3 Titles to Try This Holiday Season – 2022 Holiday Game Guide

The holiday season is among us! With it comes increased downtime that can be best spent playing video games. Whether you’re gaming alone or with friends and family, these three holiday game recommendations have something for everyone.

Little Inferno: Ho Ho Holiday – Holiday Game with a Fireplace

Little Inferno is a Great Holiday Game

“Little Inferno” is an aging classic. It was originally released in 2012 and quickly gained traction as a compelling indie game. The new holiday DLC promises to bring a new festive feel with all of the old mechanics and charm.

As the weather gets colder, burning various items is the only way to keep warm. Players sit in front of a fireplace and purchase items from a catalog to use as kindling. The more items you burn, the more money you get and the further the game will progress. The new DLC offers a catalog full of holiday toys and treats to set aflame. Players will also find a new storyline and a colorful cast of penpals in the additional content.

Little Inferno: Ho Ho Holiday is available on PC but requires the base game to play.

A Good Snowman is Hard to Build – A Soothing Outdoor Puzzler

A Good Snowman is Hard to Build

Another old and simple classic is “A Good Snowman is Hard to Build.” It is vaguely described as a game about monsters and snowmen. Though, the puzzle game offers much more. 

Players control a monster who creates friends in the form of snowmen. Puzzling your way through how to stack the snowballs in size order ends in naming and personalizing the snowmen. If an incorrect move is made, or a snowball is rolled too big, players have the ability to reverse their last step. This mechanic adds convenience and the possibility of salvaging the puzzle.

 After quickly hugging the newly formed friends, players continue into the snowy hedge maze that opens up as puzzles are completed. Other objects within the maze are also interactable. Kicking tables, shaking birdbaths, and wrestling the trees are all part of the charm of this quaint snowman game.

“A Good Snowman is Hard to Build” is available on PC, Nintendo Switch, the Apple App store, and Google Play Store.

Where the Snow Settles – A Narrative Journey Through the Snow

Not Technically a Holiday Game, But Still Great Wintery Fun!

While not inherently a holiday game, “Where the Snow Settles” takes place in a changing wintery mountain. The short narrative game tells the coming-of-age story of Aurelia. 

She travels with the help of her sister and befriended spirits to find the world collapsing. Finding her strength before everything crumbles becomes integral to the story. Character interactions on her journey guide her along. Embracing curiosity in “Where the Snow Settles” will reveal the secrets and answers Aurelia is searching for.

“Where the Snow Settles” is available on PC.

Pick up one of these games, or another holiday classic, to play while the year comes to a close. Happy holidays and happy gaming!

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1 year ago

a good snowman looks so fun! im gonna try it out this month hopefully

Two Average Gamers
Reply to  Amy
1 year ago

let us know what you think!

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