5 Most Anticipated Indie Games of 2023

2023 Will be a Great Year for Indie Games

With 2023 finally here, there is a plethora of new game releases on the horizon. Big titles such as “Hogwarts Legacy” and “Street Fighter 6” will dominate media coverage. While AAA titles are always on everyone’s radar, there are a few indie games that should be too. Indie titles showcase an array of storylines and game mechanics in their own individual styles. This holds true with these five upcoming releases I’m most excited about this year.

Fall of Porcupine 

Fall of Porcupine looks like one of those indie games you won't want to put down!

A new job in a new town is stressful. Finley is feeling this stress as he starts as a doctor in the town of Porcupine. This adventure platform game follows a mysterious storyline taking place in the hospital. With the fifth floor closed and a patient missing, uncovering hidden healthcare secrets becomes vital.

While solving the mystery, interact with patients and play minigames to solve their ailments. Visit the magical ruins in the woods or the bar after work. Mingle with the townsfolk as they set up for their hibernation festival. Most importantly, balance the stress of work, life, and the odd occurrences happening in Porcupine.

“Fall of Porcupine” is set to release in 2023 on PC. The prologue is currently available to play on Steam.

Season: A letter to the future 

Season is an adventure game about discovery

With a cataclysm imminent, what better way to prepare than to explore the world? “Season: A Letter to the Future” is an atmospheric biking adventure game that follows Estelle. After being the first to leave her mountain village in generations, she sets out on her quest. Equipped with a camera, recorder, and questions, Estelle explores different cultures and history. All of this is to discover what season of life will be next.

Biking along a beautifully drawn backdrop is only part of the fun. Getting to interact with others and document their stories drives the plot and scrapbooking experiences provide a snapshot into each stop. 

“Season: A Letter to the Future” releases on January 31st on PC.

Critter Crops

Critter Crops tasks you with restoring the town

Sylvee, a young witch trying to find a place to settle, is anonymously invited to Mutter Island. She finds a run-down town with decaying stores and overgrown paths. Despite its condition, Sylvee decides to restore the town to draw in new residents.

To make money for renovations, Sylvee grows and sells crops. These crops, however, are not just plants, but critters. Batberries, pumkitties, ghoulic, and other critters are available to harvest. Restore the town and build Sylvee’s magic while unlocking the mystery of who invited her there and what else inhabits the island. 

“Critter Crops” is set to release in 2023 on PC.   

Oxenfree II Lost Signals

Oxenfree II - A follow up to one of 2016's best indie games

Ghosts, cults, and cryptic radio signals have been plaguing Riley’s hometown of Camena. Set five years after the original “Oxenfree,” players get to revisit the strange happenings set in motion by the previous game. A new cast of characters and a new town to investigate now hold the portal’s secrets opened five years prior. 

Irregular electromagnetic occurrences draw Riley back to Camena. With planes losing radar and radio stations being barred from broadcasting, there has to be an answer to the unnatural phenomena. Riley tries to find the truth but may run into more trouble than she assumed. With a cult determined to open a new portal and possible ghostly encounters, Riley must take risks to save herself and her town. 

“Oxenfree II: Lost Signals” is set to release in 2023 on PC.

Paper Trail

Paper Trail - a beautiful top-down puzzler

“Paper Trail” is a top-down puzzle solver with unique mechanics. Paige makes her way through foldable landscapes on her way to University. People litter the path to tell their stories and guide the way.

The game acts as a foldable piece of paper. To get Paige to her destination, players must twist and fold parts of each level. As the journey progresses, the paths become harder to create.

“Paper Trail” is set to release in 2023 on PC.

Just like years prior, an array of games are planned for release. This year, however, we’ll be looking for indie games to top the charts. 

Which one of these releases will you be keeping an eye on? Are there any other indie games that you are excited about in 2023? Join the conversation in the comments section!

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