14 Apex Legends Ladies To Follow In 2023

Apex Legends, a cross-platform battle royale first-person shooter released in 2019, remains a hyper-popular option for gamers looking to compete to be the last squad remaining. It typically sits inside the top 10 of viewership on Twitch. With a steady stream of updates and content additions, this will likely remain the case in the near and distant future. 

Because of Respawn’s commitment to diversity in its legends, we thought it would be a great time to highlight some lady streamers of the game. Continuing an upward trend, an estimated 35% of Twitch users are female. To help encourage the notion that gaming is for everyone, we’ve amassed a list of lady Apex Legends streamers to check out. 

From the largest names to some working to grow their following, each of these ladies offers something unique. Join us as we cover 14 Apex Legends ladies to follow in 2022. 


Twitch | 1.3M followers

YouTube | 812K subscribers

Lindsey, aka LuluLuvely or Lulu for short, is a big-time streamer focusing mainly on shooter games. While she plays other leaders in the genre like Valorant and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II, she is a large Apex Legends streamer. She currently plays for the NRG Esports Apex Legends team. Between her Twitch and YouTube channels, you can find high-level gameplay in various forms. In ranked, she regularly lands in Masters and Apex Predator ranks. On YouTube, you can even find a playlist for her journey from Bronze to Masters solo queueing. When not on the grind, she will jump into casual lobbies for some pub stomping and racking up high-kill, high-damage games. Lulu plays a lot of Loba but is comfortable using several other legends as well.

Despite her relatively young streaming career starting in 2019, LuluLuvelys’s popularity has earned her a slew of partnerships. Jump into one of her streams to see her down-to-earth personality, humor, and high-skill gameplay. 

Source: LuluLuvely’s YouTube


Twitch | 617K followers

YouTube | 153K subscribers

Hannah, aka Bnans, is a large FPS/shooter streamer. While she currently is focused on Valorant gameplay, you can find Apex Legends content on her YouTube channel. She has collab’d with legendary Apex streamer iiTzTimmy and iconic FPS streamer Shroud, who also happens to be her longtime boyfriend. Because of her adept eye-hand coordination, Bnans has no problem switching between shooters. You should expect to see high-level gameplay no matter how long of a break she may take from the game. When she was active, she played a good bit of Horizon.

Bnans got her start in 2017. In addition to her streaming career, she is a model and promoter. Check her out for some badass gameplay and streams.

Source: Bnans’ YouTube


Twitch | 637K followers 

YouTube | 97K subscribers 

Anne, aka AnneMunition, is a self-proclaimed lifelong video gamer, live streamer, and content creator. While she currently isn’t a mainstay on Apex Legends, as her name might hint, she is a first-person and third-person shooter streamer. More recently she has been playing Escape from Tarkov. If looking for Apex Legends content, you can head over to her YouTube channel to see highlights from years past. Her goto legend seems to be Bangalore. Her recoil control and game sense translate well to whatever shooting title she might be playing. 

AnneMunition has been streaming since 2014 and will sometimes collab with other members on this list in shooters like Valorant, so look out for that as well!

Source: AnneMunition’s YouTube


Twitch | 450K followers

YouTube | 69K subscribers

Ava, aka AvaGG, is possibly the most varied variety streamer on this list. That is she plays the biggest breadth of games and genres regularly. Looking at some of her most recent games, you’ll find Ghost of Tsushima, The Last of Us, Magic: The Gathering, and even Disney Dreamlight Valley. Still, that doesn’t stop her from making plays in Apex Legends! AvaGG’s love for video games translates into fun-filled streams. Typically, she plays Loba and tends to stay away from the ranked grind. When she does jump into competitive she is more than capable of holding her own.

AvaGG started streaming in 2012. She has a host of sponsorships and is a big voice in the video game scene. Check her out for fun even beyond Apex Legends. 

Source: AvaGG’s YouTube


Twitch |  222K followers

YouTube | 3.81K subscribers

Brie, aka Acie, is a big-time streamer for Team Liquid. While she may stream fun games like Fall Guys from time to time, she mainly grinds Apex Legends competitively. Acie is a talented player who finds herself in Masters pushing towards Apex Predator, playing a lot of Valkyrie and Seer. Like another lady further on this list, she is attempting to make Masters on a controller as well. Additionally, Acie has been dating former rank 1 Apex Predator, ImperialHal

Acie’s journey as a streamer began in 2018. Since then, she has risen to be quite the popular streamer on the platform according to twitchtracker.com

Source: Team Liquid’s Website


Twitch | 181K followers

YouTube | 15.8K subscribers

Laurice – aka GuhRL, simply pronounced “girl” or “gurl” – is a fast-rising streamer. She was recently featured on PlayStation’s Twitch page alongside Apex Legends content creator, Raynday in a Dropping In segment. When playing Apex Legends, GuhRL demonstrates precision and effective team coordination and communication. She typically fences the line between the Masters and Predator ranks as a keyboard and mouse player. More recently, she started a Rookie to Masters on controller attempt so you can tune in as she takes on that challenge. She plays a lot of legends but recently has been focusing on Pathfinder. 

GuhRL got her start in 2019 and besides playing Apex Legends, she has experience in casting as well. Check out her streams as they provide a lot to learn from and a lot to spectate in awe.

Source: GuhRL’s YouTube


Twitch | 144K followers

YouTube | 17.3K subscribers

Jayla, aka Ninjayla, is a Black gamer girl. She was also featured in our guest article on Blerd’s website for 50 Black Content Creators to Follow. She is primarily an Apex Legends streamer who plays a lot of Pathfinder. Ninjayla jumps between casual and competitive game modes. When she is grinding the ranked ladder she typically finds herself in Diamond pushing towards Masters. 

