fighting modes: Team and Extreme battles.

Team battle is a returning mode formatted to fight with multiple characters in a single set, very similar to King of Fighters. There are singles eliminations (fight until the whole team is defeated), teams (fight in separate, set matches to gain the most wins), and doubles (fight with a partner against a hostile pair). Singles eliminations and teams were introduced in Ultra Street Fighter 4, whereas doubles originated in Street Fighter Alpha 2 as dramatic battles.

Extreme battle mode is a new addition for casual, party fun. In this mode, there are six rules and gimmicks to change the norms and goals of battles. Anything can happen in the mode, including hostile bulls running across the stage, random bombs falling from the sky, or getting the most knockdowns to win matches.

SF6 Control Schemes

Street Fighter 6 offers multiple control schemes

Street Fighter 6 offers multiple controller options to satisfy various players. The classic method supports veterans of the Street Fighter series. Its six-button layout gives players full control over their characters with specific attacks. Modern controls are designed for players unaccustomed to traditional inputs. The button layout drops to four buttons, allowing players to do special moves and auto combos with simple inputs.

 Dynamic style is the most straightforward button layout for casual matches. It also works well for learning the basics of a character. Pressing one button can make characters auto-attack and combo based on their position in battle. This is the only control method restricted to offline play, so it can’t be used in online matches.

Future Updates for Street Fighter 6

More fighters on the way

After Street Fighter 6’s launch date, there will be more dev support for the game’s future. There’s a year-one cast of characters being added to the SF6 roster. Rashid is the first DLC character that returns from the previous installment in summer 2023. The next DLC will be A.K.I., a brand new character to the series appearing in autumn 2023. The final two characters will be more returning veterans of the series. SF6 will add Ed in winter 2024 and Akuma in spring 2024.

SF6 has great potential

Rather than release another temporary beta, a demo was prepared to explore SF 6’s main features, World Tour and Fighting Ground. World Tour lets players explore only in its first area, Metro City. 

The demo doesn’t have a close date like the beta, but it is more restricted in its fighting grounds. It only holds two fighters (Luke and Ryu) and two stages (Genbu Temple and Training Room). The fighting options only allow one-on-one and limited extreme battle (Down & Out x Bull Run). For those wanting a tournament experience, the only available commentators are Aru and Vicious.

Street Fighter 6 will be released on PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC on June 2, 2023. The demo is available now on the mentioned systems.

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Bret Bernhoft
Bret Bernhoft
1 year ago

I haven’t played a Street Fighter game since I was last at a coin operated arcade. But that doesn’t mean I’m not open to revisiting the franchise on a console or PC. Thank you for the trip down memory lane.

Two Average Gamers
Reply to  Bret Bernhoft
1 year ago

We’re glad you enjoyed the post and hope you get a chance to experience SF on a new platform!

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