6 Fun Teams Strategies to Try in Apex Legends

Competitive and Fun Team Strategies in Apex Legends to Try Out!

Apex Legends has been out for a little over three years now with 13 seasons worth of new legends and content that have evolved the game. Most seasons introduce a new legend and some reworks for past legends. 

Each legend has its own unique playstyle that can both complement your team or counter an enemy squad. Currently, there are 20 different legends, each with its own ultimate and tactical ability. This creates dozens of team combinations for you and your teammates to try.

Any combination of legends is worthy of obtaining a win with enough individual skill and practice. However, some legends just work better together while others do not have noticeable synergies. Understanding these combinations can improve your team fight win rate, increase the chances of winning the match, or just create more fun and chaotic games. 

Apex Legends Revenant and Octane

Aggressive Team – The Scary Apex Legends Comp

  • Bloodhound (Recon), Octane (Offensive), Revenant (Offensive)

This team is perfect for consistently pushing enemy teams quickly and efficiently. Bloodhound’s scan is straightforward to use and gives the team an idea of where the enemy is located for several seconds. Octane’s ultimate, the Jump Pad, offers frequent movement options for himself and his team with its quick charge-up time. A well-placed Jump Pad for escaping or for hopping right on an enemy is the foundation of this team playstyle. Now combine these legends with the cherry on top, Revenant’s ultimate the Death Totem. The Death Totem offers complete protection for aggressive players, allowing a player to safely push a team, do damage, and then teleport back to a safe area where the totem was placed. 

For this playstyle to work best the Octane must first drop a jump pad facing the enemies, following that the Revenant should place down his Death Totem, then, while pushing, the Bloodhound should scan as much as possible and pop their ultimate that will increase the number of scans and callouts. 

Not only is this playstyle efficient, but it is probably also the most terrifying to encounter in Apex LEgends. A good team under death protection from the totem is scary enough, but the instant movement to your team’s location and then all the scans from the Bloodhound is really like a horror movie. This was an old meta and it is still an incredibly useful one in Season 13 of Apex Legends. 

Lifeline and Gibraltar

Defensive Team

  • Lifeline (Support), Gibraltar (Defensive), Seer (Recon)

The defensive team is all about taking the safe route, maximizing positioning options, and only engaging in a fight if necessary. Lifeline is the glue that keeps this team together. With her easy-to-use health drone and instant revives the team has a higher chance of succeeding. Her ultimate, the Care Package, is not the best ultimate in the game by any means. However, it offers some additional and helpful loot when in need. Additionally, for a team probably catered to beginners, her support advantages will go a long way toward keeping the team in the game. 

Gibby’s role is the tank, taking bullets and dealing damage when needed. His arm shield and quick-deploying, large bubble dome offers the player and team further protection from incoming damage. Holding a point but need to heal? Throw a Gibby dome and a Lifeline health drone. Need to push a point but have no cover? Throw a Gibby dome down while running. Then, when being offensive or scaring off an enemy team his ultimate, the Airstrike, is devastating. In open areas, it is especially effective. If thrown correctly it will either destroy the enemy team or cause them to run back, with no in-between. 

Like many teams in Apex, most teams need a Recon just to give a general idea of where enemies are. This informs when your squad should hold a position or when to find a new one. Seer is one of the best Recon legends for providing critical information for your team. His tactical ability lets his team know how much health and shield an enemy has and where they are located. This scares the enemy and lets your team know if they should push that enemy or not. His ultimate is great as a defending recon. It creates a giant scan dome that marks anyone moving within the area of effect. Place this down to your team’s advantage and they will be able to see any enemy pushing or any enemy hiding behind cover. 

As mentioned before, this strategy is great for new players but can still be taken advantage of by seasoned Apex Legends vets.

Valk hovers in Apex Legends

Movement Team – High Mobility Legends

  • Valkyrie (Recon), Horizon (Offensive), Pathfinder (Recon)

Do you ever watch one of those professional Apex Legends gamers who are in the Esports scene and marvel at how they move around the map like it’s a rollercoaster? Then, you want to try it out yourself but don’t know which legends are the best for movement? Well, this team is the perfect team for getting around the map quickly and smoothly. Each of these three legends’ abilities is catered to the game’s unique movement mechanics. Used all together, they can offer insane verticality and positioning. 