Ninjayla started streaming in 2017 and is currently signed as a content creator for Complexity Gaming. Join her for a stream with chill vibes and aggressive gameplay.

Source: Ninjayla’s YouTube


Twitch | 102K followers

YouTube | 5.2K subscribers

Asta, aka Ambush, is a Twitch partner who recently crossed over the 100K follow threshold. She is a Swedish gamer who plays a ton of Apex Legends. Additionally, she enjoys playing Minecraft as a less stressful alternative. When she is ready for the Apex Legends ladder, Ambush is mostly a Pathfinder main who finds herself in Diamond pushing towards the Masters competitive tier. 

Ambush started streaming in 2019. Check her out for her Apex Legends or Minecraft streams! 

Source: Ambush’s YouTube


Twitch | 68.5K followers

YouTube | 5.86K subscribers

Holly, aka Holiwhirl, is a British FPS streamer. Previously an Overwatch streamer, Holiwhirl jumped over to Apex Legends and has continued her dominance in casual and competitive lobbies. Tuning into a stream you will catch her playing mostly Horizon and Wraith. She recently created a second account to try to see how high she can climb exclusively by solo queueing. Either way, she is a Masters-level gamer who offers a lot to learn from.

Holiwhirl began her streaming career in 2017. Check her out for a very friendly and welcoming stream.

Source: Holiwhirl’s YouTube


Twitch | 54.3K followers

YouTube | 9.65K subscribers

Winnie, aka TiltedWinnie, is an Apex Legends streamer through and through. In fact, she is the highest ranked lady on this list in the top 500 of Apex Predators! In one of her recent streams she began at rank #390. Because of her skill level, you can catch her playing a variety of legends like Pathfinder, Wraith, Seer, Horizon, and Newcastle. The streams themselves will be gameplay forward as she is focusing on calls and reading the lobbies. 

TiltedWinnie got her start at the end of 2019 and has been rising ever since. As one of the most skillful Apex Legends streamers out there, go give her a follow. 

Source: tiltedwinnie’s YouTube


Twitch | 37.9K followers

YouTube | 2.75K subscribers 

Sali, aka Salinono, is another gamer girl with a deep love for video games. She primarily streams Apex Legends where last season she pushed into Masters while playing a lot of Horizon. This season she has focused more on Wraith. In some of her recent streams, she’s made things more interesting by wearing a heart rate monitor. That provides a great way to see how high-level players manage chaotic experiences. 

Salinono got her start in 2020. Follow her channel if you are looking for a new Apex Legends stream. 

Source: Salinono’s YouTube


Twitch | 35.3K followers

YouTube | 1.04K subscribers 

Camms is the only gamer on the list with an alias that matches her real first name. She is a primary Apex Legends streamer who switches between casual and Masters competitive play. She prefers to play Wraith as she wreaks havoc on the lobbies, taking advantage of the legend’s small hitbox and versatile kit. Her friendly, goofy personality shines through on her streams. Some of these streams have featured formerly mentioned Holiwhirl. 

Camms has been an active streamer since 2017. Give her a follow and you may even get a chance to drop into the arena together as a squad!

Source: Camm’s YouTube


Twitch | 16.7K followers

YouTube | 1.34K subscribers 

Michelle, aka TattedPoodle, is a streamer, cosplayer, and all-around nerd. As a variety streamer, TattedPoodle plays everything from Call of Duty, Valorant, Escape from Tarkov, Fortnite, and, of course, Apex Legends. Unlike some of the other ladies on this list, TattedPoodle is known to get a little rage-filled in her streams. In her own words, she will “rage like crazy!” All in good fun, this is a way to better connect with a streamer as we have all been there at one point or another. A lot of her streams are played in casual mode but TattedPoodle is otherwise a Platinum-ranked player who plays a variety of heroes like Lifeline, Bangalore, and Bloodhound.

TattedPoodle has been streaming since 2017. Check out her stream for some funny plays and her socials if you are into cosplaying as well. If you are lucky, she may be cosplaying while streaming!

Source: TattedPoodle’s YouTube


Twitch | N/A

YouTube | 10.2K subscribers

Serasleepy might be the most deserving of followers in this entire list. Unlike most of the other streamers who simply provide high-level gaming, Sera makes a concerted effort to produce help guides and tricks and tips videos as well. She has several in-depth video guides for her former main, LifeLine. In addition, she has put out a few mindfulness-related content to remind us all that getting better at gaming can be an exhaustive and sometimes discouraging journey. She is not afraid to be  transparent about the tolls of competitive gaming in ways that most online personalities simply are not. Also, to remind us that gaming should always be for fun, she has put out some silly videos like this one where she is mimicking in-game sounds.

Serasleepy is relatively new to content creation so go give her videos some love. You are bound to enjoy two of Two Average Gamers’ values – Have Fun & Get Good. Other than Lifeline, she plays a good bit of Loba, another support legend. 

Source: Serasleepy’s YouTube

Any More Ladies of Apex Legends?

We love to see that these ladies are leading the charge to reshape the stereotype that video games, and sometimes more specifically shooting video games, are only for boys. Most of these streamers find themselves in Diamond, Masters, and even Apex Predator lobbies when they jump on ranked. 

The next time you see a girl gamer playing a game you follow, remember that girl gamers rock and gaming is for everyone. If you are looking to add some more diversity to your follower and subscription lists on Twitch and YouTube, be sure to give these ladies a chance! And if you are looking for diversity beyond just Apex Legends, check out our featured article on Blerd listing 55 black gaming content creators.

Do you have a favorite from the list? Are there any glaring omissions? Comment your favorite girl gamer streamer below and let’s help build some communities.

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