Above Average Super Auto Pets Beginner’s Guide

Super Auto Pets is a free-to-play auto battler available on mobile devices and Steam. Developed and published by Team Wood Games on September 24, 2021, Super Auto Pets has the makings to be a fan favorite moving into 2022. 

The game has a simple premise with a great deal of strategy. Combined with just enough luck, the devs managed to keep it lighthearted. Via a randomized shop, you are tasked with assembling your strongest team of up to five animals to enter battle against another squad. 

Win 10 rounds before losing 10 life points and you are deemed a winner. Fall short? No problem, jump right back in and try again!

Each animal – or pet – is divided into tiers and has its own unique ability and varying stats of attack and health. For example, there are pets that boost the stats of others while others make opponents weaker. There are animals that spawn pets when they faint while others may provide utility outside of battle.  

Keep reading for five tips to get off to a fast start in Super Auto Pets!

Learn The Mechanics

The first tip for Super Auto Pets may be a bit obvious. However, it cannot be understated. This game has many pets that do very different things. Knowing the potential of each animal is incredibly important. Team Wood Games made a great decision to show the ability of each animal and food item in-game to not mess up the flow!

It would be a good idea to check out a wiki page to briefly read through the ability of each pet. Be sure to note the date of publication or last update as patches have been frequently released to rebalance the game.

Synergize Your Super Auto Pets Team

Knowing the power of each pet individually is just the start. To take it further, you need to start thinking about which pets work well with one another. One popular strategy is spamming your opponent with units that are buffed by other units. Early on this may look like a Horse buffing a Cricket, Spider, or Sheep. In the late game, you may replace or reinforce the Horse with a Turkey.

Another strategy is passing on buffs either forward or backward. A Dodo will pass on its attack stat to the unit in front of it. A Camel, on the other hand, passes buffs backward. This technique can also cascade so get creative with placement!

A third popular strategy is to simply (but not so simply) make a tanky unit. A unit that can approach or reach the max 50/50 stat line with proper equipment and support is a fantastic way to achieve 10 wins. To help make this strategy work best, it is important to either be feeding the tank with something like a Rabbit or Seal, or utilize a unit that buffs itself like a Bison. Ideally, you should be trying to do whatever it takes to scale up in attack and health as fast as possible.

There are several other strategies that can be successful so be sure to experiment with different combinations of pets.

Delayed Gratification

Some psychologists have noted that humans are one of the few animals on the planet that are able to exercise delayed gratification. While there were plenty of times in the last week I’m sure you proved this to be incorrect, it can be wise to lean on it in Super Auto Pets. 

The game has been updated recently to change the system from 4 losses and you are out to 10 life points. The first 2 rounds count as 1 tick from your 10. Rounds 3 and 4 count as 2 ticks and every round after counts as 3.

This change makes early losses not as important and gives players more of an opportunity to see a strategy through. A single round in a shop can completely change your fortune so be sure to maximize your early rounds so that you don’t get caught behind the power curve in the later rounds. Look for repeated pets to achieve level-ups. Each time a pet levels, a higher-tier pet appears in your shop. Meaning if you are on tier 3 pets and level up a member of your tier, you will gain access to a random tier 4 pet early. Once all tier 6 pets are accessible, level-ups will spawn a tier 6.

Additionally, the Caterpillar is the epitome of delayed gratification in Super Auto Pets. On each turn, it levels up and when it finally reaches level 3, it sprouts into a Butterfly. The Butterfly will mimic the stats of the strongest unit on your squad! Good things come to those that can wait. 

Don’t Be Afraid To Pivot

Now that we stressed the importance of sticking things out, might we add that you should also not be afraid to switch courses if something isn’t working. Before you panic, know that this tip will come with experience. 

To dive into this further, take time to analyze your shop in each round. If you get a lucky roll and see multiple of the same pet, consider if pivot could improve your long-term success. Remember, the third appearance of a pet equals a level up. With each roll of the shop, your fortune could vastly improve. 

In many cases, it’s never too late to attempt a pivot to a stronger strategy unless you are on your last life and don’t have enough coins to complete the play. Sometimes the risk may get you to the reward!

Adjust To Changes

As the final tip, Super Auto Pets is a game that demands the ability to adjust. With updates being released, the meta is bound to change. Don’t get too attached to certain builds because you may not roll into them every game. 

Super Auto Pets is a game for thinkers and strategizers. When your back is against the wall, you may need to improvise. You’ll have a ton more fun crafting new strategies rather than regurgitating a build you found from your favorite streamer

Win or lose, Super Auto Pets is a fun game with a bright future. With streamers like Ludwig and Northerlion playing it, it could be this year’s Among Us.

If you want to support the creators of Super Auto Pets who gave us this great game, check out their Patreon.

Have you tried Super Auto Pets yet? What should Team Wood Games add to the series next? Which animal should be added in a future update? Let us know what you are thinking in the comments below!

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