Valkyrie has the most interesting movement being the only Legend who has flight capabilities. Her passive ability allows quick movement, scaling buildings, and flying over environmental obstacles. Valk can quickly gain superior positioning on the enemy team. Her ultimate is similar to the tactical ability but on a greater scale. She can attach both her teammates to her jetpack and rocket them out of combat, essentially creating a personal jump tower for the team. This is best for escaping the storm and getting the best positioning in the circle. 

Horizon’s momentum is unbeatable to other legends. Her passive allows her to gain momentum on any fall, drop, jump, ledge, or slide, without any speed penalty. This means she can move and slide better than any other character. Combine this with her tactical ability that creates a small gravity lift for any player to use and you can pull off some unique plays to surprise the enemy. 

Pathfinder being the original movement legend is a must on here. His Grapple ability allows for some of the most satisfying ways to get around the map. Unlike other movement legends, Pathfinder’s movement is the most calculated. A well-placed grapple can mean getting the jump on your enemy for an early advantage. Alternatively, it could mean accidentally falling to your death. With enough practice, a Pathfinder can also Grapple an enemy toward him and really get under the enemy’s skin.

Combine these three together in a team and you’ll be running circles around the enemy. All of their abilities compliment each other since they each can reposition really quickly. Unlike teams that are more diverse, these three legends can get to the top of a building at relatively the same speed. Choose this team if you like creating fast, aggressive plays or sneaky escapes around the map.

Apex Legends Saviors

Fortress Team – Highly Defensive Apex Legends Squad

  • Newcastle (Defensive), Rampart (Defensive), Wattson (Defensive)

With the addition of Newcastle this season, the possibilities for a bunker meta have increased. The combination of these three legends can create a fortress in any spot on the map. Together, they can counter almost any aggressive attack. 

The combination of their respective tactical abilities creates three layers of defense. Rampart’s walls can be placed in doorways with Wattson’s fences right behind it, making it almost impossible for enemies to get through. If things go wrong Newcastle has his unique revive where he can create a shield around the downed player while moving them to cover.

This strategy gets interesting with the ultimates though. Once the team has a spot they want to hold, Newcastle places down his giant wall. After this, place Rampart’s amped walls within the Newcastle’s wall, creating a super wall with improved defense and amplified damage. Then, create a bunker by placing Rampart turrets within the openings of the walls. Wattson comes in handy if enemies try to throw grenades into the fortress. Her ultimate will stop any incoming projectiles trying to destroy the wall while also charging everyone’s shield. 

This strategy is not the most effective when it comes to competitive play,  but it sure is satisfying.

Mad Maggie and Fuse

Bunker Buster Team

  • Mad Maggie (Offensive), Fuse (Offensive), Crypto (Recon)

This team is all about countering defensive players and campers. With two offense-based legends that deal damage with their abilities and a recon designed to disable enemy defenses, this team can counter annoying players using the Fortress method. 

Mad Maggie’s tactical ability is used against players hiding behind cover or fortifications. She shoots an incendiary drill that shoots through most surfaces, blasting fire out the other side. This causes enemies to panic and exposes themselves. Her ultimate is also good for pushing players in a confined space. By throwing her Wrecking Ball into that space, you can have your team use the speed boost to close the gap and quickly engage. 

Fuse deals the most damage by doing a similar job to Maggie. His kit is designed to scare players out of cover with his knuckle cluster bombs. His ultimate is perfect for trapping enemies within their fortress by creating a large ring of fire and then blasting whoever is inside. 

Crypto is the recon of this team, finding those campers and coordinating an attack. A properly placed drone can display where the enemies are positioned. His ultimate is a giant EMP that can disable or destroy enemy gadgets and fortifications. This completely shuts down the enemy defenses allowing for an easier push. Lastly, his passive is great for grabbing teammate banners in case things go wrong.

For players who encounter too many campers and people who use buildings to their advantage, this is the perfect team for you to counter them!

What do you think of these Apex Legends team combinations and do you have any you would like to add to the list? Join the conversation in the comments section, below!

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